Friday, April 26, 2019

The Friday Situation

No attitudes here, just dreams of Latitude changes!  ;-)  No sweatpants either - but jeans. 

Went to bed last night and saying "God let me rest in you!"  Try it sometimes.  It's the best rest you have ever had. 

I woke up and had 3 side hustle messages - one was....."Please sign me up for your program now!  I'm ready."  Sweet words be able to help another person to change their life, their world ---it's so much more than a weight thing.  So getting back with her with option of lunch time or this evening to get her enrolled.

I'm spent already for the week.  But will go and do what I can.  At least I'm in jeans and a t-shirt.  ;-) 

Much to plan, do, and follow up on this weekend personally, but shopping is planned for tomorrow. 

Don't have a lot I want to say today.  I did leave a private blog yesterday.  Nothing much - just a place to park some notes/thoughts/observations.  Can't put everything here as "the trolls" have been here 43 times this year alone.  Gotta love being tracked and followed.  That's ok.  I track and follow too and know who visits.  ;-)  As long as it is for nice reasons, I'm good with it.  Not too fond of those that are trolling for the wrong reasons.  They know who they are.  Otherwise everyone is welcome.  Karma comes around.  It always does.  God disciplines and takes care of it.  I know who to tattle too when I need protection.  I love that about our God.  He sets our paths day after day. 

Ya'll have a lovely Friday. 

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