Friday, May 24, 2019

Relaxing in Spain (Sort of) and Strange Tapping on the Windows

Well, we had a fine dinner of some leftover chicken and lima beans and George added potatoes and onions.  And we watched "Spain - On the Road Again" with Gwynneth Paltrow and Mario Batali.  It's fun to watch them eat and taste wine and cook meat and veggies and seafood on the grill.  It's perfect for an after work day - mindless show.  

And Maisy snoozes good...

Miraculously my computer's email began working again.  Isn't that odd?  Yet I heard across the building three others yelling across the cubes "what's going on with email?" lol  Must be a roaming problem.  Very interesting.  Who will it attack today?  I think there are evil spirits roaming within just to mess with someone.  lol

Speaking of evil spirits.  I was awoken by a tapping on the window by my bed last night.  I thought it was rain, but there was no rain.  And no wind.  We are two stories up on the back side so no one can just tap w/o being on a ladder or using a stick.  I looked from the bathroom window and no one out the window.  

Then I froze remembering that book I read about the Tennessee Spirit that knocked on the little girls window - this was the Bell Witch - probably an area about 30 to 40 miles from here.   Don't you love the fact that one's memory will recall such a thing at 3:33 a.m. in the morning?   

And then after coffee I realized that same tapping had happened about a month ago on my office window.  I had looked out and nothing there.  I never could figure out what it was.  But dinner was ready and I left the room and forgot about it.  I mean I guess I'm so used to weird noises and odd things happening now that I pay it no mind.  

Computer issues ALWAYS follow me.  Weird noises follow me.   I just give it no mind unless it's 3:33 a.m. and I remember the tale of the old witch and wished I hadn't.  lol 

It's Friday.  Finally.  Hoping to be left alone today to get some things done.  Usually Thursday and Friday are better but probably not today.  Have had meetings and conf calls and things taking me away from my normal things.  So everything collects in a big pile and sits.  Lots of problems and situations to work through.  I need to be doubled but not happening so therefore, people have to be patient and wait til I get to their thing.  Not enough HR to go around.  Pick number and wait here.  lol  "It is what it is".  

And that is all she wrote on this fine Friday.  Going to enjoy the weekend ahead.  George and I have some plans tonight and plans to eat, rest, work, play on the weekend.  Take care! 

Now I'm going to go try that Cookies and Cream shake that arrived yesterday.


  1. Could the tapping at the window be an animal? We once had a similar thing happen on an upstairs window of our two story house and it was a squirrel.

  2. have a great weekend. Give me a call when you'll have time to talk

  3. creepy hearing the tapping on the window. hope it was a wayward animal.


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