Monday, May 13, 2019

Mother's Day Lunch and a Day of Relaxation

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mom's day.  We took Mom to eat at Del Frisco's Grill in Brentwood, TN.  We shared an appetizer that was out of this world.  And one I'd never had.  Artichoke Beignets.  The cream sauce it came in was heaven. 

Afterwards we went to Jeni's and I had wildberry lavendar ice cream.  Just a kiddie cone.   

Mom had brown butter almond brittle.   

And I gave Mom 6 pints of Jeni's for mother's day!  It was delivered on Friday!.  

She said it was packed very well on dry ice and was solid still.   I was hoping.  Katy gets it in TX!  ;-)  It was a Christmas gift.  The flavors are enticing.  And there is one on there that is dairy free.  The Texas Sheet Cake is dairy free. 

Well, Katy and I talked several times by phone Saturday and we texted yesterday and we have our excursion booked for June in San Antonio that we are looking forward to. 

After we took Mom back we came home and I did want I wanted for Mother's day.  I fixed a big bowl of homemade pop corn (coconut oil) and watched all my YouTubers shows - sailing, RVing - and was happy to be sitting in my recliner. 

I had planned on doing some planning yesterday to plan my week.  However I did get some things done in my office and quite honestly I decided that my plan for yesterday was not to plan.  I'm pretty regrouped and organized right now and know what I need to do.  My list is getting shorter.  Which is good b/c I've had little time to do things in. 

I've enjoyed my sleeping in some and just being at home more lights my fire!  I love being here.  I worked on the sun room a lot on Saturday.  And had fun making the graphic for this blog and working on it.  So I finally had some creative time.  I still didn't do much cleaning other than the kitchen, working on the sun room and dusting some - just did two rooms.  I need to change the sheets. 

I've not worked any power hours lately at my choice.  The to do's and appointments after work have taken up a lot of time.  However, I'm probably set to begin doing those power hours soon so I don't lose traction and can dive in a bit further in anticipation of meeting some goals. 

It's the week of the full moon.  Ye ha.  So this week will be filled with interruption, hooplah, unrest, accidents, and looney tunes.   However, I'll try to conquer the week.  They are all impossible now to conquer and feel good if I can touch the first 30 % of it.   But that's another monster entirely and one I'm not going into talking about.

So I have a doc appointment today at 6:00 - mainly to renew the BP meds.   

And I'll be back to shaking it today.   After the weekend we had.  Lots of splurges lately.  I'm looking forward to my shake this morning!  I've missed it.  I think I'll go for pina colada.  I'm almost out of that one. 

Ya'll have a grand and glorious Monday.  I'll try to do the same.  It IS very difficult to get up and get in the groove after the wonderful weekend away.  And to go back to a full moon week on top of how it's already been - just feels insurmountable.  It's like trying to mount a moving horse with several people holding you back while you try.  lol

Me and my visuals.  Anyway, I'm unhooking before I get all hooked in! 

See ya on the flipside.

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  1. looks like you had a wonderful mothers day with your mom. the ice cream sounds scrumptious.


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