Sunday, May 19, 2019

Organizing my World and Resting in Him

I had to laugh turning the page.   For ONCE - NOTHING!  lol  It was a little disturbing actually.  But it was refreshing.  So I've spent the day trying to organize my life again.  Everything has been so disheveled lately.  I think that it has been so busy and stressful that I have basically just shut down.  It's been ok though, as that is exactly what I needed to do.  

What does it mean to shut down?  You ignore the to do list and do whatever the heck you want and hope that you don't forget anything important.  I did forget a few things, but I guess it was all ok.  I usually don't do well when I don't have lists.  I had a few lists floating around - in my calendar and phone but I ignored them until I had time to deal with it all.  

The first focus was just relaxing and trying to get the BP down so that meant reading and just going with the flow.  I've even chosen not to stress with that the last two days by not even taking the BP reading.  I will mainly just be doing that M-F around 6 p.m.

It has been lovely just taking deep breaths at night, watching my shows, and not giving a flying fruitcake about anything. 

I did that until Friday night....not care....that is.  Friday night I began to emerge, do a chunk of laundry, and a lot of my Saturday chores such as ironing, packing my Isagenix packs for the 5 work days coming up, and packing for my next cleanse day - whenever that is.  I think it will be Tuesday a week from now to let the antibiotics work.  (It's not really working though. Whatever made my finger blister up - it's still holding strong.  The only think that helps is antibiotic ointment.  Weird.)

Saturday we didn't have a whole lot of time at home as we went to a Grad party and then went to a friend's house where we had a splendid time - all of us unloading from our stress induced weeks.  It's not just me. 

Here we are with Luc, our next door neighbor at his grad party.  

But TODAY.   Oh gosh, TODAY.  Even though I was up at 5 a.m. it was grand and glorious.  I've finished more laundry, ironed (I was behind in that too), swept and mopped the kitchen, vacuumed (and swore I was done with the carpets until George allows us to get the much needed flooring - after all the other 12 month same as cash things are paid off).   I scrubbed the tub, toilet, and redid my bathroom sink and cosmetic area to look more feminine and pretty and switched out a few things.   I went through old emails and printed out receipts for my business I'd forgotten about - those Ubers I took in January (should have rented a car, lol).   I've gone through all my OLD to do's and did a bunch of them, looked up things on the internet I'd been wanting to check out.  I ordered my Isagenix, ordered some things from Blair I'd seen in a magazine (ok they are what I call weekend bras, lol - did you need to know that?).  

I ordered a devotional/journal called "100 Days of Less Hustle More Jesus" from DaySpring.  I mean can you get more specific Lord when you send these e-mails?  lol lol lol 

Yes, the ad for this was in my email!  It's perfect for me and I'll share my journey with you as I cruise through it daily.

I've gone through all the things laying on my desk at home for me to look at, deal with, check out and so forth.  All this feels so good.  I've been so far behind.  

So this has been good.  Today has.  And yesterday.  Yesterday I even found a way to exercise at home.  To music on Spotify on the Big TV.  Just exercising to the music, dancing, stretching, moving - whatever works - working up a sweat, feeling good, getting it done.  Getting rid of stress there too. The weekend has been so freeeeeee -ing and I thank the Lord for it.   So I can ge "me" back and also get on track. 

George has been adding "rubber" mulch to everything outside.  It is looking good.  Should help more with the weeds. 

And you can see my Asian lilies and also the mulch here.  Looks very good.

And at our friend's house - enjoying time with them and their pool, good food, and the kitties. 

Meet Waffles.

We played some kind of Splashball game here.  Had fun and enjoyed it.

I loved our friend's screened in porch. 

Then the FULL MOON showed up over the neighboring houses.  And as the skies darkened, I saw a shooting star.
And as the night dipped into the 9:00 p.m. hour I became really sleepy.  The yawns coming every few minutes.

I miss my shakes, but decided to do eggs this weekend.  I did eggs and beans today.  I never get eggs.  So this was nice. 

Roger has decided to join me for my afternoon of catch up in the office.  

I have had a good weekend.  I've even read some and played Candy Crush.  So things are looking up.

I think I just need to keep my focus.  On being me, and letting God set my paths, and letting Him determine what is next.  Til then, my life is a little more organized, and my to do list is back in order.

I'm still a little "lost" as far as a few things go, but as always, I just trot back into God's shelter and say "what now, Lord, b/c I sure don't know".   For now He's just saying "Rest in Me".   He's not asking for a lot - just taking care of me, of us, our house and our doggies and as He lays the assignments.  I don't have to prove anything to anyone, I don't have to be owned by anyone, I don't have to be pressured by anyone.  I just have the task of being me.  That takes a lot of energy right there. I guess God wired me different than the rest.  It takes a lot of energy to get through the day sometimes. I'm not sure what His big goals are for me.  I'm anxious to find out.  Because right now I feel like I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be reaching for?  I'm just grateful He is saying "Just REST in Me Child!" 


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