Friday, May 31, 2019

Bless and Release, Sick Maisy, and Other Friday Morning Thoughts

The devo is working out beautifully.  Time in God's word daily.  It may not be deeep deeeep study but it is worthy and meaningful and adding to my day.  It's words wrapped around my heart and advice for the day.  

It is truly time to ask God to deal with a situation truly as HE will.  The last two times I've prayed this prayer fully, HE HAS acted.  I never pray to the detriment of another person but I have asked for Him to DEAL WITH another person on a few occasions because He sees what I don't.  I hate to pray THAT prayer b/c often it takes something big for the change to occur.  And that scares me.  But I think it is time to pray THAT prayer.  EVERY TIME I have prayed THAT PRAYER HE has taken care of the situation.  I tattle often, but RARELY PRAY THAT PRAYER.  I will say that every time I've prayed the prayer, it was a significant change for the person I prayed over, and not always in a good way. I mean it may have been a good thing for their spirit eventually, but God put them somewhere else in life and no longer circled within mine at all.  He truly deals! I think it's time to pray that prayer.  And God can DEAL as he may.  I will think about it some more before I do.  Thinking about Praying for those that Persecute You, is a daunting task.  First it's hard to want God to bless them but your heart has to be right. But often I've noticed that He will certainly deal with them and usually to their detriment at first.  But Good comes from Bad, sometimes, so perhaps long run He blesses their life if they respond to His will.  As I said, I tattle all the time, but there is one Prayer I can Pray that He means business when He goes to handle it so I'm really careful at what I pray for.  

Something is wrong with my Maisy.  She is coughing.  We are hoping it is just a cold and not her heart.  I was set to take her to the vet this morning but George has said we should wait.  So our vet is open til 7 I think tonight.  We may try to take her after work real quick.  I may leave a bit early today to get home in time to take them out, feed them and watch her and see how she is doing and then we'll have time to get in the car and head over.   My only concern is if it is her heart are we doing damage by waiting, but we wondered since it started so suddenly if it weren't just a cold.  Anyway none of us slept last night as she had several coughing spells in the night.  Bless her heart.  

One of our Isa Guru's fixed chic peas in an air fryer as a crunchy snack.  I'm thinking "oh my Gosh".  So I took a screen shot so I'd remember.  But first I need to check into the air fryer.  Has anyone ever had one?  What all do you fix in it?  I mean that might be a fun new gadget to play with in my healthy journey. 

George had to stay late to work on a report that he needed to have quiet time to "learn to do" yesterday.  So I had dog duty and fixed dinner.  I fixed beef stew (enough for two nights and then some).  Ironically we had all the ingredients.  It was fun to be able to come home and be the first one home.  I only left about 30 min earlier than normal and made a world of difference- both on the road and at home.  

We watched a comedy hour thing and read a bit when finished.  So I took a pic of "my pack".  lol

Roger was in a major food coma last night after eating.  And then about this time Maisy started her coughing.  

Hoping for better sleep tonight.  

Everything else I have to save for the other blog and there is no time today, but maybe sometime this weekend.  

Ya'll take care.  Loving the fact that Friday came so quickly.   It doesn't take long to get fizzled out for the week.  I heard another person in our building say yesterday to another, "I think everyone in this building is just so stressed right now".  I know we are.  People don't like having to wait for things I know that but they are having to.  There is so much going on I can't even keep up with it all.  So be it.  A lot of work and things I need to do just sits and rots on my desk.  I'm having to get off email and just shut if off for a few hours to get things done.  Otherwise I'm just answering questions from dawn til dusk. So the weekend is welcome.  Much to do this weekend at home.  Dog trims tomorrow and grocery shopping, laundry, and house cleaning, church on Sunday and it's our time to take food snacks for the Sunday School lobby.  Maybe get a little of my side hustle done.  

My mini vacay coming soon!  Get to see my girl in San Antonio.  Oops my blog time went way over.  I slept later b/c the dog kept us up and forgot and instead of hurrying was going on my own schedule like I normally do.  I would hurry but I've hurried so much of my life.  Have stayed over many days.  So be it, if I'm running behind, I am.  

 Bless and Release!  I still have to work on my heart and try not to be bitter at the mishandling of others in life.  This devo will make me pray for that too.  

Yes, thus the Bless and Release!  

Ya'll take care! 


  1. What devotional is this? I'm looking for a new one.

    1. A Little Less Hustle More Jesus - something like that.

  2. I have an air fryer and use it for so many foods. Hope Maisy is doing better! Have a good one!

  3. Hope Maisy is okay. she could have an allergy to something blooming. Prayers bring so much peace in life.


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