Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Memorial Day, Bucket List, Weight Loss

Well I had already had a meal replacement bar, but when an omelette is put in front of you, you don't pass it up.  So I skipped lunch instead.  I snacked on peanuts (from the shell) all day. I love to crack open peanuts.  

Did the first journal entry in my devotional journal.  

Drank a good amount of water yesterday while working in the house.  I have found I drink more when I add a straw.  Is than not weird?  Just sip sip sip all day.  The metal containers (like Yeti and Swig are better for this but this container works too.)  

On a Whim I decided to go ahead and do a Summer Bucket list.  Just so we keep our options and ideas "ready to go".  However until now, I've not done this - this year, b/c it stressed me out to have another to do list - even if it was fun.  I just needed some rest this year and too much going on.  One more thing on the list would have sent me out of the ball park.  I start to shut down when things are too much.

I tried to make it fun and added some art work to it. 

I finally tried Tai Chi.  I had bought a DVD from the book/media store we go to (McKayes) but this one was hard for me to do for some reason.  Another lady did it on YouTube and the way she explained it really helped.  My goal is to remember the moves so I don't have to watch a video so I can get the most out of it.  But I will do these same you tube videos over and over again til I learn them.  

This is the girl I watched on YouTube that was so good.

I fixed pasta salad yesterday and we made tacos with the small roast pork that George fixed.  

I got to read some yesterday, play Candy Crush, and did minor laundry and ironing.  It was really much of a play and rest day for me.  I was very thankful for that and thanked God many times over for the time to rest.  I didn't get a pic done of the new bedroom comforter yet.  I'm waiting on that last pillow to dry that I washed for the sham.  I needed one more pillow and had an extra one but it needed to be washed and so it is. 

Now it's the work week.  Only 4 days left though.  I have cleanse day today.  And I am looking forward to that.  I'm worried I'm not going to be making my goals.  I think I still have a few days left before this challenge is over.  I think I'm going to be a few lbs off target.  I have lost 25 to 30 (it always goes back and forth) and losing the next 25 to 30 will be tougher.  I AM making better decisions though.  And I AM slowly improving.  It's 3 steps forward and a step back. 

How is it I've changed? 

1.  I'm learning that last minute decision eating -you make bad choices.  So plan ahead.
2.  I've learned that if you remember the guilt you feel after you have made a poor choice, that you will make better choices - if you remember that YOU are choosing and YOU CAN break the pattern and be proud of yourself.  I want to be proud.  (I got this from the Mind and Body Program I took).
3.  I'm learning not to stress eat.  It is NOT ok. This is not perfected.
4. I've learned to have a couple of bites if you don't want to feel left out or not participate.
5.  I've learned to like liter calorie beer and be ok with it and almost prefer it.  I'm not as full after and imagine that I've done myself a favor and minimized the beer gut, lol. I really don't drink it that often anymore. I did like the craft beer and will still get one if we go to a craft brewery, but prefer the light now if possible.  So now, tap rooms are better for me so there is a choice.
6.  I've learned to give up my ranch dressing and other dressings b/c they are just filled with the wrong type of oils that make you fat b/c we can't process it.  This was the hardest of all.  I will go with the vinegar dressings and seasonings with olive oil if possible.  Vinegar is actually good for helping your body processes.
7.  Cutting the carbs but not entirely.  We do need carbs and healthy fats to function.
8.  Cutting the sugar.  But will allow an occasional dessert when we go out. 
9.  Walking more or dancing to music in the house - but not enough.
10.  Working on my muscles - I guess it's called resistance exercising on your muscles - have started doing more of this.
11.  Gave up any drinks with calories - but that one is an old one - nothing new for me on that one.
12.  Don't eat pizza as often.
13.  The pasta noodles have to be made of veggies, beans, rice and less enriched flour. 

I suppose there are lots of other ways I've changed recently but hard to think of them all right now.   But to knock those extra lbs off I will need to continue refining certain things and they are:

1.  Exercise more regularly - both kinds (cardio and muscles).
2.  Not have a 2nd glass of Wine
3.  Skip the dessert in nice restaurants
4.  Drink more water
5.  Don't forget my vitamins on the weekends
6.  Eat more veggies and fruits. 
7.  Eat more of the better peanut butter and less of the one with the bad oils (list from Eat this Not That - they did the research).
8.  Do two shakes a day when I can
9.  Eat less bread with enriched flour, but more whole grains - brown rice, quinoa etc.
10.  Don't have seconds on spaghetti night.  Oh this one will be the hardest one.
11.  Don't oversnack.  I get hungry and eat more snacks even though they are healthy. 
12.  Drink more greens/fruits from my program

And I need to get ready to go and get out the door.   We are back in the race.  Rat race that is.  Back to work we go.  Catching our spot on the interstate, and trying to please a cast of 350 plus some outsiders.  Ready set go - until my vacation time with Kate in June!  lol

Seriously the weekend was so nice.  Sad it is over but we'll make the most of it.  I also got to read in my Maine book "My Life in the Maine Woods".  It's really good. 

Well, see ya manana! 


  1. That omelette looks good. Hope your week is off to a good start.

  2. I start again with sorry...this is becoming a bad habit. Up till the time we went to US you know I left a comment most days but this last two or is it three weeks since we came home instead of bring full of energy I feel so tired. By early evening I just sit here like a zombie !
    Last night though I had to rush my wee Masy to the vet it was out of hours plus a holida y so you can just imagine the cost. She had been kind of choking and chewing something. I thought it was a stone she was chewing and that was what it sounded like. However after a while I got Lyn over...Lyn knows Masy better than most..we both checked in her mouth but couldn’t feel anything but suddenly it saw something on the carpet....it was a tooth a very big back tooth..anyway Lyn tried again to feel inside her mouth and felt that there was another tooth loose so I was afraid it too might come out and choke her. So we phoned and went to vet as an emergency...upshot was she told us she had lost a tooth !!! We had told her that and took the large tooth with us....anyway we had to take her back today to another vet she confirmed it was tartar plaque on her teeth that caused it and she would have to have some teeth out....I have to take her in on Monday morning. Please pray that she will be ok till then. I didn’t go to bed last night as if was so worried she might choke and by time I jumped out in f bed got my leg on etc she might have choked to death ...so little wonder I’m tired also I’ve had a few bad nights with the pain. It eases after I’ve sat here for a while but I’m afraid to go back to bed case it starts again....anyway just had to pop in to let you know I am ALWAYS thinking about you and have you in my prayers every day....


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