Saturday, May 25, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend is ON!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Thank the Lord it is here!  We don't have elaborate plans, but they sound pretty elaborate to us.  We are hanging at home and doing projects, work, and things we want to do around here.  We do have some pretty elaborate meals planned. Well, "elaborate" all the way around is relevant I guess.  Tacos, steaks, a pasta salad that is different, and a roast.  Not all at once!  But over the next few days. 

I have the dogs scheduled for a trim next Saturday and then the next two times, in August and October, I am scheduled with a different group closer in.  My normal groomer didn't really seem to do much last time as far as trimming other than feet and face.  I'm not sure she expresses them as Tugie always had problems and the vet said she hadn't been.  I kinda feel bad but there have been a couple of times that we had appointments and she did not show and a few times she cancelled.  Not often and we forgave that but when they still look like they need trimming when you pick them up, I just couldn't get over it.  She was in a hurry that day.  So I'm switching after 17 years.  Mixed feelings, but I just felt taken advantage of.  I've felt the last few times they were not done well with chunks of hair missed and so forth.  So I think it's time.  Several new ones are popping up. 

I'm in the sun room right now as I started typing this before 6 a.m. The sun is just coming through the trees and as it rises I'll have to leave.  It is quite humid this morning and the room will heat up fast and we'll have to shut it off. Right now I'm enjoying hearing the birds sing and have the overhead fan going.

I am so excited to have time this weekend to read, plan, make graphics, play candy crush, clean, go do a few fun stuff in town and all around, and work on my business.  George and I will eat well and watch a few movies.  Sounds devine. 

I invited Mom to come up for the weekend but she was getting a cold and thought she'd do better there. 

I've been listening to the Eat this Not That podcast and they have excellent material.  The Grilling podcast was really good.  Things I didn't know.  But of course I never grill. 

The antibiotics did not help my finger any - with the blister or infection or whatever has popped up on it.  So I wasted the time not doing cleansing that I could have had.  But that is ok.  I'll go from here.  I DO think it is a wee bit better but not much.  It does best with triple antibiotic ointment on it that I had for my head after my surgery.  So I'll keep doing that.

The cookies and cream shake was everything I'd dreamed it would be.  It tastes similar to the birthday cake shake but with a slight more cookie taste.  Just diiiiiii vine!

 Roger and Maisy have joined me in the sun room.  Both have eaten breakfast and laying about enjoying the breeze from the fan.  For some reason now that the sun is coming up the birds are not as loud.  I did hear a rooster crow far away in the distance somehow!  One lady had a rooster in our neighborhood but neighbors forced her to get rid of it, lol!

Not sure what I'll do first today.  Probably laundry and cleaning.  Oh how nice not to have to be anywhere! 

What are you doing this Memorial Day Weekend?  I'd love to hear! 

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  1. It's been rainy but I'll get outside when I can. I hope to get some flowers planted and take some walks. I'll get some laundry and cleaning done and then relax with a book. Enjoy your weekend!


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