Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Avoiding the Abilene Complex and Keeping Thoughts to Myself

Not a lot to say.  All work and not much play.  But it's ok. 

Oh so we are going to be rhyming this morning? 

I slept in til 5 and let George go first in the shower.  I just needed/wanted sleep. 

I'm staring blankly into the screen.  Drinking coffee and not a lot to say.  I guess I'll end here.  I obviously want to keep my thoughts to myself this morning. 

Sometimes that is a good thing.  ;-)

I will say this.  We decided to put the yard sale off.  Neither of us have really wanted to work on it.  Neither of us really want to do it. You spend a lot of time on it and not much money to be had from it.  Yet we were about The old "Abilene Complex" and do it anyway. 

So I had been thinking - yuk, we gotta do this thing I don't want to do and have been putting off but we gotta do it b/c we said we were.  I wondered if we should put it off til fall. 

I mentioned it to George how we needed to work on getting things together for it with stuff we need to go through.  And he said "you know I was thinking we should just call ARC and not fool with it". 

I said "Sounds good to me". 

So the yard sale is off.  And what is the Abilene Complex?  To best describe it: 

It's a management term used to describe a groupthink situation in which everyone decides something needs to be done but not sure what.  There may be some psychology to it, where everyone thinks that they need to please someone or just be doing something instead of nothing. And yet at times there may be little of a thought process at all. But yet it doesn't make sense or make anyone happy or do any good to do what the group decides.

A family sits on a porch in Coleman, Texas and it's 104 degrees.  No one wanted to go to Abilene as they all were sitting in the shade, but someone suggested they go to Abilene to try and please the group and then no one wanted to suggest anything else and didn't want to be the one to say "naw let's just stay here", so they all went to Abilene and no one really wanted to go and they didn't have a reason to go. 

So we avoided the Abilene Complex.  No Yard Sale.  Thanks to George for speaking up.

Although, I agree Abilene would not be so bad.  It's close to Katy and I've never been.

So I'm going to get off of here and go get some coffee.  I've been listening to my "Believe" book on Audible since we didn't go to church yesterday so I can be fed and somewhat connected.  I miss church though when we don't go.  But I do realize that sometimes there is just not a good balance in the week.  When you work FT and have a commute and the weekend is packed.  Sometimes I just decide to sleep and find time with God in the car or worship where I am and more often all week long. 

It's tough for me to go every Sunday.  I just flat need time at home some. 

Anyway I struggle with that one.  I know I know it's easy for others to judge.  But you shouldn't unless you are in another's shoes.  My body/persona requires a certain amount of down time or no one can put up with me.  I will be a bear out of hell in a heat wave.  lol  The calm Sonya becomes something you don't want to entangle with when I've not had down time and proper rest. As most folks do I guess.  My honesty comes out then.  lol  So rest and rejuvy it is.

So you all have a good day.  I'm going for more coffee and looking forward to it.  It's cleanse day today.  Sometimes that too brings out my honesty, but usually the day after for some reason. 

I think today I will have a quiet day again and keep my thoughts to myself.  That's probably always a good trademark these days.  I will say this though.  It seems that when you are having a hard time that people try to make it even harder on you.  I guess some think if they try they can break you?  I mean why are people like that?  Anyway, I'm stubborn as a mule on hot day in Texas.  And that kind of behavior just works the opposite on me.  Go figure.  My feelings get hurt sometimes but usually the karma comes back around and bites whoever in the butt that is giving me a hard time w/o me even getting involved.  lol It's cool like that when you tattle to God about things.  He sees and knows the whole picture.  He takes care of it.  He is the one we trust to make the paths straight. Or crooked if need be - sometimes we have to swerve off in left field to avoid the clusterchuck! lol

I didn't say this ---- Maxine did! lol  It makes me laugh. 

Ok ya'll have a good one.  I'm really gone this time.  lol  Maybe even to Abilene - I mean we all go to work but all of us would rather stay home.  Ok I guess that is different!  lol

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