Monday, April 8, 2019

Monday Morning Rain and Packing Day

Luckily, my drive in to work yesterday and back missed the storms.  Not much occurred with them.  Thank the Lord.  It is storming this morning for another round and I think there may be more coming.  I have two other meetings this afternoon at 1 and 2. 

The meeting yesterday only contained a few drivers - maybe half of them.  It's the poorest turnout we've ever had.  It was communicated through our managers with their checks and calls, so we had a lot of Cracker Barrel left over.  We can feed the office today, if a few didn't get greedy and take it all home with them after I left.  One will know shortly, lol. I got there and there was no internet.  But then it came back. 

Once home yesterday, I gathered my Isagenix snacks and shakes to take in case I need them.  I probably should have chosen today to cleanse after eating a few things I probably shouldn't have had this weekend, but I didn't want to start a travel day the day after a cleanse day.  I need to be all beefed up for traveling and keeping up with a heavy purse and laptop bag (and pulling a suit case at times and throwing it on a rental car bus and such).  So I need my energy levels up.  I will skip a week of cleanse and then go into it on the Tuesday after. 

I did finish the laundry yesterday when I got back too.  And other than that I sat with Maisy and Roger and played a game on my ipad b/c that is what I wanted to do. 

So tonight after work I need to go to the store for a few things for my trip and then I'll come home and pack.  So I may leave a little early so I can have time to do all this.  After all I spent the time at work that I would have been doing this.  So Even Stevens b/c I'm running out of time.  I need to iron my work pants.  I'm not even sure what outfits to take.  I know Portland will be in the mid 50's by day and mid 40's at night and gobs of rain - at 80 to 90%.  Phoenix will be mid 70's and low 60's at night. Oklahoma will be low 60's and high 30's to low 40's at night.  One night in each place.  A whirlwind trip to kick off open enrollment.  So I will probably do best to be in 3/4 sleeves and layer with sweaters or jacket and pack and umbrella for Portland. 

George had fixed a great salad and a pork roast.  The pork roast was huge and thick and didn't get done - it's pork so we had to heat in the microwave to finish it off.  It was good though.  And we had corn on the cob with it. 

I will try to blog in the morning if I can.  Not sure how it will work. If I say I will I won't have time.  If I say I won't have time, I will end up with time.  So I'll leave it as "unsure".  If not, please keep me in your prayers for travel blessings.  That is a lot of flying to do. 

I have to check in this morning at 7:00 so I have an alarm set to remind me.  And it is raining cats and doggies.  So a horrid commute this morning.  George has gone already as he begins his safety training this week as an employee.  He gets to go into the mine this week.  He was kinda excited about it.  I would not be.  I don't mind a cave so much but the mines scare me.  Maybe caves should too?  The reason he wants to go into it is b/c it IS like a cave.  He loves caves. 

Well, I've got to finish getting ready and I dread making these dogs go back out in the rain.  I don't think they will go as it's horribly heavy.

Have a great Monday!


  1. you have a safe trip. sending prayers your way.

  2. Hope all went ok when you got into work this morning and that the rain from the storm eased off after a bit. ....we have had a dull grey day over here until 3.30 when the sun managed to get through the clouds but it didn’t last it was gone again pretty soon...praying that tomorrow is going to be better for you


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