Monday, April 15, 2019

Rested and Rejuvied! Monday, Here We Come!

Well, good morning!  Was happy to have the weekend to rest.  Didn't want to do much so I did not.  We did go to the store yesterday.  And I vacuumed and cleaned the tub/bathroom.  I also began pulling out some winter things for storage (mainly flannel PJ's) as I'll be doing that this weekend.  

I did not do any work for my side gig and did not do any planning at all either.  I just wanted to be and so therefore, I was just "being" and doing what I wanted.  

Ahhhh, was nice to do that have some down time this weekend.  So now that the travel week is over I can focus on things.  

We need to work outside some and also begin focusing on this yard sale in May. I need to swap the back porch furniture and put it up front. The front furniture is going into the yard sale.  And I need to do a bit of shopping for me and buy a few more tops and shoes.  Maybe a handbag.  
I need to get this time, including my business time - locked into the schedule.  I want to see if the "Home Store" is open here - they are building it, but I've not heard yet.  

We've been invited to go see Don and Lisa and eat with them for Easter.  It's so nice of them to invite us.  They are like family for sure.  I remember my Nanny inviting us all over for Easter lunch every year.  I think we had ham and all the fixin's.  She was something else with her cooking.  I loved holidays back then when she had us over.  

So I'm making black eyed pea salad and George is taking a couple of things he wants to bring.  
I've got to find my recipe.  It's in the Miss Daisy cookbook so at least I know where it is.  I have not made it in years. 

I bought George a cookbook from Whole Foods in Portland and some Portland Coffee Beans.  He was pretty happy with that. The cookbook is for the InstaPot and has some new and good and easy recipes.  So he is looking forward to that - and me too!  I get to eat it. 

He a stir fry last night (not insta pot) and we watched the first episode of Schitt's Creek.  I thought it might be something we would like.  It's a little over dramatic.  I'm not liking the characters so much.  But we have a whole disc so we'll see if it gets any better.  We are trying to find something to fit the bill for when Nurse Jackie ends.  We just started Season 7 and we'll be done with that soon.  Anyway, I need to get going.  

Today is predicted to be a bit wild coming back into the office - the paperwork will all be piled up.  I had oodles to do before I left that will be needing to be done.  And everyone that is waiting til I get back this week will attack me for their needs, lol.  And the full moon is building (insert your favorite psycho noise here).  

Oh and this morning I've been trying to find a "Cleaning and Makeup Remover Towelette" that I used in Portland (and loved).  They are pricey.  I found some on Amazon.  And in true fashion, I've spent about thirty minutes this morning comparing ingredients and trying to find something similar.  Sadly nothing is quite the same and I'm not sure what elements of this towelette that I liked the best.  So I bought a cheaper more affordable version with the least abrasive, most skin sensitive (no alcohol) and soothing thing I could find.  I'll try it and then move up to the others if this doesn't suit me.  I've never used these make up remover things before.  Just soap and water.  But, I loved how this one removed the make up and left my face moisturized even after I used soap and water on it.  I still cleaned it afterwards.  Darn that hotel for introducing me to this product, lol! Now I have to have it! 

Oh well.  I better get on the move.  And I am looking forward to seeing my coworkers and being at my desk and knocking some things out.  And also looking forward to my shakes and my food.  I was beginning to feel bad not getting my normal nutrition each day and eating foods that was high in fat content and not as much nutrient rich foods.  Luckily this system is forgiving and I'll bounce back and cleanse day is tomorrow and will detox me of a lot of my sinful eating this week.  I have goals and need to get back on track. 

That said, I'm meeting my neighbor Christie for drinks and an appetizer after work.  Then on home to eat with George.  I really enjoy chatting with Christie and we've not gotten together in a while. 
She is also a customer and loves the shakes too.  Well, I need to go!  Ya'll have a great day! 

I hear the birds singing this morning happily and it makes me smile!


  1. Just to wake up and hear the birds singing is a blessing ! Hope Monday is a good one for you and not too terrible. At least you got to rest up a bit over the weekend. That should help.

    Love and hugs,

  2. welcome back. sounds like you have your plate full. hang in there and good luck tackling it all.


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