Monday, April 29, 2019

Shopping, Eating, and Planting, but Much to Do

The last of the pumpkin shake!  Sad.  It was really good.  Hopefully in fall more will become available.  I like having it year round so will likely buy two next time.  

George and I had a packed full weekend.  I feel like I need a rest now.  lol  

We went to get a few plants.  

Needham's Nursery in Mount Juliet, TN

We dropped them off at home and headed on for our Saturday shopping and eating adventures!

George wanted to try Oscar's Taco Shop.  BEST fish tacos I've EVER had.  Must go back there.  

I wanted to go to Steinmart as we don't have one near us.  So we went to the one in Cool Springs.  I didn't find but two tops, flip flops with bling, and finally some rain boots - which where more like hiking shoes I guess.  But I will enjoy wearing them around on the rainy days since we have a lot of rainy days it seems during about 1/2 of the year. 

I was pleased that for the first time ever, I was able to shop in the regular ladies sizes.  Barely able, but yet able.  That has been a big goal and something I've wanted for years.  No more plus sizes.  That said I am still holding on to the 1X's as they are only just a little bigger than the XL's but finding that the 2X's are just weigh huge.  No more of those.

I saved this pic while looking through facebook ads on my phone.  This just lights my heart up.  It's the future kitchen of my RV.  ;-)  To prepare those mini meals here and there.

We went to Whole Foods (We took the cooler - but only had a few cheeses and butter and fresh homemade ravioli that had to be kept cool.  

Then we went to Carraba's to use a gift card that one of the Gibson vendors sent - even though George is not employed anymore.  They were good friends.  So that was really sweet.  We had a nice time and a really good dinner.  I got lamb chops.  Rare to see lamb on the menu anywhere.  It was delicious.  And so were the mashed taters!  ;-)

It was a beautiful Saturday in Franklin, but clouds were in and out and eventually took over. 

We went to "The Bottle Shop" next to whole foods.   They do some wine tasting on Saturdays.  We bought everything we tried.  

I had never had Gamay before.  I liked it.

When George told her I didn't like gin, she had us try this one.  It does not have the juniper taste.  

She said it tastes like a forest.  

Immediately I knew I'd like it.  I'm not a liquor person at all but will occasionally have a dark rum drink, or a refreshing vodka spritzer type of drink with either fruit juices or some type of herbal twists.  Have learned to like Don and George's versions of a Manhattan sipper at times - it lasts a looooong time.  lol  So George fixed a refreshing gin drink yesterday after the shower after the yard work we did and it was nice.  

We found our Charleston rice.   Yum Yum.

I planted yesterday and swapped out the back porch furniture and put it up front.  May not be perfect but it'll do.  

Planted the little pink flower there.  This spot is so bare.  

I've always loved the caladiums.

Flowers didn't do well in these flower beds for some reason but the herbs do. 

I put bricks around Tugie's grave.  Probably won't keep it there, but just really wanted to protect it and have flowers there for NOW.  Miss her.

Blooms everywhere.  And George's ladder...but what can you do? lol

George's parsley and other herbs.

And the ravioli was good. 

IF  you can get to Whole Foods, go buy their fresh made pasta.  ;-) 

We went to church yesterday.  And ate lunch with friends at Captain D's and then George had to get a haircut.  I spent most of the afternoon outside.  Made a lot of progress, but I'm sore and tired this morning.  And I didn't get much of the desk work I wanted to do.  

I did get with friend Cheryl and we are going for Pedi's this week and then also we are going to meet my SIL and BIL for dinner Friday.  Thursday we have a fundraiser event.  And I have two nights of personal and business office work to do over the next two nights.  Tomorrow night is our Zoom call with PK Smith. 

I did sell a Value Pak this week.  So was very excited about that.  I have plans to build my customer base.  And then I will begin to build consultants.  I am fine to share and build slowly.  The residual income from this business can be passed on to your children after you are gone.  I think they can even take it over or not but still get the business/money from it.  So I will always share this.  Why not get paid for it and build it and enjoy some extra things - like the RV and early retirement?  ;-) 

Anyway, better go get these dogs out and get on the road.  I'm moving slow today.  VERY sore from yesterday.  

What a weekend. But have some side hustle work to do, activate our new health insurance thru George's work, order Mom's day gift, figure out when and where to go out with our neighbors, set a doc appt for BP refill, print expenses for March and April, do my f/u's with the side hustle, order another Thred Up bag, schedule our pedicure with the Pedi place, and go in a fix a google account for my blog domain.  Still working on the last blog posts list of things to do.  Just didn't get much office time this weekend.  I need three days instead of two.  

Well, ya'll take care.  Gotta get moving!  Happy Monday.


  1. sounds like you had a busy weekend. the lamb looks delicious. like what you did for tugies grave.

  2. Looks like you had a full weekend. You gave us some of the Charleston Gold Rice and we fell in love with it. On our first bite we both looked at each other and remarked wow, this is great. I have been using it in some our special rice dishes and can really tell the difference.


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