Thursday, April 25, 2019

Making Mother's Day Reservations ~ Better Call and Check

Sippin' coffee here trying to wake up.  Maisy was up twice last night.   Was a bad girl on the carpet - twice.  I know she tried to wake me up but I told her to go back to sleep.  Usually it works.  I don't know that I want to get in a habit of getting up at 1 and then again at 3, when I already don't get enough sleep.  So it is what it is.  I still had to let her back up in bed with us as she will bark until you do.   Not sure what the answer is.  It doesn't usually happen so hopefully just a fluke.

Yesterday was ok.  I'm at least making some progress in life but have pretty much had to be persistent and say "no" or "not now" or just ignore things to get anything at all done.  Way too much "trying" to get on my plate.  But there is no room for more on this plate of mine so everyone has to wait for seconds and thirds of time from just about any zone in my life.  lol  I'm sorry that cracked me up.  Always room for a food or eating analogy.  lol

I have had to find some room for a shopping day.  We are going Saturday.  I need a few things and have tried to get time to go out to find them.  But the only way to do it is to get it scheduled in - other wise the time fills up with other things.

I also set the Mother's Day reservations last night via Open Table.  I wanted Mere Bulles but would have had to have booked a month or two or three or four out to get the time we needed.  So I settled on another restaurant we have not been to before.  It's a surprise.  I hope it is good and hope it is appropriate for Mother's Day.  It had good ratings.  I'll tell ya all about it after we go.  The menu looked good.  I do want to call though and make sure that the restaurant is honoring their online reservations.  You wouldn't think you would have to do that.  But last year we had it booked on line through a restaurant's own website (The Mockingbird in Spring Hill, TN) and they still didn't honor it.  I booked early and they put on their internet they would not honor reservations if it was not a phone reservation. But they put that up after I'd already made mine.  And didn't bother to call anyone to let us know our reservations were no good.  That happened to so many people who came and were turned away.  It was supposed to be a happy Day.  We were happy but many of us had grimacing angry faces that day at lunch time.  Most left and probably vowed to never come back.  We stayed in the lobby and demanded to be seated as I held on to my reservations in hand and gave lessons on communication.  lol  I don't like conflict but when in a situation where I know I'm in the right, you better look out.  I truly will indeed stand my ground.  I will never set foot into the Mockingbird restaurant.  I don't care how good the food is or how good of a feel it is to be in a country house setting, I'll never go back because of the way they treated us and others on that day.  When I make a reservation, I need to know it is going to be honored.  We finally got a table that day.  We waited in the lobby for a long time even after being told they wouldn't seat us.  I began doing a video of the scene on my phone to post on Facebook and when I did that - they quickly got us a table.  So I didn't post it, but I should have.  So yeah, I'll be calling and getting a verbal confirmation to go with the written one on this new restaurant we are going to try.

Ms. Maxine and her little attitude problem.  I think that sometimes we let others give us an attitude or make us angry. Even God gets angry.   I know that day I was not going to be taken advantage of as I had made reservations long before those other folks walking in the door and I had them in hand.  The restaurant manager had a mess on her hands but our persistence got us a table.  And she lost ours and others business that day.  I'll never go back and I'm sharing our experience with anyone that will listen.

George is leaving earlier this week and getting home a little earlier, leaving me with dog duty (walking them).  So my time is a little more crunched up than normal.  It is what it is.

This morning was hard to get up after being interrupted so much last night.  And George's snoring has been Gosh Awful.  Last night he hollared out in his sleep in the middle of snoring.  I forgot to tell him.  It was something like a snore but he was saying "Awww yeah" right in the middle of it.

George fixed a steak last night.  It was really good.  We watched the end of this season's Sister Wives Tell All part I and II.   I think it is about time for Below Deck Mediterranean.  It starts in May sometime I think.

So I need to go.  It's Thursday, Friday's sister.   I think it's gonna rain today.   But I may order something out for lunch.  I can't decide.  I kinda want Cracker Barrel's salad.  But I might just take my lunch too.  I'll have to decide soon b/c I need to get going.  Ya'll have a great day.   


  1. Dogs are such a gift, but yes, they are not perfect and we put up with them out of love. Interrupted sleep is not the greatest way to start the day, but sometimes it's out of our control. Hope your Thursday is a great one anyway.

    Love and hugs,

  2. I wonder if you could put Maisey in a kennel at night? I shut Gabe in a kennel at night until the last few months, now he sleeps on the floor beside me in his snug bed.

  3. hope Maisy is back to normal. it's sometimes tough being a pet parent.


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