Friday, May 3, 2019

May Blessings, Surviving April, and Fundraiser Fun

It's hard to believe that May is here.  It brings joy and blessings in its own.  Open Enrollment is over.  (Of course mostly that only impacts my department. We are usually expected to operate as if it weren't happening and that brings a stress of it's own, but we won't go there today.)  Katy only has a couple of weeks I think of school so that is rounding out for her and she has a big summer planned and I get to see her twice.  ;-)  Mother's Day is coming and that is always fun.  And the cooler air arrives and Spring Summer is in the air.  

At this time of the year, right after Annual Benefits Enrollment, the catch up begins from a mile high stack up of opportunity.  And usually by Mid May I'm so ready for a vacation.  I feel it now though.  However, since I went to Phoenix in January for NYKO - I won't be taking any time off in May - unless I can come up with a day or so.  But not a whole week.  I've really needed a day off.  

A few times I had to talk myself through the stress to shake it off and switch gears after trying to explain my reality against someone's perception of my reality.  But I think mainly just not having much down time over all is sort of what stresses me out the most, not so much just working FT.  Having a build up of so much that needs to be done both at home and work.  It gets kinda aggravating.  Everyone is waiting on you and heck, you are even waiting on yourself, lol.

  If it weren't so stressful it'd be hilarious what has occurred in the last four weeks at work and at home.  And what I have been able to do against the odds has been pretty incredible.  But I won't toot my own horn - I will aiooooga at my efforts though at trying to please the ever growing masses though such a busy time but giving God the glory though for giving me the words when I needed it, the wisdom when I needed it and the hand over my mouth when I wanted to blurt what I wanted to add.  lol  But moving on from here.   I'm still living.   And glad to see May arrive with all of us in one piece.  We'll see what June brings, lol.

We'll see where the Lord leads going forward as he plants our paths.  I'm focusing more on Him and He knows what He wants us to do.  I'm glad He does.  Because I don't know what He wants me to do. lol  I keep asking. 

In addition to everything else this week I've been totally exhausted and trying to work through that.  It's been a long time since I've been this tired.  Felt better the last two days though.  My nutrition system normally solves that tiredness issue.  But what escalated it was all the activity over the weekend.  I think we walked about 4 or 5 miles both Saturday and Sunday just doing and going and working around the house too.  Plus I planted, pulled on furniture and so forth.  I needed the Amped Line of our products and the Recover - for those that work out - lol.  I needed to elevate my products, but I don't usually work out so I don't have anything from our Amped line other than the Hydrate.  My muscles have calmed down now and even my stomach has.  The stomach issues were probably from the stress.  

However, I have managed through all of the above NOT to stress eat.  Do you know how many times I wanted to go get a burger and fries and coke?  About TEN!  Do you know how many I had?  ZERO!    So I am getting better at the Body and Mind thing.  The course is paying off!  (I took a course to be able to do this). 

Chocolate Decadance meal replacement bar.  Lots of water.  Vitamins.  

And I was able to power through about half of my stack yesterday.  I won't say the day was non-interruptive, but I was able to at least focus on something other than benefits in an effort to catch up to the other things piling up.  This made me feel so much better leaving for the day. 

Thunderheads built.  Not much rain happened where I was. But it did back home.

Last night we had our annual fundraiser for the Pregnancy Care Center.  

The dinner was good! 

My friend Joni!  We share the same birthday.  And her daughter is the director of the agency.  We all used to go to church together in Gallatin, many moons ago.

I took one with our spouses behind us.  

My hair looks bad here.  It looked better at 6:00 a.m. that morning!  lol 

So this is about all I know.  Gonna get a head start on my day.  Need to stop and get a birthday cake.  I meant to get it yesterday and totally forgot.  For the May birthdays in the office.

I'm just glad that April is over and that it is Friday and we are stepping off the Crazy Train for a bit.  

Looking forward to getting things done on MY AGENDA.  And having some down time.  Yee ha.  We have few fun things planned.  George needs tires.  We are picking up the seafood.  And getting ready for the upcoming yard sale.  I want to catch up on some shows as they are very relaxing to me.

And that is ALL She Wrote!   

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