Thursday, April 11, 2019

Portland, Burbank, Phoenix

Meeting went well in Portland. The plant was in a nice area and loved getting to meet the people there.  It’s actually in Tualatin, OR. 

After the meeting went back to hotel, catch up on a few emails and checked out and headed to airport. Grabbed a burger at the airport. 

Was set to read a book for the flight- and I did read some. However the views were just compelling. That area of the country is just beautiful. We flew by the Lake Tahoe area too. 

Landing in Burbank CA as a layover to Phoenix below and we got off the plane outside and walked into the airport. I walked a lot back and forth there to stretch my legs and walk off that burger. I checked the steps and last two days have walked 3 to 4 miles total. 

I love watching clips from home on The Nest. George lifted Little Bit to say Hi. 

Finally a few minutes to boarding for Phoenix- I had an e-shot to give me a boost. And it did. About five more hours of alertness. 

The flight To Phoenix was only an hour in the air and very bumpy and no drink service. They did serve water though on the plane before takeoff because they wouldn’t let us arrive early in Phoenix due to high air traffic at that time. We had a fifteen minute wait to take off. There’s been worse lol. 

We tried to eat at The Mission. But even on a Wed nite- an hour and 45 minutes wait. Bummer!

So we walked over to a Mexican restaurant nearby and it was pretty good. But my heart was set on The Mission already. This place below had great homemade tortillas. Best ever. I got fajitas. 

And a good night shot! 

So today have an 8:00 a.m. meeting and then off to catch a flight to Oklahoma City! Then home tomorrow night. 

Gotta go catch a shower and head to breakfast here at the hotel where their bacon is pretty good! 

Take care! 


  1. looks like you've got a busy schedule. sounds like you really got to enjoy the town and the views. those pictures of george and the cat were precious.

  2. Oh my what a lot of miles you traveled in such a few short days. I can only imagine there would be some jet lag. I'm sure home and your own bed will feel very good tonight! The views are all just wonderful. I'd be too interested in the sights too to read a book. Thanks for sharing pictures of places I've never been to. I am an armchair traveler and love seeing new sights..

    Love and hugs,

  3. Sorry I haven’t been answering your blog which I love getting. Thank you I appreciate it especially when your away and got so much more on your agenda. However by the looks of things everything has gone well and I’m pleased for that. Loved your photos. Some beauties. Loved the one with the rainbow and the ones with the crop circles, I think the people that do them are very clever. I didn’t actually believe they were man made ( we get a lot around where I live ) until some young farmers spilt the beans and showed us how they were done, it seems a bit like graffiti but not easy.... but it is still great to get to see n.iw you must be home and getting almost eaten alive by George etc bet they missed you when you are away. So I will say night night. God Bless. I have managed a few bits and pieces of packing done see about 4/5 pairs of pants need ironed and you know how much I love ironing ?!!..will do them tomorrow...hopefully....ok love enjoy the weekend xxx


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