Thursday, May 16, 2019

Speaking to Body Parts, Stress, and Walking

Well, the above was the worst it's been after a full day of work, going to the doc, getting charged full price on the insurance $300 for the meds (they didn't have my new info yet), and going to the store, figuring out what was for dinner, and then trying to program this damn darn BP machine to work.  Had I waited a half hour it'd have been in the 140's over 80 something.  And not sure I was even taking it right.  But it's been 140's most all week.  The new BP meds started on Tuesday and is only slightly more stronger than the other.  I probably need to take a day off but think most of my vacay days are spoken for and planned out already.  (I think).   I'm just holding out for Memorial Day.  But of course I really just need a day at home by myself to read and be quiet - no running around.  

I have been true to the walking 30 minutes a day in a committed effort toward the health focus/health goals, instead of working at my desk through lunch.  I know now I need to get away from the desk for a few minutes.  It seems like all my life I'm having to try to find ways to deal with stress.  I think God just made me to be a calm persona.  And I'm really surprised that stress can do this as I thought my food system would protect me.  But the doc said even if you eat perfectly, (I don't always, but much better) if you don't exercise and deal with the stress, you will still have the potential for BP issues.  So I'll exercise and start focusing on bringing this down.   I have to go back for a physical in July so I really need to make sure we aren't haven't a lot of wine and desserts b/w now and then.  Sugar can make your BP go up.  If I stick to my plan and protein, I will be ok I think.  I always seem to go to the doc right after I've been really bad.  lol   

Walking in our complex has just been beautiful the last few days.  I always listen to some kind of podcast.  Tuesday I listened to a meditation program.  Even though I was walking instead of laying down.  It was having me go through and talk to parts of my body thanking it for it's service (in my head of course, otherwise one would find themselves committed).  The program started at your feet and worked it's way up.  It did the lower leg and the knees and the thighs and I was in great expectation over how he would handle the genital sections.  lol lol  He said "and thank your sexual organs for their service over the years".  I think I laughed out loud at that point at the absurdity of this exercise. I mean here I am walking in an office park and mentally thanking my sexual organs for their service over the years.  Only me.  I mean of all the podcasts, I get this one?  I get it though what they are trying to do.  And truly I am grateful for what each part of my body does in its function. And I did make it up to my eyes, my brain, and so forth.  So while it was sortof relaxing it did reach great humorous proportions.  

Here are pics from the last two days. 

And yesterday, even though I was truly grateful for all my body parts, I decided to go with something a little more traditional - a good ole Southern Beth Moore Bible study - Amen? 

A walk with the Lord on a fine day - there is nothing in this world like it!

I've had salads for lunch the last two days and had shakes for breakfast. 

Someone has either parked or abandoned an old truck in the field here.

And sometimes you find sunshine in odd places?

And I'm drinking more water since Katy gave me this ultra cool Swig cup.  I love the extra monitor at my desk - it's great for a back drop.  

You know what?  I looked forward to cooking and being in the kitchen yesterday.  I was fixing spaghetti (not the enriched pasta kind but a mixture of the spinach and some kind of wheat from Jerusalem lol and lentels.)  It was really good.  I thought we had some ground turkey but I guess we used it, so it'll have to go on the grocery list.  I used grass fed beef. We had that.

Looking out the window, I spotted a deer. 

Here is the book I started this week.  I can already tell in the first chapter it's going to be good.

One thing is for sure, I love a good book and my sleep spray.  Nothing puts you to sleep quicker, except for maybe candy crush and sleep spray.  lol  The sleep support has a variety of things in it, but it does have melatonin.

It is Thursday and Friday's Sister as I call it.  That is a good thing.  It has been a stressful week with too many meetings, too many questions, too many needs, and not enough desk time.  But it is what it is.  Things sit and rot til you get to it I guess.  I already leave the house by 7 and getting home now about 6 or after.  I'm not willing to be gone any more than that.  I have other hats being a wife and I'm still a Mom that wants to talk to her daughter and my Mom too and have doggies and a household and a life.  And one part of my life is not going to take over all my life and that simply is just definably THAT!  So many are feeling like this.  And I think it's all over the US and not just in one place.  But most places I think just have spurts - this workload is continual and never stops.  There's just not enough of me to go around and so I just don't get around.  It's taking longer to get everyone's needs taking care of.  And I'm having to try to work differently - like shutting down email or phones until I get certain things done on my desk.  Or they will never be done.  I may have to start working from home one day a week or something to focus.  I'm not sure.  Kinda strange times.

One thing I do know is I will do what it takes to get the BP down.  

I was telling George yesterday afternoon (sounding board) about a few things just trying to figure a few things out.  I'm not sure what/how things will change, but I'm certain that something will need to change, but for right now people will have no choice but to wait and be patient.  Because wonder woman I am not, nor a deity.  lol  However, I do speak to body parts and tell them how wonderful they are! ;-)


  1. Love the pictures from your walk - so pretty! It's good you're taking that time for you. I had to laugh at thanking your body parts for their service!

  2. haha you just took "thanking yourself" to a whole new level.
    I need to try some of that sleep spray.

  3. My blood pressure jumps around all over the place, for no reason at all. I don't know if it has anything to do with the irregular heartbeat, but doctors and nurses don't seem to worry about it, so neither do I. One time the systolic was 175. It's hardly ever under 150. But I feel fine and trust God to know when I should do something different.

    I think your job is about 10 times more stressful than any job I ever had!

  4. i got a kick out of you speaking to your body parts and telling them how wonderful they are. great idea. your walk looks nice.


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