Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Slower than a Snail on a Frozen Sidewalk

Ahhhhh, how good it feels to get up after a cleanse day - refreshed, skinnier (aka, less fat) and sip coffee awaiting the shake this morning.  I figured the cleanse day would be hard yesterday after eating like I have the last week or so.  Being completely off the system's shakes/snacks I figured I'd have gained a lot.  I only gained about 3 lbs eating three big meals a day and snacks too, all week long last week, including desserts daily.  (I never weigh until after the cleanse, lol).  So I do have to knock those 3 lbs out but it's not as bad as I thought.  I'll have to exercise more and be a little more strict this week to get down to my goal weight for the next weigh in.  I weigh in every two weeks.  I'll need to lose another lb in addition to the 3 lbs - in the next two weeks to be at my goal I put on the calendar.

 I knew this travel week would knock me backward.  I did choose a lot of things wisely but a few things were not.  But I'm happy with it and enjoyed the week and knew that going in.  I mean really - the company I was with was buying and/or my company so I wasn't going to have shakes when I could have a steak or Mexican or spaghetti, lol. And the free breakfasts at the hotel is usually good and I don't often get eggs and potatoes and bacon - so enjoy life.  And then get back on track.  It always happens on vacation too.  What is nice is having a plan that works to go back to.  Imagine if I exercised, how easy it would be.

  I hardly ever exercise.  I need to work it in the schedule as I can.  I should have walked yesterday for lunch but guess what I did?  I ordered the stuffed animal in yesterday's entry.  I looked for the shopping center I was in on google.  I saw the list of stores and guessed it was Anthropologie and I went to their website under baby and children's gifts and there sat "Sly the Sloth".  lol  It was not a hedgehog - it was a sloth.  No wonder I couldn't find it at first. 

So I ordered the thing and with tax and shipping it set me back $36!  But tears sprang my eyes because I realized all of a sudden what my attachment was. 

It looks like Tugie.  I didn't get it before.  But as I thought about why am I so sad about not having this - it's b/c it looks like my Tugie and it felt like I was leaving something I loved behind.  Once I realized this, it became OK that I wanted this stuffed animal.  And it became OK that it was my memorial piece for Tugie and a souvenir from Portland. 

It's so funny how our souls and spirits work - sometimes the mind is slower to connect but the soul and the spirit knows what you want and need.  So YES I did need it.  And it's on it's way to me! 

I am happy to see that George is enjoying his souvenir from Portland.  He's already 3/4 the way through the Instapot cookbook of easy meals - and he loves the recipes in there and has a list.  I missed one meal from it b/c I ate with a friend Monday night.  And leftovers would have been yesterday but it was cleanse day.

Work, busier than Monday, but still hanging in and trying to work my way through the stack of many.  I have so much to do but gradually it will get done.

We had our zoom call last night with a trainer that our up lines have hired to train our group.  He is good in his concepts.  He has trained 1/3 of the millionaires that have earned through multi level marketing in Isagenix.

It's all a learning game and a doing game.  I spend 90 percent of the time learning and 10 percent doing. lol But you know me.  I do what I want to do and since George is not interested in RV'ing and says I'd be leaving our marriage if I did it on my own for six months or so - then that took away my dream right there and I have no reason to try to do this now from a material standpoint.  We are already set for retirement.  So no need to work so hard unless I just want to retire early.  That IS appealing.  But I love my job so it's not like I have a rush on that either. But I will still want an RV for weekends and vacations.  So I won't quit just yet.  But I have not had the desire to come home and do power hours the last few weeks.  Even when I plan a power hour it'll be changed by something - someone will call or we'll have to go do this or that during that time.  So it's hard to have time to do it in our busy lives.  But I've been trying.  Not very successfully. We'll see if I'm inspired by the training.  I've just had other things I've wanted to do - like sleep and watch TV with George, be with my doggies, read, play games.  If I did that the rest of my life, I'd be fine with it.  So it's not like I have to do this.  So I have periods of time where I have to take a break.  And with all the travels and such - it's hard to work in and work on - for me - having had my dream with a hole in it now - removing some of the fuel in my fire and desire.

I do want to share it though.  Because I know it works.  But I'm not going to beat anyone's doors down.  I only want to spend time with those that are serious about their health and/or weight loss.  I am going through the training through on these zoom calls b/c I want to learn how to help people in an easier way - to break through to get to their why.  And to believe in them and to help them.  And to watch it change their life.  And to help them share with others and pass it on.  Seeing folks lose 100 lbs and no longer be on a death sentence and able to go and be with family and have hope of seeing grandchildren one day - that's life changing.  It's given me hope too.  I felt I was dying slowly.  Now I have hope.  I feel like living again.  It's changed me in 30 lbs.  So I will always share this.  And I understand that most are not ready yet.  I've managed to talk to those that are not ready.  It takes a long time for people to trust you and trust it.  Anywhere from 6 to 16 touches with folks.  So I've been working on my customer/prospect sheets and follow ups done for those I've talked with already.  I' about 1/3 of the way through creating sheets for all I've talked with.  And as I understand it - the only way to fail is to quit.  So I'll keep going, but I'm not as fast as others.  They say don't compare yourself to others.  So I'll try not to.  I'll keep going and moving forward hopefully.  Little by little.  I need to get my follow up sheets finished and try connecting with some more folks. 

I have to do this in my time.  I have to enjoy it and it can't seem like a chore or I won't come across in a good way.  So I'm doing this, but slowly and in my own time.  This has been like a cat wrestle for me in a way b/c I'm an introvert.  I know that other introverts have been successful, but in many ways I think it's harder for us.  I've had to train myself to be more outgoing.  I mean really!  I'm getting better at conversation and it's becoming easier.  I'm having to work on ME first.  And I'm having to be Spirit led through all this, b/c this cannot replace my time with God. 

I look up at my goals weekly:

Become an Expert Enroller
Help Change Lives
Lose weight
Be more outgoing
Be more content
Enjoy Photography (Take Pics)
Share God's Word
Help others grow spiritually
Grow my business
Increase my cycles
Help Seniors
Exercise Regularly
Lower cholesterol
lower blood sugar
Lower heart rate

I am making strides toward all.  I do have measurements for each of these goals, and some are harder to measure than others.  I'm learning to enroll, and I'm working on being more outgoing - have made strides there.  I did increase my cycles this month.  I have been more content and was able to work with myself during the times I was not.  I have not had much time or place for photography but did what I could.  I do share God's word and think I do help others spiritually.  I've not checked cholesterol and I know without checking I'm pretty good on my sugar levels.  I also have been able to lower my heart rate - even though I've not exercised I do walk a lot - just not cardio but I'm on my feet a lot during the day and do bed exercises (lol)  sit ups and leg lifts - if that counts.  I see how drinking a beer or wine and eating make the heart rate go up as does exercise.  I'm learning and seeing how exercise will help the heart rate.   So I'm learning a lot, making some slow strides toward my goals.  It's good to recheck the goals periodically to be reminded of them.

And I'm glad to sit here and type and spill my feelings out b/c I get frustrated easily when I don't have time to do everything I want.  So I have to be easy on myself at times and even though everyone says they use "every minute of their spare time" to do this business - I will not be successful if I do that.  I will have to have time to myself and family.  So I was pushing myself at first and I became unhappy with that.  So I'm doing what I want and when I want and I may be slow as a snail on a frozen sidewalk, but that is what I will do if that is what I want to do. 

Tribe has spoken.  ;-)

Ya'll have a good day.  I'm going to get more coffee! 


  1. I love your opening statement about being slower than a snail on a frozen sidewalk...that is just how I felt most of the winter. The cold days just seemed to freeze up my bones and I could hardly move. Ha! Now that Spring has sprung, I'm a whole lot better. They say that busy people are the ones that always get more done and in your case, it's so very true. The way to get things done is to set goals and then reach for them.

    Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday !

  2. I am glad you got your hedgehog/sloth. I think its cute. That is great about the weight loss.

  3. I'm glad you ordered the sloth. I can see the connection to your Tugie. I hope your day has been good.

  4. i'm glad you found your sloth. it's precious. does look like tugie.


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