Thursday, April 18, 2019

Easter's Past and Present

Easter is coming.  I remember having fun putting together Katy's Easter basket and shopping for an Easter outfit and shoes.  Then at some point when she was in school - spring break usually happened around Easter and we would be gone on vacation.  I remember putting beach towels and beach supplies in her Easter Basket.

As a child, Mom would hide eggs (real ones with food coloring I think) around the room and have me find them.  I think we did that for Katy a few times but once we did our vacations we kinda got out of that.  She usually had Easter egg hunts via school and church and sometimes even in George's family where all his cousins had so many kids that would do an Easter Egg hunt at his grandma's.

As I got older, I remember more of Easter Sunday being more of a family day and a religious thing of course and not just about the bunny, the eggs, and fun things in a basket.  We wore a new dress for spring, new shoes.  I was thinking the women wore corsages, but I think that might have been for Mother's day?  Perhaps both?  Not sure.

Nanny Voss always had the family over for Easter lunch - always a ham on Easter, as I remember it.  And a big lunch it always was.  Always a treat to eat at Nanny's with her big dining room table for the family, and big dishes, family style, and casseroles all passed around the table after prayer.  Her house was small but she had a huge dining table we all sat around.  And there was always dessert.  And pretty good conversation.  I was usually the only child for a while as my sister was not born til I was 10.  So I mainly was just quiet and in my own thoughts.  I guess that trait in me started early.

Easter also meant a change in weather.  Many times it would still be cold on Easter but Easter meant that warm weather on a consistent basis, was about there.  Sandals could be worn, and one of my favorite things is that white could be worn.  The white shoes came out of storage, the white pants, the summer clothes came out and the winter clothes went up.  I looked forward to that as a child and still do as an adult. I bring my sandals out in March though, lol.  But I still save my whites til after Easter.

Easter was also the time when Gizmo our new kitten was resurrected, much like Jesus, from her Coma like state after I sat on her the Friday before.  She was always the back ward cat after that, skinny, crazy and of course labeled as my cat.  We had a whole lot of kittens and we told her she could stay with us if she lived.  I didn't mean to sit on her.  I plopped down on the floor and she landed underneath me at the same time.  I cried and cried.  I called Mom and she thought someone had died in the family I was crying so hard.  I said "I sat on Gizmo....."  Gizmo - bless her - was having nerve spasms and walking backwards trying to get away from the pain.  George took her outside b/c I was just howling.  She didn't do well, wouldn't eat, her Momma Bob wouldn't have anything to do with her.  We fed her with a dropper and kept her in a basket.  We worried she would die.  But she Sprang to Life - much like Jesus did on Easter morning.  In church as we sang, "Jesus ----Jesus-----there's something about that name".....George was in my ear singing "Gizmo---- Gizmo----there's something about that name" making me almost laugh out loud in church.  To this day when we sing that song - we look at each other and laugh and whisper Gizmo Gizmo. 

But of course, now that I'm adulting, and kids are gone, and so are the cats, Easter means to me that Jesus arose from the dead.  That He conquered death and He is Life.  That He died for us and for our sins so we can have eternal life.  What He went through.  His Life.  It all means something very special.  I've never been to a sun rise service.  I'd like to sometime.  I mentioned it to George and He did not have any interest.  I don't really want to get up that early myself but would have if he'd had interest.  So I'd like to find one on line if I could.  At least to watch in my PJ's.

Easter is still special but sad to me that our family does not celebrate.  But after so many years of us being on vacations and all spread out - everyone got in that habit and routine.  And we live just far enough away that no one can or will travel here.  So I was beginning to wonder what we wanted to do on Easter this year.  I was ok with just being home.  I have a lot to do on the "to do list".  But there was a sad of ache of missing times gone by.  I miss Nanny and Granddaddy.  I miss being around her table.  I miss Nanny hollering for Grandaddy and calling him "Chet, will you go get some ice?"  "Chet, will you go get those extra chairs?"  Chet, Chet!  lol  His name was Chesley but she called him Chet.  Loved that.

But - Lisa my friend - who must have some spirit of my grandmother in her "Southern Classy Charm" has invited us to her house.  Don and Lisa ARE family.  Well not by blood but they are.  They are so good to us and we love being with them, traveling with them, meeting them places, chatting with them and hanging out with them at their house, or ours.

We chatted yesterday of our upcoming meal.  It sounds wonderful.  I'm bringing black eyed pea salad.  George is bringing two things - shrimp and tea eggs.

So I am about ready for more coffee!  The Isagenix order came in.  My back office said I cycled (got paid) but I don't hardly see how.  lol  I think several folks ordered things including me.

Anyway, I'm looking for my Sloth to arrive, but it was going to be about 4 days.  So it might be weekend.   I decided to name it "Sluggie".  It's a cross b/w Tugie and Sloth.  lol  I am going to hug it when it comes out of the box.  I'm so silly.  But it's totally cute and the little girl in me is coming out and my love of stuffed animals and my love of Tugie b/c it looks so much like her.  I was so astounded when I finally made the connection of why it was I was so attached to this little Sloth.  It is so funny.  I get it now.  (Picture on yesterday's blog).

Anyway, time to get a move on.  There are storms coming our way.  Not sure what time.  It said 7 p.m. on the storms but it looks like they are almost here on the radar.  So I need to go before we get all this rain.

Ya'll have a great day.  It's Thursday - Friday's sister.


  1. You do have some wonderful memories of days gone by. But here's to making new ones too!

    Hope your Thursday is a great one!

  2. i too remember family times at Easter wearing white gloves, patent leather shoes and an easter bonnet with a new dress. your memories sound delightful. enjoy your weekend.

  3. I'm still hanging on to Easter traditions best I can. My daughter will be coming home for Easter weekend. She and I Have not missed but one Sunrise service in 27 years. We even went to one on the beach one year and that was the prettiest thing ever! My daughter still gets an Easter basket too. Sadly, my husband doesn't get into it. He knows the reason for Easter but he don't get what all the fuss is about with new dresses, dinners and baskets. haha. Im hanging on long as I can.



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