Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Wish I'd Bought the Hedgehog!

I think this is how I feel when I travel.   These are things I saw in the gift shop in Portland that were cute.  I liked the saying on the towel.  I don't need any more coffee mugs so didn't buy this, but it warmed my heart because I was missing my dogs.

I also did NOT buy this book as I don't need any more books but LOVED the cover.

And my favorite things of all, that I would go order on a whim right now and wish I'd bought it.  Is it a Hedgehog?  I'm 56 and I still love a stuffed animal.  They have a heart.  I was missing my dogs and honestly, I COULD sleep with a stuffed animal in my alone travels.  How embarrassing is that thought.  I would LOVE a good hugger hedgehog.  lol  Most hedgehogs are fat and unhuggable, but these are skinny and cute and snuggable.

If I go back to Portland, I'm buying it.  He can go RVing with me some day.  But until then he can travel with me and be my snuggle buddy.  My pet on the road.  Oh I could kick myself for not getting him.  But I'm 56.  Why do I need a stuffed animal?  I don't want any hedgehog - I just like this one.  I tried to find him on the internet and I couldn't find him.  Now I want him more.  So cute! 

Well yesterday was not bad for a Monday.  It could have been worse.  That said I'm still slammed with requests and to do's.  Everyone will have to be patient these days.  No quick turn around and all has to be prioritized - and much of it being requests - is done first come first serve - considering of course the "impact damage" if not done until later.  Everything has to be assessed and then tucked into it's order of importance and impact.  It's a true "take a number and wait" kinda thing otherwise.  Gotta love it.  But we have grown and there is not enough of us to go around.

So that said, I need to take off.  It's "cleanse day" today and a much needed one. 

Take care!  

Now I'm on a mission to find that hedgehog darnit!  Window shopping can get you in trouble.  Most women find shoes or clothes.  I'm drooling over a hedgehog?  lol  Go figure!


  1. What a cute stuffed animal. I have a friend that is much older than you and still collects stuffed animals. Going into her house is always adventure to see what is new. There are so many endearing ones out there. Glad Monday wasn't so bad considering the length of time you've had away from the office. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

    Love and hugs,

  2. do you remember the name of the store where you saw the hedgehog. maybe they'll ship him to you.

  3. I love the hand towels. You can never have too many. The hedgehog is cute! Maybe call the store and see if you can buy one and they will ship to you.


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