Monday, April 22, 2019

Easter Fun with Friends and Groovy Monday Morning with Coffee

Here is the exfoliating mask I bought.  You scrub with it and then let it dry.  So I had thought Friday night was good for this before bed, but Saturday morning I have more time and it works better.  So I tried it yesterday and loved it.  It left a slight oily film but honestly it did my face wonders so it was like a exfoliating mask that moisturizes.  It also had a citrus smell to it. far I love it.  I thought the mask would be heavy and tight but it dried and didn't hurt and wasn't annoying.  So that was nice.  I just washed it off in the shower.  

The granules were perfect and had the consistency of Clinique's exfoliating scrub.  

I had a lot of time yesterday on the blogs, just getting out a few things - both public and private.  So that was nice.  I probably spent longer at it than I should have but it was therapeutic and necessary.  I still have some stuff to "get out", but it'll have to wait.  

I really moved slow yesterday and I did make us late to our party but only by 15 minutes.  I just couldn't get it all together. 

But finally we were on our way to Franklin - about 45 min away. 

With our "supposedly" trimmed dogs that look like only their head, paws got groomed.  We can't tell that their body was groomed at all.  That makes me so mad.  So we'll be taking them back in about 4 weeks or so instead of 8.  Grrr.

We arrived at Don and Lisa's and Lisa had such a beautiful set up.  And gorgeous food.

We got to see Lisa's sweet Mom.  

Lisa and Don were excited to hold some fur babies, after recently losing GiGi their standard poodle whose body had just worn out, like Tugie's.

Lisa holding Maisy

George's marbled tea eggs

Goat cheese at left, and various cheese assortment with jelly on right.

Shrimp and I took the pic before the cocktail sauce was added

These carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing were excellent.

Lisa's potato salad

My black eyed pea salad

Cucumber tomatoes and mozzarella salad

Lisa's lovely place settings

We spent some time sitting by the pool soaking the sun in.  The guys sat in the shade.  The water was too cold for swimming just yet.

Maisy's safe spot and eventually slept under the chair. 

Amber and Dillon arrived home from a long trip and got to see Roger.  Amber loves Roger.  Roger was held a lot by Don too.  Everyone talked about how Roger had gained weight.  We are going to have to walk him some this spring and summer.  He is becoming a little chubster.

We had a great time with everyone.  We stayed until about 8:20 or so and I went to bed at 9:30.  I was going to change the sheets but just had to find sleep.  

I'll likely go in a bit early today.  George has to leave early too.  So we are all up early and I'm through blogging early.  Almost through here anyway!  lol 

My first thought when I woke up, "Oh no, it's Monday already".  I don't usually have that kind of thought, but I did today.  I think the last week kinda did me in, as they say.  I knew also that we'd not have much time at home.  But I did relax a lot this weekend and made it a point to do what I wanted to do.  

Certainly when I get stressed I move slower and it takes me longer to get things done than normal b/c ----I don't know---it just does.  It literally weighs you down and then you move slower?   All I know is the coffee tastes good this morning.  Have a few things rolling around in my head this morning.  I have some expectations that need to be met, or else.  And that is all I will say! 

And with that said, I'll leave you with a suspicious but healthily, happy Good Morning! 


  1. What a beautiful Sunday you had. So nice you got spend time with friends and take the dogs along too. Easter Monday always leaves me with a feeling of new beginnings. Hope you have a great Monday and meet your expectations !


  2. easter dinner looked delicious. it's nice you had friends to celebrate with you.


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