Monday, May 6, 2019

Venezuelan Food, Mexican Food, and Priority Budget Planning

We headed out Sunday to Farmers Market in Nashville to pick up our Alaskan seafood pak and noticed food trucks were there.  It was cooler than imagined.  I was thinking upper sixty's and warm, but it was lower 60's with a bit of a breeze.  Not too bad.  Endured it for a wonderful lunch of Venezuelan Cuisine.  And thought of my friend and former co-worker Leo, who is from Venezuela.  

I had a chicken Arepa.  I love the sweet plantains.  The bread with it was a flatbread made of maize and was very fresh and wonderful.  George got the Venezuelan Hot dog. 

Here was my Arepa.  

And George's hot dog.  It had potatoe sticks on it along with perhaps cabbage, carrots and lots of sauce which tasted like mayo, ketchup, and mustard.  We had a bite of each others.

The view from our table - looking onward to our "capital hill".  

While on the way to our Seafood Pak, we looked at the lamb.  And George bought a lamb roast and I tried the cheese and bought both a hard and soft sheep cheese.   So very good.  A bit pricey on the hard cheese, but I splurged. 

And our seafood pak was picked up and it's less this time b/c the fisherman didn't fish as much in the winter.  

We also tasted Jeni's ice cream.  Ok I got a kids scoop b/c I loved the coffee flavor, but this is something that can't happen often.  I don't need the sugar.  George bought a pint for himself for later.  

We headed over to our special projects committee session (aka discussion of our priorities for what all we want to do next for any big spending.)  We went over the last one and discovered we did a lot of what we had wanted:  new furniture in the den, big TV, new fridge, and numerous other things I can't remember now.  But this time our list includes:  car for George, new roof, flooring, glasses for George, vacation next year, new stove top, double oven, counter tops.  And I'm excited for the kitchen and flooring b/c it's long overdue.    

The Little Harpeth is turning out to include Hemp in some of their beers.  We are steering clear of that.  George said that someone at their work had something with hemp in it and it showed positive on his drug test.  We don't do random at our work but they do at George's and that is the last thing we need.

I could only do the one Deer Crossing beer and that was it for me.  I've got goals and had already had a mini ice-cream and bread (even though it was natural - still had carbs).  

Here's George's budget and big purchase planning book.  lol

So here is my finger.  I have decided to take pics daily to see if it's going down or getting bigger. Today it looks smaller I think.  I just need it to go away.

Then later on George fixed dinner of Cinco de Maya status.  Again lots of carbs so I'm going to have to go for a really strict week here to be on schedule with several protein shakes and healthy snacks.  Considering doing my two shakes a day but will probably do a Cracker Barrel salad at some point this week.  

His Mexican rice was awesome.  EXTREMELY good.  I love this kind of rice.  Sadly it was made of white rice which is not as good for you, but it is GOOD.  We had a beef burrito, chicken with mole sauce (on the right) and beans.  All so good.  

We finished the Drunken History DVD and I spent a lot of time looking at Amazon Prime and what all is available and "saving things to watch later".  For some reason YouTube wouldn't work yesterday on the big TV.  Some days are like that.  So you just give up.  I'm not sure what the deal is.  I watched some show called "Honey I bought the House".  I liked it. 

Anyway, I better gather my things and get ready to head in.  

I'm a little depressed that it's Monday already.  There is just not enough balance in the week.  Or maybe I just need an extra vacation day.  I'm still catching up from Open Enrollment.  We do have a holiday coming up but it's 3 weeks away.  That's too long.  

Well, better go.  Ya'll have a great week ahead.

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  1. Sounds like it was a fun weekend. Your cinco de mayo dinner looks so good!


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