Saturday, April 27, 2019

Saturday Bliss with much Coffee!

So I slept pretty darn good last night.  I'm two cups of coffee in and thinking about the third.  Love that hot strong nectar going down in the mornings! 

Saturday mornings make me so happy.  It's usually a piece of time that I own.  So much of our lives are owned by others.  I think that ultimately that is one thing that frustrates me.  I fear I have a bit more of a free spirit than I realize and think that is really what the entire source of my life's frustration has been.  So to have free time in the schedule is my spirit being unleashed to its natural state.  

I don't have a lot of free time at home today but George and I are going on an adventure today to shop a bit, eat a bit and so forth.  I have a call tonight at 8 so whatever we do, we need to be back home by 7:30 so I can get set up for that.  

I woke up at 6 and love it when I can just sleep until I wake up.  Have the laundry started and have worked in my office some this morning putting my prospect folks in various folders upcoming in the 12 month/31 day filing system.  And put new ink in the printer.  

This week tried to stress me out but I handled it well!  At least I am aware that I am one person.  Others may not realize that, but perhaps they have now discovered it - if not - they will.  ;-)  Not being able to handle everyone's everything tends to make others angry but it is not your fault.  

Nope.  No stress here.  The week tried me.  But I'm ok. 

BINGO!  Target ON! 

But I've tried to handle the week with grace and kindness as best as I can b/c the person calling doesn't know that they are your 90th interruption for the day.  lol

I guess we'll see what happens and what to do and where to go from there.  Facts are facts.  Sonya is still one person, not a deity, never will be, but I do have God on my side always that watches over, sets my feet and that I work for.  He is supportive of me and "our work" (mine and God's).  And he is also who I tattle to when I need help, need a reprieve, need rest, need for life to back off and He does it very quickly too.  The power of the Lord is like no other.  I love having God as my mentor, friend, and boss.  I'm never alone, never lacking.  So LIFE IS GOOD!

And today he's giving us this beautiful gorgeous day to enjoy and I'm going back for cup #3!  

Got home last night and had a call at 6:30 but she wanted to move it to 8:00 tonight.  And then we have Little Bit who has a swollen cheek and George took him to the vet b/c at that time I thought I had a call.   He had been in a fight with another cat (says the vet) and got scratched and had infected jaw.  I could see that had happened as I could see the scratch.  They gave him a steroid shot and antibiotics and drained it.  So he is better.  I noticed he wasn't eating as much.  But he immediately came home from the vet and began eating.  George said he was very mild mannered at the vet and he was proud of him.  For being an outside cat, I think he gets a lot of loving from people around.  So he was good and didn't act like an outside cat. lol

I do have a lot I want to accomplish this weekend or in the near future: 

___Need to figure out when/where to go out with the neighbors. 

___Order Mother's Day gift

___Print March and April expenses for my business now that I have printer ink

___Plan dinner with the Crouchety Gourmets Group - it's my turn to pick (lol)

___Begin planning for yard sale (supplies, where to run ad, go through the house)

___Plan a meal or two to cook in the next week from my new cookbook (more on that later)

___Call and set up Doc Appt for next few months BP meds - prob have to do that next week

___Isagenix order

___Buy into the free shipping for rest of year deal with Isagenix for shipping savings

___Buy plants and get the planted (Vincas) 

___Go in and put the correct credit card exp date for my blog domain service.  

___F/U on my shoes I ordered from LTD that never showed.  

___Do my post on "Nutrition Fun" on FB

___Download Chet Akins songs onto my iPod

___Need to vacuum and dust

___Need to add things onto the next Target order

___Would love to go for a walk or do my Tai Chi video

___Need to get with my friend Cheryl and see if she wants to go get a pedi soon

I think I have enough to keep me busy right?  There's much more but that is what I can put my hands on right now as far as my list goes.  Planner right here next to me.

Ahhh going for that other cup and getting in the shower.  We leave to go get plants at 10 at the local nursery here.  I love going there every year.  I love plants and flowers, but have to be very realistic about not being here much to care for anything.  So I'm mainly going for Vincas b/c they are forgiving in the summer and I rarely have to water them.  

Ya'll have a good day.  Update tomorrow on our outing today. 

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