Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Making Monday a Funday!

Found my favorite water at a different Kroger this weekend.  I don't always buy the expensive water, but from time to time it's fun.  It has the best pure taste.   I bought two since it's hard to find.  Would not allow myself more as I think it was close to $2.  Today is cleanse day and I'm doing the 2nd bottle today while cleansing.  

Yesterday I had a Isalean Bar for breakfast - new flavor of coconut almond chocolate.  Second day in a row I've had one.  They are so good.   So for lunch I was able to have a shake.  It's hard for me to do two meals in a row as a shake.  I can do every other - if George wasn't cooking, but if I do a Isalean bar for breakfast the shake for lunch works.  My buddy and cohort Lisa was shaking it up also.  I tried to do a thumbs up while holding the phone but it didn't work out too well.  lol  Strange enough we were both doing vanilla. 

So yesterday went by fast enough.  It was a beautiful day.  I loved looking out the window knowing it was upper 70's.  I almost went walking for lunch but ended up only taking about 10 min of time for lunch and working through and then I looked up at 5:15 and everyone was gone that I could tell but me.

Once home, I did some things I didn't have time to finish on the weekend.  Folding laundry, ironed about 5 pair of pants.  Didn't get any blouses ironed.  So I'm having to skip over some and wear the ones that are made of material that don't wrinkle.  I've been horrible about ironing the last few weeks.  It's b/c I've not taken time to plan my outfits for the week.  I've crowded out my weekend with so many other things. So I scramble more in the mornings.

I also changed our sheets and began the laundry on those.  We had a neighbor to drop by and give us an invite to his graduation party.  It's the same day as our yard sale in May.  We can probably go b/c we'll probably wrap up the yard sale early.  It is time for us to work on the yard sale so we'll probably be doing that in the next week or so.

So while the neighbor was talking to George, I boiled some potatoes.  I love rosemary potatoes drizzled with olive oil, salt, pepper, rosemary.  They were good.  We also had a salad.

We finished Nurse Jackie.  So we had to watch something different.  George had me to pick.  We had tried to watch "The Wire".  I just was not interested in it.  Began playing candy crush and fell asleep.  Not my type of movie and didn't really like the characters, nor the setting, nor the story.  So last night George had one that caught my attention.  It's called "Drunken History".  A comical view of history as told by drunk people.  Being that life has been how it has been (unreasonable, overloaded, and perhaps even ridiculous) it seemed appropriate to watch something stupid, mindless, that would make us laugh.  It DID make us laugh.  Is it great?  NO!  But it did make us laugh.

Speaking of laughter.  Before I went in to work yesterday, I just had to watch a couple of YouTube funnies so that I could try to smile before entering and get pumped up b/c I really and truthfully needed another day off before coming back.  I love Bob Marley Comedy on You Tube.  He's pretty funny.  Anything that makes ME laugh, is funny.

Also at home we had champaigne pre - dinner.  Why?  Just because we could. And b/c George found a good deal on some "cava".  And I put a mix of Bergamot and Frankencense in the diffuser.  Mood enhancers!  Just trying to come out of the stress overload funk.

Drats, I have an inkling for eggs this morning but it's not going to happen!  Cleanse day.

I best get going.  My plans for today are to work on the business when I get home.  I need to finish my customer sheets.  And start back in the game.   I'm shocked as a gourd (what?) that I got paid again and cycled.  Just in my sleep.  Not even trying!  What customers I DO have are ordering.  Plus one side I get credit from my team, plus my own.  My goals are to keep increasing.  So I have to keep on!  One day will get to six figures?  That is what they say just slow and steady.  Some are millionaires.  I decided not to be greedy. lol lol

Anyway gotta go.  Maisy's hungry.


  1. I always feel better on sunny days and when it's warmer. We actually got above 70 degrees yesterday and I was outside doing yard work all afternoon. It was wonderful! I don't iron much at all these days and like you go for the things that don't need it. But yes, there are things in the closet that need it. I need to do that ! Maybe today as it'll be raining. Glad you found some fun in Monday. Laughter is a wonderful thing ! Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

    Love and hugs,

  2. i don't iron anymore. but boy do i remember when i did. quite a chore.


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