Monday, May 27, 2019

Food, Wine, Fun, and Relaxation

Grandaddy!  Miss him.  Happy Memorial Day!

George and I went to church yesterday and then headed to the St. Jude Dream Home for a tour.  It was pretty and had a lot of nice features.  It had a LOT of black in it.  I loved the living room and kitchen areas.  And loved the overall model of the house.  It was huge on living space.  I'm a porch person though.  There was a patio out back and a direct view to and from the neighbors houses.  No privacy and neighbors close on each side.  It was an HOA and therefore had neighborhood pool, had a canoe access point (to what body of water, I'm not sure), and had pavilions and grills all through the neighborhood for area picnics.  That was a nice touch. 

So that I didn't have to download/upload a bunch of photos - I just did a video for you.  

After that, George and I went to Cousin's Maine Lobster to get 1) Lobster Roll and Clam Chowder for George 2) Lobster Tacos for me.  

It is Maine Lobster after all and a very expensive lunch, but......weren't we the ones that flew to Maine just to go eat Maine lobster?  So cheap considering.  lol

We try to hit them up every now and then when we know they are coming to town!

Then after our excursions yesterday, George took the carpet cleaner back to Lowe's and he bought some tomato plants and also put more mulch out back.  I changed the sheets on the bed and washed them and put the new comforter on the guest bedroom.  

And then we both relaxed a bit. I had to call Comcast though b/c our internet got to where it would not work. It gets spotty, then it gets to where it won't work for greater periods of time.  It ALWAYS has periods of "come and go-edness".  Usually brief and will come back but then over time it finally gets to where it is gone more than you have it.  Usually there is some ping/reset they can do to make it come back after you restart your router.  I'm thinking that we all are just struggling and fighting for the bandwith - and when we got back on good and strong did it knock someone else off?  I figure there is a big queue line up of us and whoever calls gets placed at the top of the throne and everyone else downgraded?  lol lol lol This is my version of the world is flat.  Because I have no idea!

  I had a couple of more shows from my YouTube to pop up.  And I watched Gone with the Wynn's.

Maisy Girl keeping her eyes on me always and wondering when we are going outside to pee again and when is dinner.  Once the dogs got to go out, Maisy wanted right back in - too hot for her.  Roger did NOT want to come back in and he wanted to explore.  I stayed out with him for 15 to 20 minutes and I wanted to come back in.

He missed the first round of going out b/c he was in one of his deep afternoon sleeps.

Later afternoon and pre-dinner time - as George prepped the steaks and dinner, I played with chrome casting and checked out some webcams.  Holidays are great times for viewing webcams.  I checked out Destin area as we have been down there so many times in May in previous years.  I was thinking how wonderful this is, if we turned on our fan for a breeze and brought in a palm tree and had sea gulls/beach playing on Alexa, we could *almost* think we were at the beach and on the patio.

A favorite is the St. Maarten beach area where the planes fly over.  I put the link in my side bar.  I did watch a plane fly in but think that there were more taking off than coming in, that time of day.

We decided to open the Quilt wine, which friend Lauren suggested. 

Without a doubt, I believe it is one of the most flavorful yet smooth wine I have ever had.  Can't get hooked on this for a habit though.  It's a $44 dollar bottle of wine here in town.  It was a holiday special occasion splurge and we have saved it for a few weeks.  This one, WILL make you become a wine snob. lol  Oh so worth sipping on this one. You will continue your experimentation in finer wines after having this one.  We try to find these kinds of wines from certain areas and on sale. But...this was excellent. 

And this morning we have some jazz like music playing on the Big TV as we go about the house getting a few things done this morning.  I watched another YouTube show first from Keep Your DayDream.  

And have now set about blogging.   I feel so comfy in my office this morning.  Love to dream, plan, work, and blog here.  A dream come true in itself to even have an office.  So what if it has plastic drawers and such.  I love my make shift desk and having space of my own.

And Sluggie over in there who gets a big hug every now and then.  Always a smile on his/her face and happy to be there for me.  ;-)  I miss my Tugie!  

We watched the Julia Roberts movie, Ben is Back.  It keeps you interested, but is a bit dark.  It's kinda like Breaking Bad in a way.  It introduces all those elements of addiction that leads you into a very dark world, into the underground, with very dark and demanding people.  A very true film, I would imagine, as was breaking bad.  The mother gets to view this world first hand.  But is hell bent on saving her son.  A bit of an odd ending, but we have to live with that.  We had dreaded watching it, b/c it was dark.  But we dove in and did it.  It was entertaining and kept you glued.  George said "why do you pick these things?"  Why?  It was a Julia Roberts movie.  He picks just as bad of ones.  lol  Only this one wasn't bad, it was just dark.  I mean he picked Nurse Jackie but it at least had some comedy to it.

Well, I'm going to go.  The outlook for today?  More coffee, lol.  More laundry.  I'll take a pic of the new comforter.  Will do some work - not much.  Some planning.  Not much.  Might make some graphics.  Read some.  Make some pasta salad for the week.  Only I have cleanse day tomorrow.  So I'll have to eat more on Wednesday if there are leftovers.  Might redo the blog again.  We will see what the day brings.  It's been nice hanging at home and just doing a daily excursion out.  But I think home today all day but who knows.  I'm just thankful for the extra day.  I went to bed Thanking God for it and woke up thanking Him for it.  What a blessing!  


  1. The dream home does have a lot of black and I wouldn't like the lack of privacy. I've never eaten at a food truck but you've inspired me to put it on my summer list. Enjoy your day!


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