Monday, April 1, 2019

Trip to See Mom, A Surprise Message from Dad, and More

We went to see Mom and Fancy on Saturday.   George began a list of restaurants for us to choose from and I added a few to it.  Then we "played the game" and each took turns crossing them off.  Puckett's won!  It was the last one left.  So we took off for a bit of shopping on the square first and then on to Puckett's. 

 George looks deep in thought here or perhaps he is posing for the camera - lol.

And Mom and me....

Mom wanted ice cream for dessert.  I could have done without. But since it was homemade and they had blackberry I got some.   I wanted half this much.  It was good.  This was at the Balloon Shop on the square.  Their ice cream is only $3.00 for what they call a scoop - but it was really 2 scoops.  I got mine in a cup hoping it would be smaller.  But it was good!  

We drove around downtown Columbia.  A lot has changed.  But then again, some of it hadn't.  Love the breweries and tap rooms - giving it the hip vibe we like ourselves.  NOT a honky tonk type of thing but like a coffee house, only beer, nice folks, friendly and happy conversations - that type of thing - the craft beer scene.  

After dinner we made it back to Mom's.  The weather began coming in.  Tornadoes began spinning off of this line.  We had a tornado warning but the cell was north of where we were.  But I began being concerned about another cell building up behind it and I told everyone we should go to the hallway.  Of course George did not.  He doesn't like to be told what to do and certainly doesn't like going to the hallway in a storm.  So Mom and I went.  The lightning struck very close to where we were three times.  And rain sideways and very loud.  I was really afraid a tornado was spinning up.  And then suddenly it was was quiet and gone as if nothing had been there.  

Oh while we were at the Balloon Shop, I spotted these mugs.  I loved them with the Mules on there.  They have "Mule Day" coming up and so all the shops have all the Mule Day stuff out.  Mom bought them for me.  I laughed and said two Mule mugs for two stubborn people.  How perfect is that?  lol  We will enjoy them.  But only as we were checking out did the lady say "no dishwasher".  Ugh.  The decals will come off if you do.  So we have to handwash.

They are cute.

So due to the weather, we got back late Saturday night.  Bed felt good.  Then Sunday we did not go to church since we needed to do our normal Saturday things on Sunday.  George went to the store for us and I tackled laundry and ironing and a bit of vacuuming and packed my cleanse kit and food for the week.  I did not get a devo in either.  But I will do that in the car this week.  I needed to use the afternoon yesterday to get the typing done and my form created b/c I CANNOT easily get that done any other time of the week.  So that is done.  My Amazon orders are done.  Got a baby registry gift done.  Ordered some non-slip things for my shoes.  It's a shame that people make slippery soled shoes.  That is just not even appropriate.  I can't walk across my kitchen floor in the tennis shoes I bought without sliding as if I were on ice.  How stupid is that.  So I'm hoping these non-skid things will work.  If not the shoes will go back where I got them.  NO wonder they were so cheap. lol  I liked the style though. Just not at the cost of broken bones.

Anyway, I was able to get a LOT done thankfully.

George fixed corned beef.  Loved it.

And then I decided to open my Dad's Bible on a whim and just see if he ever wrote anything on the back cover.  Guess what was in the back.  A list of 15 things for happiness.  In HIS handwriting! 

Maisy girl was cute sitting in a pile of pillows last night.

I kept saying "Maisy, Maisy" - trying to get her to look at me so I could take a picture and she looks at me like a teenager, like "REALLY MOM?".  lol   She has such personality.

Anyway, I'm happy that with such a busy weekend, I got so much done.

Only a week left before all of our flights across the country next week for our open enrollment meetings.  I see on the news this morning that Southwest flights are really delayed and backed up due to technical issues.  I guess that means planes but not sure.  That kinda makes me nervous.  I don't want them to compromise safety though.  I am pretty sure I flew in one of those new Max planes coming back from Phoenix in January.  Not sure.  It was a big new plane.  I was thinking when I got on it - it's either a good thing or a bad thing.  It seemed roomier, had music playing, and the lighting was futuristic like.  The ceiling bigger, the mood and ambiance noticeably different.  But if it's not safe, that is not a good thing.

Well, I better go.  Big day ahead with many "to do's".  Gotta go in strong.  Busy few weeks ahead.  Ya'll have a good day!


  1. Hope you have a great start to this new week. Saturday and Sunday were such good days for you except for the weather and that was ok, not as bad as it could have been. For slipper soles on the shoes, try some sandpaper on this to scuff them up. So nice you have that list from your dad. I especially like the last one...Let go and let God. A new week ahead, a fresh start and lots to do. What could be better !

    Love and hugs,

  2. Evening from Box, I’m glad you had such a good weekend. That was so lovely finding those words of your Dads. A long time ago I found a bible study book that was Dads there were lots of bits in it that he had marked was quite a shock when I first saw it but at same time kind of comforting....I’m sure you felt the same....Hope this week will go well for you.....take care. God Bless


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