Thursday, May 2, 2019

Pedi's, Alaskan Seafood, and a Fundraiser

And not until..........

Great day yesterday.  Not much to tell but just trying to emerge from being buried.  I'm not quite sure that will ever happen.  lol  I just always hope I can get to the next thing before the next "fire" happens.  Everything keeps getting buried under and all the requests come in but get little time for processing it all.  My stack was so tall yesterday on my desk it toppled over.  The leaning tower of __________.  Fill in the blank. lol 

I am feeling better.  My muscles have recovered. And whatever I was trying to come down with has so far stayed at bay.  I say that with trembling b/c I sneezed A LOT yesterday.

Met my friend Cheryl yesterday after work for a Pedi.  We did the best one - including the hot wax and the hot stones.  They did a really good massage and served wine.  We talked and talked and had a great time. 

She was telling me about Home Chef.  They send you the ingredients for three meals week (well if you sign up for 3 meals it's free shipping).  So we may do that.  However, it may be wise to wait some as we have a freezer full of things already.  She said they hardly ever go to the store much. 

George ordered seafood again from Alaska.  The pak is smaller b/c the fishermen cut back on their fishing in the winter season.  We pick it up on Sunday.  We especially love the Halibut Cheeks.  They taste like scallops.

Tonight we have a fundraiser for the Pregnancy Care Center.  The purpose is to help those who are in a crises situation, giving support in a Christian environment to coach, resolve, aid, pray with and be there for a mother in this situation and in an effort to have the baby instead of aborting.   It's such a beautiful program.  We have been to the fundraiser every year and sometimes do the walk a thon. 

Well not much else to say.  I'm glad it's toward the weekend.  Maybe I can get more done.  My plate has been full this week.  As always.  But perhaps more so than normal.

Hope everyone enjoys their Thursday! 

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