Wednesday, April 10, 2019

A Day in Portland Oregon

A day of flying was not too bad. Snacks were good. I took my own. 

Enthralled by the crop circles. 

God provided my own special rainbow. Pretty sure no one else saw it. 

Portland quite different from what I anticipated. 

My business partner and I were both wanting pizza for lunch and found a great place. 

Gosh it was good! 

Got checked in at the hotel in Lake Oswego. I plugged in, logged on and got some work done. Then headed out for late afternoon shopping nearby. And Ubered over. My buddy picked me up as I ended my shopping checking out Whole Foods. Got to check in with George. And we headed to dinner. 


Love the trees here. They are so tall! 

Dinner was at Oswego grill. Yum. I had Parmesan encrusted Snapper. With shrimp on top.

And Creme Brûlée:-) 

Didn’t sleep too well. Got 3 solid hours and about 2 to 3 broken hours. 

It’s not the easiest to blog on my phone. Not using the work laptop as I want my passwords kept private as they are no one’s business. But I will write more when I get home to recap and review! As I normally do! 

Off to breakfast as it’s free here. And then on to benefit meetings and then back to get our stuff, change,and check out and off to fly yo Phoenix. Some work in airport if time allows or perhaps on plane. 

Take care. 


  1. sounds like you are having a good time in between the working. enjoy. be safe.

  2. We go to Portland regularly since that is where Son1 and family live. It is a delightfully funky city.


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