Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Words on a Wednesday Morn w/ Coffee

Felt better yesterday - perhaps it was just knowing that I had a new med to save the day.  I was disappointed to get home and realize the BP was still high.  ::sigh:: But I guess it takes time to work.  I was a bit more relaxed yesterday.  I even put lemongrass and lavender in coconut oil and slathered it on my arms.  lol  I smelled it for 1/3 of the day at least.  But considering taking my diffuser in to my office and keeping my door shut.  I may also do what some others do and begin working with the lights off.  And have to continue to find ways to deflect the stress.

In the mean while I stayed late to finish something I've been trying to get to for two weeks.  Then I had to get gas.  I was on E.  Past E actually.  And by the time I got home it was almost time for my zoom call at 7:00.  So I just skipped it after taking the BP on my machine and it was still high -  so I just sipped water and watched my YouTube shows.  I didn't want to think about anything, not even Isagenix, not even listening to this speaker that is supposed to be like a genius or something.  I just sat there watching RV'ers and enjoying the fact that I wasn't having to concentrate, try to please anyone, answer questions, or watch the clock for the next "thing".

At bedtime I listened to some meditation music on YouTube and I guess that messed with my alarm clock.  George turned it off and my alarm didn't go off or if it did I hit it off.  I don't know what happened.  But I let George take his shower first this morning and I went for mine.

I woke up with a headache.  But after the shower it was better.  At least it is Wednesday.  Over the hump day.

I'll try to get my umph back but right now the doc says to just chill out as much as possible.  So the "to do list" is going out the window on the home front for a couple of days.

I did get my 30 minutes of walking in at lunch time yesterday.  It was wonderful and a beautiful day.  I'm so glad I decided to get out and take advantage of it.  I'll share the pics I took tomorrow if I remember.  I put them on Facebook.

The doc said caffeine can make the BP go up.  But I'm drinking my coffee - at least two cups of it.  I noticed a drop in alertness about 1 yesterday and wanted my coffee then and at 3 my e shot but I let them be and did without to try to let the BP meds do their thing.

But I probably will have an afternoon cup of coffee.  I really don't think that will be too much caffeine. I really don't want to do w/o my e-shot either.  So I will probably work those back in.  e-shot is like having one cup of coffee.  If I do one at 1 pm and the other at 3 p.m. maybe that will work.  It gets me through the evening.

I didn't have any wine yesterday although I started to open a bottle of red.  But I was enjoying my cold water in my new cup that Katy gave me.

I need to hop off of here and get ready for work.  I really just want to stay home and do laundry, clean, and be domestic until I feel like coming alive again.

Anyway I'm ok.  Just want to be with my doggies today.  They are so sweet.  I woke up with both Roger and Maisy cuddling against me.  Maisy got mad when I started talking and petting Roger.  She started barking and crawling all over Roger to get up closer to me.  She was at my feet/legs but wanted attention.  Roger was nice and didn't fuss.  But didn't like it too much.  I had to get up at that point and take Maisy out. Roger waits til George is out of the shower and likes for George to take him out.  lol

Oh I did read the first chapter in "My Life in Maine" book last night.  I first saw the book in a brewery in Maine.  I took a pic and then saved in on my wish list on Amazon.  And then asked for it for Christmas.  Since I've cleaned out my books - I also realigned the reading and decided at this point in my life to just begin reading only the ones I'm wanting to read the most, first.  Instead of playing this disciplined game of reading different genres - fiction, biography, travel adventure, fiction, biography, travel adventure.  It had to be in order.  lol  Now I am pulling the one I really want.  Must be in the last 1/3 of my life now huh?  Priorities change.

So I need to get on with it.  More coffee, sorry doc.  But what good is lower blood pressure if you can't even think.  So I need to wake up some more.  Perhaps my spirit, my will, and my desires, and my inspiration, and my willing heart and servant heart will kick in about the 2nd cup?  If not, oh well.  lol

I promised to cook spaghetti tonight.  Looking forward to it.  And I missed cleanse day yesterday but with new meds and antibiotics - was afraid to do it.  Anyway, I better get on with it.  Time is ticking.  And I think the rain is coming today.  Better get the move on it for real this time.  Have a lovely Wednesday.  No one comments much anymore but when I look - it seems people are still reading.  So I'll keep writing.  I do it mainly for me anyway.  But it does help me to be here daily if I think someone (anyone) cares.


  1. Hi, Sonya! I know what you mean about the coffee. I need my afternoon cup too! Sure hope you can get that BP down. What a bummer that it's back up again but after all the stress you've been under I can understand why. Praying the new meds work to get it under control and wishing you calm days ahead! Just think of your upcoming trip with Katy and how much fun that will be. Bet you can't wait! I know how much you love traveling like I do. Every time I see an RV these days I always think of you and your dream. The spaghetti for dinner sounds yummy. Your spaghetti always looks SO GOOD!

  2. Cutting down on coffee and caffeine is hard! I'm working on that too. I'm not good at commenting but will try to do better. Hope your day is good!


  4. high blood pressure is nothing to fool with. i've had it my whole life no matter what i take. i hope yours isn't as serious as mine. the headache was probably from the new meds. give it a few days for you to get used to it. hang in there.

  5. Have you thought that your cleanse days may wash all your meds out of your system. When I take antibiotics and finish with them I wait about a week to detox and build back up probiotics in my gut as it kills all of them.

  6. I came here from a more recent entry, where I saw the picture of the cover of your book. It looked interesting to me, but libraries don't have it. It would be cheap to buy ($3.82), but right now my holds at the library have decided to all run to the iPad at once, so I'm in a (happy) reading frenzy.


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