Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Weight Loss, Scales, Food Tracking Points APP

Well I just ordered a Renpho scale.  It has body weight and such and is bluetooth and has "an app for that".   I have some old fashioned scales.  But I ordered this on a whim on Sunday afternoon and it was here the next morning on the front porch from Amazon!  Wow.  Must have been in the warehouse nearby in Lebanon.  But I'm exited to use it.  I couldn't use it this morning b/c I decided to read the instructions first.  I downloaded the app but need to finish setting up the app.   I weighed on the old scales this morning and I've maintained even with the holiday eating and without the last two cleanse days (I think I might have actually made my goals had I had the last two cleanse days but was on antibiotics.).  I haven't quite missed the goal yet.  I still have several days - about five days to get to my goal.  So I will eat healthy and clean and see what happens.  Might even insert another cleanse day but I don't want to do anything that will make my muscle mass go backwards.  Everything has to be done in a healthy way and in eating protein so you build muscle and lose fat.  If you don't get enough protein and nutrients you can lose muscle - so starving yourself doesn't work.    If you know me at all I would never starve myself, but we are not supposed to do another cleanse until 7 days have passed.  But I might consider six, lol. We'll see.  It works well for me to do cleanse day on my zoom call day so that I don't mess up two nights of eating and movie watching with spouse.  Our evenings are a bit sacred from dinner on.  And I don't want to leave him out.  I could easily hole up in my office working though.  But choose to keep our time together as much as possible. 

All that said, I'm happy to have this scale which was very cheap - $27 ish.  And the app is just cool.  And I'm excited that I have not gained.  I am always fluctuating b/w 25 and 30 lbs weight loss.  I remember when I was fluctuating b/w 20 and 25.  So once you break it - you can usually keep it.  I have to cut down on the snacking in late afternoon.  My snack at 3 doesn't hold me until our dinner at 7:30 or 8.  So I may actually try doing a bar or shake late afternoon - something with more calories so I don't come in and eat cheese and crackers at 6.  Or tortilla chips and hummus or salsa.    So a few tweaks to help.  I can also insert a greens or fruits drink on the way home perhaps and that might carry me over as well.  I can definitely make some easy tweaks to continue to perfect so that I lose more fat.  And exercise a bit more. 

I do have to realize though - that I may be gaining muscle with the things I've been doing lately thus the scales - may help me realize what is going on.  Muscles are heavier. 

Also instead of counting calories, I heard on the Eat this, Not That podcast this past week, that John Hammond used an app one time where you counted + points for good things you ate and - points for bad things you ate.  This will help me I think.  I downloaded that app too.  It's called DQS.

 It's for runners and it's so you eat optimally to perfect your running performance.  However, anyone can use it.  So I downloaded that and will use that.  It's quicker and easier to use than tracking calories.  It will give you graphs and such and you can see if you are on the right trend.  It gives you ideas for what to eat too.  I was cleansing yesterday so didn't count anything then.  I mean that would be difficult since it's not falling into a category - "red berry cleansing drink?" might fall under fruits, but not sure. lol  Green tea infused chocolates with other healthy ingredients ought not be counted as a sweet - so not thinking I'll be able to do this on a cleanse day.

This is probably boring for anyone not interested in weight loss.  But if you are it might give you some ideas.

Anyway, yesterday was a busy one. And at home I did the Zoom call and learned a few more things and that was good.  I also worked for a bit on the home business and made some connections. 
So all is good. 

And today is Wednesday already.  Holy Halelujah in the truest sense.  The week is almost half over already, lol.  Then we will slide right down into another weekend.

Well, off to go finish getting ready and fix a shake for the drive in.  I'm shaking twice today to try and meet this goal! Taking Tuna for a snack and possible the imitation crab.  I'm in a fish mood.  lol

Ya'll have a grand and glorious day!


  1. Sounds like a good scale. There are apps for pretty much everything now!

  2. I’m interested in the scale!


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