Thursday, April 4, 2019

Life Goes On and Then There is Coffee

I found myself naturally going into a quiet and sad "blue day" yesterday.  I spent most of the day asking myself what was wrong.  Was it b/c I am on the heels of cleanse day?  Maybe.  Sometimes I'm a little testy or moody the morning coming out of a cleanse.  But not always.  I shouldn't be short of nutrients in my body for sure, lol.  Or do women still have a "cycle" of sorts (mood wise) even though they have gone through menopause?  Sometimes I still wonder that.   Or was I truly just sad b/c so many things were stacking up and I'm finally fed up. 

*George was mad at me and I never figured out why.  He said it was because I wasn't talking to him Tuesday night, but I was working and doing my zoom call so it was unintentional.  So then he wasn't talking to me. 

*Problems in the extended family exist and it just freaking breaks my heart.  As bad as the world is today your own family is not a safe haven for you but a place of unrest, conflict, and hurt. It hurts to see people not acting with love and kindness but malice and anger.  Life was not supposed to be this way.  I long for my grandparents and safe and happy feelings that they bestowed upon my life and the peace and love that was evident within.  That retreat. Where did that go?  I think of all the "blue" that I had yesterday, this is the deepest of blues.

* In other areas of my life which I will not identify, it's lacking in some of my expectations.  Communications, lack of information, lack of being included, or involved.  I get so confused.  Not sure if I'm appreciated in my part of it. If my part in it is good or bad.  But some days it makes me very sad and that is all I will say.  It has a lot of good parts to it.  But there are some stinking parts to it too.  Leaving it unidentifiable. But you can probably very easily figure it out. However, if asked, I will plead the fifth and deny. Some people need to figure a few things out on their own b/c I'm not going there. Long term, it is not really going to matter anyway. So why try and figure this one out.

*The business is disappointing that it is not moving faster.  That it is hard for me to close a sale.  That I can't describe how wonderful the system is that I'm on and how it makes me feel good and it's hard for me to understand why everyone wouldn't want it too.  I'm surprised more people are not interested in their health.  Or that they don't trust this yet.  And that I've not been good at explaining it, I guess.  However, apparently everyone else goes through this as well - even the millionaires that kept going.  They say just keep going anyway and it builds.  So I am.  But at my pace.  I've not built much yet.  I only have one consultant under me but I don't think she is really interested in building.  I'm ok with just enrolling - even the small packs.  I can't even seem to do that very well.  So my self talk yesterday was down a bit.  I'm not beautiful like so many of them are.  I'm just me.  Just ordinary.  I try to take a professional looking shot of myself and it just looks dorky.

So all these things are weighing heavy on my mind.  And yesterday I could have just sat in the corner and cried all day long.  But duty called.  I forged forward and while I did have a few tears yesterday and some still lingering.  I guess everything just kinda stacked up on me yesterday.  I kinda wanted to just chuck it all - but I didn't.  I just kept taking big deep breaths and leaving heavy sighs yesterday. Matter of fact one of my sighs a coworker went by as I did it and looked in and was like "wow".  We started talking about "sighs" and laughing.  I mean who talks about "sighs" and laughs - we did.  It was kinda funny.  George always gets frustrated when I sigh, but to me it is a good thing b/c it means you are exhaling the bad thoughts so you can move on. 

And it's time for me to move on as I need to get ready for work.  But I did want to say that last night I spent time putting about 1/2 of my people I've talked to about this system on a one page sheet that I'm calling "The Why Interview".  The goal is to get all on a call about it, get them in our facebook group so they can see the lifestyle and how much fun we are having, and to send them an introductory video.  Follow up after they watch the video and then get on a call and find the why to see if they even qualify for a pack.  My Why Interview sheet that I created is a worksheet for me and also a follow up sheet.  At the top it has their name and contact information.  It has a section for FORM details (Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Motivation).  Information about them - what is important to them.   And a section for their Goals.  Which would include things like weight loss and you drill down to why they want to lose weight and what that would do for them and how they would feel, etc.  And then there are lines for followup.  They say it takes anywhere from 6 to 12 touches.  They say to keep going because there are people looking for something like this and one day you will find the person that is serious about fixing their health/wellness.  So I believe in this and I'm going to keep going.  I'm seeing others on my team doing this and in their six figure incomes after 2 to 3 years.  I'm in year 1 and getting paid some but to date, I think mine is only in the 4 figures, lol.  I never dreamed it would be this difficult to sell something so wonderful that helps.  I thought it would be easy.  But there are so many other "shake" companies out there that have sunk everyone's hopes so no one trusts it.  Oh if I could just let them plug into what I feel.  They would be knocking my doors down to get orders in.  ::sigh:: lol lol  But I keep going b/c I believe in this.  And I don't have time for all this but trying to work it in.  It will take me longer to get to the six figure income b/c we are so busy.  But I am glad to get the Why Interview sheet done.  It's a very simple sheet and one that is duplicatable so when I grow my team they can use it too.  I only got half way through my folks though.  So need to do the others.  Then I will file them in my 1 to 31 system which also includes the months of year.  I will plug them into the month I want to follow up with them.  I can see there are some that I left hanging that I had forgotten about.  Oops.  So I will need to go back and give apologies and attention to that person.  I am having to go back into FB IM and see what conversations were so I know what to write on the form about what we discussed and where we are with each person.  This is going to work great.  The follow up sheet I was using was an excel sheet and people get lost on there. 

There is something about having a WHOLE PAGE per prospect person with their family and their goals and information on there that makes them come alive as a person instead of just on a line on a spreadsheet.  I like having the page.  It springs to life and you realize that you are helping an actual person (or trying to).  So I really really really like this idea of having a whole page for the person. And being able to put it in the month or day that you want to follow up with them.  If I tell you next Thursday I'll contact you back after you watch the video - then I'll file their sheet into next Thursday's folder.  I have this system at work for things and it works wonderfully.

Anyway, I will add some other things to it too like reminders and such that I can roll forward - things like "Print out last months business receipts." And so forth. 

I plan to also put birthday card reminders and things like that in there.

Well I am past my time now and going to have to rush.  I do this every stinking day.  Try to find some time for me and then end up having to rush afterwards.  GRRR.

Take care.  I am better today and not as blue so no worries. Life goes on and then there is coffee!

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  1. Yes, live goes on and we can only do the best we can with what we have. When I get down, I pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again. This new job of yours will gain potential, but like they say anything worth having, never comes easy Hope you have great day! Happy Thursday!

    Love and hugs,


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