Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Coming Down with Something and Becoming Unhooked

Not feeling good these last two days.  I think the weekend wore me out with the yard work and moving furniture and I'm trying to get a cold or sinus from the pollen.  Somehow I'm trying to move forward.  But I kept waking up last night.  George's snores were also very loud making it hard to go back to sleep.  I did my sleep spray and that helped some.  And as always at the time my alarm was going off I was sleeping good.  I think I could go back to bed and sleep all day honestly.  I will go into work and see how long I make it.  But I may end up back home.  I'm not sure how I'm even going to make it out the door, but I'll keep pushing.  I just feel completely exhausted. 

I got a lot of things done yesterday.  Made some good progress at work and also at home.  My doc appt set for the BP meds.  Mom's Mother's day gift ordered.  Ordered a thred up bag.  Scheduled the pedi's with the nail salon.  And began doing some contacts on the business side of things on the side gig.  Then it was time for dinner. 

I tried to go to bed early but it was 9 when I got in bed.  I did get 3 solid hours of sleep but after midnight it was toss and turn.  Up at 2 and 3. 

So I will finish my contact work tonight and we have a zoom call.  I still have much to do on my desk.  I have to do the insurance thing today for sure to activate our 5/1 insurance through George's company.  And with Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

I was happy to get some fun email on the side gig with money coming into my account - bonuses and PIB's and a cycle  and all that.  So it was $200 this week just for sharing this program I love.   I am meeting my goals but a bit slower than I thought. 

Anyway, I will keep sharing.  I love the residual income. 

So I need to get running here.  Coffee is helping to perk me up.  I'll be doing e+ shots during the day to keep energized I guess.  It's cleanse day.  And that is fine with me.  Don't have to worry about eating and my cleanse pak is ready to go. 

Better go get make up on and do hair, takes dogs out again and then hit the road.  I'm reading a book in traffic that is along the lines of boundaries.  I won't go into further details.  I am not even going to share the title as it will make others mad, lol.  But it's less about setting the boundaries and more about "unhooking" yourself emotionally from situations where people are trying to manipulate you or stonewall you or whatever.  It's VERY interesting.  I'd never heard of being "hooked" and "unhooked" before in this kind of light.  So I'm on a mission to not be "hooked".  And it really is how things resonate with you and to be able to remove yourself from it.  In a way I guess it's making your self not give a flying hoot.  lol  So title it that if you want.  I think I've come a long way with that already.  I put my heart and soul into so many things and then get disappointed.  So it's really just a way of acceptance and peace and instead of saying you don't give a flying foot, you can just say "I'm totally unhooking myself from this issue."  I like that. 

Anyway, ya'll have a great day!

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  1. In our household we call being unhooked - not my monkey, not my circus. If you do not have control over a thing, if you are not the ringleader or the person who can change the situation, then it is someone else's monkey and someone else's circus. :)

    I too put my heart and soul into things but at the end of the day the only people who are worth that are myself and the people I love. Definitely not any workplace, not these days. When I'm there I give it my all, when I leave I shut the book on that and move into home mode. :)

    If I did not have exercise in my life I sometimes think I would lose it - that is where I get to take out my anger and frustration and in the process I am improving my fitness. :)


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