Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Fur Babes and Facebook Memories

I put Tugie's bed in my office again and Roger loves my office.  The room is warm, bright, and cheerful.  He's been hanging with me some!  And the other night I caught him on the freshly washed blanket and bed in the den where Tugie stayed a lot, with his head on his monkey - like Tugie used to do.  

Monday night George let me pick what to watch.  Bless him.  I had been itching to watch Gone With the Wynn's.  He read while I watched and would look up now and then. 

Do you know how much I love watching these real life episode shows on YouTube?  They give me nothing but pure joy and it's like I'm right there with them since the screen is big.  For their links see my side bar.  I also have some of their blogs in the blog rolls as well.   

Maisy is getting her a good nap.  She was so comfy and out of it.  Her eyes even opened while she was asleep - kinda like Roger does sometimes.

Saw this on the break room Marlin screen.  It's so true in just about everything.  It's amazing when you think of the seeds you plant.  We don't even realize it sometimes.  I can talk with people 4 to 5 times and then suddenly they will reach out to me asking for our system or more information.  Also that way by giving people snippets of God's word.

Sometimes it is hard to see the progress we try so hard to reach.  Sometimes it feels like the goals are just hard to reach, but we are inching forward.  If we have our minds set with our goals then we naturally go toward them.  

I loved getting to see this pic yesterday.  Findlay, my daughter's Yorkie Poo got to go to school yesterday!  ;-)

I left work about 5:15 yesterday and didn't get home until about 6:40 or so.  (It says 6:20 below, but the time kept changing.) Yuk.  The entrance to the interstate was shut down and I had no choice but to take the opposite interstate.  Nothing like having to go in the wrong direction in heavy traffic.  I had to trust WAZE to get me back home and had to cut my call with Mom short.  Still I had to wait to get off the interstate and turned back around to get back on it - in a huge line of traffic.  It took 25 minutes just to get off that one exit and get turned around.  There were 3 other wrecks I saw yesterday.  So we were just gridlocked. 

My happy girl Maisy again, up from her nap.  She always looks like she wants to talk and she often nods her head yes when you ask her if she wants something.  I promise - she does!  

Ran across a few memories on facebook last night.  I forgot about these waters I posted.  Will need to try these out sometime on a weekend probably. 

Here was the first year we moved in the house.  I guess 2008.  

Now the sun has faded the cushions.  It's on the list to get more cushions at the Home Place store when it opens.  I want some fade resistant ones this time.  Til then using blankets to cover it up. 

It's GRAD season.  And I'm remembering fondly Katy's graduation from High School.   I had made a graphic to post. 

I will never forget the tornado that killed all those precious children when the basement flooded in Oklahoma City (Moore OK, I think actually).  That was in 2013 but feels like yesterday.  I think of those parents every year in tornado season. 

Then this is the week we would be in Tybee Island.  I miss a beach vacation.  Here is a pic from 2014 at Tybee - Katy and Cody looking into the sunset on the back side of the island.  It's such a special place. 

And going to Florida to take Mom to see Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken and back to Tybee in 2017 when we met Don and Lisa.   We had a car full of dogs and I posted on the way as we stopped in Chattanooga.

And then our first night on Tybee with Don and Lisa.  

Then had to laugh as I'd shared Camilla's hat from one of the royal weddings.  Bless her.  

And remembering this.  Do  you see Laurel or Yannef?  lol    Which do you see?

George opened this bottle of wine last night.  I had a little glass and hope he left me some for tonight b/c I'm finding that Gamay is really good and different. 

And that is about all I have.  Need to get to work.   But I was pleased to get a power hour done last night and connect with a few folks and get some calls placed.  Was nice to get something DONE!  Getting organized on the weekend helped. 

Take care. 


  1. I don't envy you having to drive in that kind of traffic all the time! Hopefully it will not be so bad today.

  2. Your daughter is beautiful and the pups are cute! I need to try some of those waters too. They look delicious and healthy.


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