Sunday, April 7, 2019

A Day of Play

We had a great time with our friends yesterday in Franklin, TN.  I had the morning to myself at home which I greatly appreciated.  I was a lump of nothing for a few hours and loved every minute.  Ok so not true - I did blog and get the laundry started but mainly just sipped coffee slowly, woke up slowly and only did what I wanted instead of following a regimented schedule or to do list.  Having this freedom is really what I want ongoing.  Who doesn't right? 

So George went to his guitar show and bought two guitars with his saved up blow money.  I told him to get what he wanted whether blow money or not because I have been able to travel, do nails, toes, color hair, buy clothes here and there.  He was happy to get them but they didn't have the one he really wanted.  The guitar show happens annually - I'm sure that is not the real name.  He just calls it that and it's a buy/sell/trade kinda thing.  Next year he says he is going to sell.

His friend Jack that he used to work with also went.  He had picked George up since he lives not far away from us and they rode in together.  At noon he called and said the show was done and I headed in to Franklin also and we all met at Lisa's. 

Don fixed us girls a girly girl drink - with OJ and rum and probably a few bitters - not real sure what all was in it but it was good!

We faced time Lisa's kids (grown) who were all in San Francisco and touring.  That was fun.  Happy Times!

Then we headed over to eat some seafood at The Factory at a place called Music City Seafood.  They have seafood to go as well, but you can eat there and hang out.  The place makes you feel like you are on a real island somewhere by its feel and perhaps by it's limitations.  For example the beer was running out - only certain selections.  Just like a real party huh? lol

Don, George, and Lisa had oysters.  Ok I had one doused with plenty of lemon, ketchup, horseradish on a cracker.  I think I would eat them more if I wasn't afraid of bacteria.  But they seemed to enjoy it.

This was only part of their menu.  The part I could see.  Their food is excellent but you must wait for it.  And when you are with good friends it doesn't matter.  The choice of beer may have dwindled but it DID NOT run out - so everyone was happy.  Very laid back.  A happy place.  I got grouper taco and it was excellent.  George got shrimp.  Lisa got tacos and Don got turtle soup.  I had a bite and it was pretty good.

Looking back - I kinda wish we'd gotten the shrimp and crab boil, lol.  Although my grouper was so good. 

Lisa is letting her hair grow.  She is like me and says "but I reserve the right to change my mind".  I do think I want mine to grow though for a different look.  But it's been so long.  

We had to laugh at the wasp on camera!  I always like to jump on the Nest and check out the house.  I saw this "thing" and had to check it out to see what was on the porch.  It looked like a deer at first up in the sky. lol

Yesterday was just GORGEOUS.  I guess mid 70's!  And everyone was out.  People were happy everywhere whether doing yard work or boppin' about shops and such.  

I looked up into the wisteria at The Factory in Franklin and a bird was so happy!   

The Wisteria was pretty too.

A few shops in the Factory.  We browsed through but very quickly.  I loved these little towels. 

And oh my gosh - don't you know that I loved this one?

It occurred to me that if I can't go adventuring that I could WRITE a book about some adventurers - I could plan the trip as if I was going and write characters into it and add in some mystery and some humor, a villain, a tornado, and just make a fun adventure out of it.  If you can't go in person, you can in your mind.  I saw a statement once recently that said "Is there a book you want to read that hasn't been written yet? Then go write it."    It would be fiction of course, but I would make it highly entertaining.  Then I could go live out the book, one day lol.

Jeni's Ice Cream had a line that was about twenty something people long.  How crazy is that?

Here is me and "Guitar George" 

You always say "Number 9, Number 9, Number 9" as you pass this spot.  lol

So then we headed back to Don and Lisa's for the rest of the afternoon.  Lisa and I sat out by the still covered pool that won't be open for another week or so and talked about various things.  Don brought us Lemon-cello drinks to sip. Very sweet so a slow sip. 

And we ended the early evening off with a fire in the fire pit that Don fixed.  Very nice.   We chatted until we felt guilty because it was way past the doggies dinner time and we knew they'd be missing us. 

I have had two nights of really good sleep.  I think we got up about 6:30 this morning too and I had gone to bed at 9 ish.  So this is good.  I feel great today. 

I feel like accomplishing things again, having had a day off.  I have done laundry this morning and the suitcase is upstairs to begin packing for the upcoming trips.  Leaving Tuesday morning. 

I have a list a mile long of things I would like to do but many will need to occur when I get back from the trip. 

Today I have a 2:00 Benefit Open Enrollment meeting right smack in the afternoon at the corporate office so I'll have to leave about 12:30 to get there and set up a few things.  And be there for Cracker Barrel for the catering.  We feed the drivers when they meet b/c they don't get holiday meals like we do since they are on the road.  They have two meetings a year I think.   When that is over I may go to the store.   If it is not storming.  I am soooo hoping that it does not storm while I'm trying to drive there or drive home.  If it is then it is.  

I have to check out the weather for everywhere so I'll know how to pack.   Also want to look at some ideas for dinner.  I have lists of things to pack.  And need to remember to check in for my flight tomorrow morning at 7.

Well, I'm going to leave you now to go get started on a few things, but first....more coffee!  Have a great Sunday!  

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you. Good sleep and time to relax! Hope your Monday is a Great One! Will be praying for a safe and successful trip.

    Love and Hugs,


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