Friday, May 17, 2019

Adjusting the Sails, In Pursuit of Zen just flat beautiful!  

And today is just flat wonderful.  Why?  Because....

Thank the LORD in heaven above. 

I have been very non-productive after work - in an effort to just CHILL OUT like my doc said. 

Yesterday I did another meditation thing for 5 minutes on a You Tube app I subscribed to.   That was nice.  It wasn't a thankful body part podcast this time.  Just a freeing of the mind and relaxing of the body kind of thing and focusing on breathing. 

My walking continued.  I'm 3 days in, but it was pretty hot out there at almost 80 by the time my walk ended.  Today it's going up to 88, so I'm afraid my outside walking is over.  And I'll have to either join a gym again or just walk in place on the Wii or something but that is not the same.  It will not happen in the morning I don't think.  Unless I don't blog, get to work early and walk there before it gets hot.  I wish there was an indoor track nearby.  I'd like that better than a treadmill. 

The good news is that the BP is coming down.  I was in the 130's yesterday so the new meds are starting to kick in I think.  I'm taking my BP as soon as I get home and change clothes.  I give myself a few minutes from climbing stairs and hauling all my day supplies up to get back to a normal pace.

I have to work with my mind though to figure out how not to be stressed during the work day.  It's very hard not to keyed up.  But I'm trying to learn to focus on one thing and forget everything else.  Sadly though - it means I do forget some important things waiting in the wings.  I get home and remember - oh crap - oh well!  But like I had said, someone has to wait so I guess it was those two people I didn't get back to yesterday.  Sadly that will likely keep happening as there's only one of me trying to fix so many things and answer so many questions.  I've tried "teach people to fish" instead of me Lording over everything.  lol  My Mother is wanting me to find something else that is over one plant instead of 4, a transport company, and sales and corporate.  Of course I love my job and my coworkers.   I'll likely just keep doing what I'm doing, and if things don't get done they just don't.  I just have to figure out how to eliminate the stress and anxiety and adjust to the madness and not let it stress me to see things back up. 

Then my email crashed and there are a couple of bad issues with my computer.  The scan was running when I left yesterday and it already had 2 critical issues, so things are likely to get even more behind.  I'm just shaking my head.  It is what it is.  I'm not turning Buddhist or anything but there is something to their attitudes of just accepting things.  lol

I remember through the years the common phrase is:  It is what it is.  lol  We got so tired of hearing it and saying it, but I guess it's true.  I try to be positive and it seems the more positive I become the more the evil spirits just follow me around and try to mess with me.  Yes our world is full of the "pricipalities" of this world.  So many things we can't see - many we can and can feel it. 

If I start wearing garlic around my neck and laying onions about and burning sage - you will know I'm in full combat mode.  And you might be seeing me in this position.  I wish I could do this in my office.  Two many windows, lol.  Hard to do in the car, but I could do this w/o crossing my legs, lol.  So I'll probably be meditating in my car. 

I could also add rows of bamboo to my office. 

Or a zen garden. 

And since everyone else is stressed too, b/c it's not just me squawking, we could have a zenparty in the hallway, or even better, outside near the tree clusters - and amidst the tulips. lol.

Today I am planning to listen to waterfalls and smell peppermint or spearmint.  Drops on cottonballs placed strategically through my office. lol

Because when I have a goal, I will meet it.  My goal is to not be stressed and get the BP down - whatever that takes.  And Sonya reaches her goals.  ;-)   My health comes first.  And then I begin focusing on some other goals as well. 

Talked with my friend Lisa and we are wanting to rent an RV next year for the four of us and go on a vacay somewhere.  We have to get the date and plans set though soon b/c once the time comes around the vacay days get planned somewhere else.  Guess what?  George says he's in with that!  ;-)

Anyway I am off to finish getting ready and then heading in for this fine Friday.  I think I'll go grab something out today - for lunch.  Something healthy.  Kinda craving my Cracker Barrel salad a bit. 
I may go there and sit and enjoy it instead of bringing it back to the office.  ;-)

Ya'll have a good Friday.  Looking forward to the weekend. 


  1. Glad your blood pressure is coming down. I don't walk outside when it's too hot either. That RV vacation sounds like fun. Yay for the weekend!

  2. everybody needs a little zen in their life. you've got the right attitude.


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