Sunday, May 5, 2019

Eating, Shopping, and Stuck in a Sports Bra!

We had a wonderful dinner with my SIL and BIL Friday night at Saigon Basil.  The hot tea was really good.  

I saw someone across the way, eating from a bowl that had veggies and noodles and I said "I'll have what she is having'.  It was really good.  I didn't eat all my noodles though to cut down on the carbs. 

When scrolling through facebook, I see the floor I like.  I love grey flooring.  Hopefully that and the stove will be our next big adventures.  As much as we like to cook, our stove situation is pitiful.  And the floors are beyond gone, way outdated and I'm embarrassed to have any one over any more until replaced with a more dog friendly situation and one that is more updated and appealing.  The ad below is for the rug - it's pretty too but I liked the flooring.  I'd want more of a solid color though and less white patches.  And honestly not sure if we will do the real wood.  We will have to do research.  And George has some tile things he wants us to look at when we do the flooring.  Of course we'll probably be in our 70's before that ever happens, lol.  We are 11 years in I still have blue linoleum and it was the first thing I wanted to change beside the wall paper.  lol

Then my SIL told me about "Primal Kitchen" for a way to get better condiments that doesn't have all the bad oils in it that our bodies don't digest well and turns to fat and all sorts of stuff.  So I will look at ordering some dressings on there and ketchup and mayo.  I snapped a pic on my phone so I'd remember.  Do you all ever do that?  lol  You can order from their website I think (not sure) and looks like they sell it in other areas.

So I have this blister that came up on my finger.  It is like a cross between a blister and a callous spot.  It just now this morning occurred to me how it might have happened.  Since we don't have an HRIS system to spit out everyone's benefit selections and deductions during open enrollment (OE)- I create one manually.  That way you have it in each person's file and payroll uses it to change deductions in the system.  When I was at the envelope plant we would enter a change in the system and then you would print out the change in a confirmation form and the emp would sign off on it that it was correct and the deductions would automatically deduct, but we don't have that so it's all manually created.  So the blister has come from writing up like 300 something benefit deduction forms.  lol  It just now hit me - b/c of where my pen hits the finger.  So I suspect that it will go back down over time.

In the mean time I was trying to figure out what meds my grandad used on my fever blisters.  It was one of these two things.  My grandmother would get so irritated with him b/c she thought it was too strong to be putting on my lip.  I used to get horrifying fever blisters.  He would just touch it with that and it would blast it quickly.  

I decided it was not Merthiolade.  

And I'm thinking it might have been Mercurochrome.  

Both of those bottles look familiar and I was hoping to find it or something like it to zap these blisters.  They don't itch, don't hurt, and aren't infected.  And almost look like a wart but not.  And now it makes perfect sense, b/c it's in the exact spot that my pen rests against when writing.  It's more like a callous spot than a blister.  So it's not tender or anything. Only if you press on it and I'm not pressing on it. lol  But I do want it to go away.  I don't like it being there.  It bothers me a bit when I bend my finger and also I don't like the way it looks.  Now that open enrollment is over I expect it to go down.  And honestly I think it is smaller.  I did buy some stuff at Walmart that is Iodine and doesn't have the red in it.  It's to prevent infection.  I think it diminished some over night.  So I'll keep applying that.   

There is also a muscle that hurts during the repetitive mouse clicks during OE  that will also quit bothering me as I'm all finished with that project now.  Usually it's my shoulders that all tense up during OE.  I've usually had to have back realignments at the chiropracter after OE every year, but since our offices moved and my desk is more ergonomically efficient, it's much much better.  Have not had to do that the last two years.  I'm sure my Isagenix program helps with that as well.  

The peonies are blooming.  

So yesterday we dropped George's car off to get new tires.  And then he and I went shopping at Academy Sports.  I wanted a Sports Bra as I intend to start working on the upper body and also need to be able to take my pictures for Isabody in the workout sports bra instead of a long top.  

Oh my gosh.  I may have lost 30 lbs but when you see yourself in a sports "work out" bra - you realize just how far you have to go!  

So I got some of those things on and like to never got them off.  It was a true workout trying to get the dang things off of myself.  The one I bought was the one that was most expensive, but it was the easier to get off.  I thought I was going to have to call George to help get some of them off.   I was all tied up in a knot and had to rest in between my Houdini like efforts to untangle myself.  

So my first routine of exercise every day should be to just go try on Sports Bras.  I believe this has been the most intense workout I've encountered so far. It established the fact that obviously I am not at the stage where I need to be considering a work out bra.  lol

I did buy some more croc sandals for summer.  Loved them so much I bought two pair.  George bought some things too.  We got 20% off for every $100 (per person) spent.  We had to pay separately but we did good.  I'm fixed up for sandals.  I'd love to have a white pair though but may be another time.  I can wear my silver ones.

Then we went to Walmart.  Oh my gosh, I'm not sure what they are doing but that Walmart was all torn up inside.  It was a mess.  Everything had been moved.  But we found what we needed and headed home and George's tires were ready so I had to drop him off first.  Then we put groceries up and I watched my You Tube shows and George fixed an excellent chicken dinner. 

He opened a bottle of Rose for us.  It was really good.   The doggies were glad we were back home.

We watched "Drunken history" but with wine and dinner, I fell right asleep and we all went to bed and have slept wonderfully.  The last two nights have provided wonderful sleeps upwards to 9 hours.  

It's a shame one can't get that in the work week.  Our personas would be much more better equipped for all you are privileged to put up with during the week while working a FT+ schedule + commute.  But it is what it is and we just have to go short slept! lol

So - today we will have to do devos at home.  We will be picking up our seafood at the Farmer's Market and also getting some fresh veggies for the week.  

I want some cucumber to soak in cold vinegar water/ice.  That sounds good to me.  I might like to float some in my water too.   So we'll be showering soon and heading on into Nashville. 

The weekends are so busy.  Yesterday I did a lot of laundry, and some ironing, and packed my cleanse kit for Tuesday and my Isagenix bag of choices for the week.  And I ground the coffee I got from Oregon, (the Beans were from Bend Oregon as found at the Whole Foods in Lake Oswego, OR) and cleaned the kitchen really good and bleached the sink and counters, and vacuumed.  I fixed popcorn for lunch and watched some shows before we had to go for the tire appointment.  I loved the morning.  And the afternoon was fun too shopping.  

The rain in the sunroom sounded so wonderful hitting the roof.  I was so happy to have the morning to be home.  And again this morning.  We are not here enough and I don't get enough down time.  

This morning, aside from doing this blog entry, I've done my Isagenix order for the cleanse liquid so I can cleanse next week.  I have enough for this week but just short for next week.  

I need to do the Target order.  Honestly now it's getting to where there is more selection on line now than actually in stock on the floor I think.  Wow.  

I have an afternoon of things I want to do as well.  I need to download some music, make reservations at a restaurant for next Fri night with our neighbors, pull some things together for a yard sale (which is getting critical time to do this).  I still need to print my expenses for the last two months and need to announce my choice for the restaurant for the "Crouchety Groumets" group.  I need to fix my Google Domain account for my website.  I need to do some things for the business.   So always so many little detailed things to do.  I also want to make some business graphics and maybe some personal ones too for the blog and such. And I want to pick out some recipes to cook to give George a break since he will be mowing and such.  I like to cook but just have been so busy.  It's an effort to me - I have to find a recipe, put the ingredients on the list, try to remember to buy them, and then cook it.  It's often longer than I've planned for prep and cooking and is such an ordeal.  lol  When you are in the kitchen everyday you are better organized I think and work off of what leftovers you have and such.  You are tune with the kitchen.  I've just wanted to focus on other things with my time.  George loves to cook so it's relaxing for him and a bit taxing at times for me.  But sometimes I enjoy it too.  It takes your mind off other things.  

So all that said, I should get going so I can start to get some of these things done.  

Right now, I'm going back for some more coffee - b/c first things are first, lol. 

And that Bend Oregon coffee is wonderful.  Might have to order some if I can.

And I've got to get the exercise part of my schedule down.  I walk a lot during the day but not at a cardio rate.  I'm just up and down and moving around - alarmingly so.  I always meet my stand goals and often meet the activity goal, but rarely meet the cardio/exercise goals.  And I need to work on the upper body b/c you don't want to see me all tangled up in that sports bra.  Oh my word - the fat cells jump out in your face!  There is no hiding anything.  I may look better but folks I have a long way to go. 

There is NO bragging rights of lost weight at 30 lbs down, when seen in a sports bra and you realize the journey is FAR from OVER.   At least one day I'll look back on it with humor when I think of the day I got entangled and frozen in place trying on sports bras.

I looked something like this in the dressing room.  

I mean....

Who Ya Gonna Call? 

I have goals though, and I will meet them. 
Because I'm stubborn like that.  ;-) 

Ya'll have a great day!  

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