Saturday, May 11, 2019

Domestic Bliss, Bye Bye Books, and Mother's Day Surprises

Last night we went out to eat at Mo'Cara's in Lebanon.  Always a fantastic meal.  I had the Shephard's Pie Potato, with brisket.  I couldn't eat it all but it was fantastic!  We enjoyed our time with our neighbors.  And vowed to do something again with them soon.  

Once home, I crashed.  Bed felt good and then being able to sleep in was very nice.  I live for this every Saturday morning.  However, if George gets up then Maisy begins licking me and waking me up.  This morning she did that and she began barking.  I barked back and I began howling and she began howling and then we were howling together.  I'm sure George was in the kitchen going "what the heck?"  I ended up in such laughter before every setting foot out of bed.  That is the way life should be.  

And to have coffee made for me once, was nice.  We love the Oregon coffee.  I must obtain more.   It's been perfect.

I began laundry this morning and packed my Isagenix products for next week and also my cleanse kit.  Anything I'm beginning to run out of goes to my office so I can order more.  And I have spent a lot of time in the sun room cleaning out some books and boxes and baskets in the corner.  And going through drawers that I've not been through since we've been here.  Just getting rid of a lot.  I have filled up TWO trashbags of things to throw away.  Old magazines, old instruction manuals to appliances and electronics we don't own anymore.  And going through a lot of books.

I made George and I a "egg in the hole" breakfast this morning with goat cheese and hot sauce.  It was really good.  Then I went ahead and made garlic beer bread with rosemary.    Lisa gave me this and I've waited to fix it but it's been calling my name.  Turned out pretty good.  She gave me the glass dish to bake it in as well.  Loved it and was so easy.  

So through the years I've collected books from favorite authors.  I've savored them and sprinkled them in with other books.  And over time my tastes have changed.  I've become a person that really likes to read more adventurous types of travel books.  And less likely to want to read fiction.  I think in a way I read fiction when younger, while I was trying to find myself.  I think I was searching for some role model to follow of sorts, and to see how the characters acted and responded to life's events.  I didn't know I was doing it at the time, but looking back I think I was.  Of course I also liked being entertained by them but now my reading has much more purpose.  When I'm reading a book I want to read adventure.  Usually travel adventures.  Biographies are ok.  And lately I've been listening to audio and a lot of motivational material and podcasts and learning lots of things.  I've almost become addicted to the learning.  And so trying to go back into reading fiction is just horrifying!  At at this point in my life, just not want I want to do.  I have so many books that I don't have time left in my life to read them all.  And while it is sad - I realize it's no longer practical to hold on to these books I so carefully sought out so many years ago.  They have been waiting in line to be read and now sadly, I just don't have the desire to read them.  Before it was just that I didn't have the time.  Now it's the desire.  

Belva Plain, Barbary Taylor Bradford, Maeve Benchy, Debbie MaComber - You have all done so well.  But I'm moving on.  I had also saved some books from Granny Jan's house as secondary books I might read, such as Nora Roberts and a few others.  Sadly, I'm just not interested in them anymore.  

What I did keep are all of my travel adventure books, biography, and a few fictional beach fiction writers like Mary Kay Andrews for example and Ann River Siddons.  I am always up for a fictional tale on a boat or on the beach! lol  I even kept John Grisham, but honestly I've lost my interest in law/legal writing.  Scott Torow, you did great and John Grisham's The Firm will forever be etched into my mind, but just not feeling it now.  I kept the Grisham books b/c I may read them at some point when retired, lol.  Or maybe on a vacation - and we paid full price for every Grisham book that came out.  

It just felt right today to thin out my collection.  I've not read the next book up b/c it was fiction.  I've tried to make myself read a "line up" in a disciplined manner for the last twenty years or so - spreading the varieties out in b/w but when it comes time for fiction - I won't read.  So why "make myself" read it just b/c I bought it.  

I was so proud of my collection of finds at yard sales, McKay's, and so forth and some were from book clubs long ago back in the day.  So I let them go.  I don't even want them as audio books.  I've gone to doing audios that help me be a better person and help me in my nutrition business and religious ones to focus and worship.  So the Fiction at this point in my life, seems a waste.  

It kinda felt weird, but it felt right. 

And it felt so good to be home today and hibernating from the world, with rain showers here and there.  

Some of Granny's books I think that I'd held onto in the sun room.  I've just been out of bookshelf space and these might have been good.  But honestly - I don't like reading these little bitty books anymore. 

And found some pics and Nanny's purple cow that broke so I'm keeping it in with the photos.  I'm holding Ella (Sweet E).  And look how young Katy is.  And there is Colby Cat.  And Mom is holding Tugie.  And there our good friends Don and Lisa and Juliana and Dillon.

And a package arrived today from the Post man (who is a woman)! lol

I will love drinking out of this!  Katy says it will keep things cold and hot for a long time.  

A beautiful bracelet.

A wine "stopper" or "topper" - Texas Style. 

And the most beautiful top!  So pretty. 

George is fixing us a seafood feast tonight.  We've had some appetizers of smoked salmon and sushi.  

I have updated my Google Domain account on my to do list.  And have downloaded some music from Bonnie Raitt, KC and the Sunshine Band, and a song from Chet Atkins "Read my Licks".  I just didn't like the album much on that one but I love his guitar playing.   I kinda have to like the songs though and this album was not the one for me.

It's just been so nice to be here all day with no plans.  

Tomorrow we are meeting Mom at Spring Hill and taking her to a restaurant in Brentwood.  
And then back home for a lazy afternoon and evening before starting up the week again. 
It's a pre-full moon week so Lord knows what ships will sink but whatever.  I've got my Lord leading me through the stink up. 

So you all have a lovely evening.  I hear we will be watching a Mr. Bean movie while eating dinner.  Cool that! 

Nite ya'll!  

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