Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Shopping in Fredericksberg, Texas

Cross seen atop of a hill in the Texas Hill Country.  Beautiful area on the way to Fredricksburg, from San Antonio.  

It almost looks like Fredricksberg was for sale.  lol 

Here we shopped and we started out in a kitchen shop that had the most unique things.  Usually we have seen it all.  Made me want to be in the kitchen more!  lol  Check out these onion goggles.  lol lol lol

I took pics of any sayings I liked......

But I fell in love with these.  I decided to hold off and maybe ask for them for Christmas.  All different sizes. 

I liked this.....

I think George would like this....

Katy found Maisy and Roger.  lol  

I love shopping with pics!  Don't buy it - just take a pic.  That's the way to shop.  George would love this shirt on the right day!  ;-) 

I picked this one out below for George (pic only, lol).  They were like $78 and $98 bucks.  So yeah, we left them on the rack!  All we could afford was t shirts. 

This was pretty funny! 

I loved these little bowls.  George and I have a "bowl thing".  lol  We have way too many but these are so cute! 

They had samples of this.  Oh my gosh it tastes like bread that has baked homemade with yeast and so fresh.  I would have bought one if I hadn't been trying to get away from enriched flour.  But oh so good.   Surprised it said "Nashville" on it. 

These plates were cute, melamine plates (plastic like).  Little snack plates.  However, it would make a great dinner plate actually - since most of us need to watch our portions. 

I think I've lived and planned most of my life to be this way.  Even now while trying to lose weight.  It doesn't mean your life is over.  You just look for the good things that are better for you.  

Gotta love Texas when your daughter is in it! 

I didn't even try it.  Didn't buy it.  But it was tempting. 

Pie in a Jar.  Didn't buy it but fun looking at it. 

This was fun b/c I like fish and it was nautical. 

Always....more fun to get to be your creative, inquisitive, geeky self doing your own agenda!  However I do love what I do.  Most days.  So not too bad.  Even though I complain about it being too much.  It's mainly that I worry about others having to wait on stuff.  But if they don't mind waiting.  I don't mind keeping them waiting. ;-) We need help - one more person for recruiting - and that is what makes it hard.  But those first 5 days after the weekend are definitely doing things other than you'd be doing the other two days.  I love being home and taking care of my house.  I don't get to though as we are not here much.  

Just loved this.   The fish and boats.  Not all these things were in the kitchen shop of course.  There were many many shops we went through.  We couldn't do them all. 

And I need to head on in to work.  A busy busy day today.  I have way to much in my stack and need to be running ads and updating ads, but I have orientation and a meeting and by afternoon I'll have to catch up on emails and collect all the other needs.  Tomorrow I have a couple of meetings and Friday a meeting.  So looks like I don't get a lot of desk time to process much - just collecting what everyone needs me to do and then everyone will have to wait til I get time to do it.  lol  Oh well. 

Ya'll have a great day.  Oh - I gained 2 lbs from vacation.  I figure that is not too bad considering the badness I partook - enriched flour, salad dressings made with who knows what kind of oils, french fries, pasta, and a doughnut, fake eggs, nachos, hashbrowns, beer, lots of wine. I had two steaks but I don't count that as bad.  It was all good though - tasty.   I'll recover in a week's time.  Next week's weigh in will be better.  

Take care, gotta go ahead and get in to work. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Home Again

Good Morning!  I'm home!  I will have to interrupt my pics.  I'm already a day behind sharing our vacay and now it'll be two days, but will get it done over the next few days and share. 

I also have to go back to the previous entries and make the pics "big". 

It was SOME day of travel yesterday.  One of those thunderstorm kind of flying days where you are not sure how it is going to turn out.  Was I going to be staying another night in San Antonio?  Or what I going to be in Houston? Or was I going to be arriving in Nashville at 1:00 a.m. and none of us getting any sleep?  And in reality it was delayed, delayed, delayed.  Booked on another flight to Nashville arriving at midnight and then booked back to the original flight as it also got delayed plus they waited on our flight. Crazy day of flying.  Plus the planes were old and creaky but at least it wasn't the malfunctioning Max.  So...I'm finally home.  The first flight a bit bumpy getting out of San Antonio.  Second flight only a little but mostly smooth.  I was so thankful to be on that first flight but of course missed my early boarding and was one of three people who were the last ones on, so was back toward the back. 

Anyway, back to work today.  I have a lot to do here at home with all my laundry and unpacking.  I got enough unpacked last night to get me ready quickly this morning.  We were late getting to bed of course as we went thru Zaxby's drive thru around 9:15 ish and got dinner and then headed home to eat and I gave George his birthday presents from Katy and souvenirs from me.  One of the things that was surprising is that I had bought him a t shirt from one of the breweries.  The lady brought it out rolled up in it's container.  When he opened it - it was a tank top. lol  Good grief.  Neither of us wear tank tops so I wasted that money.  I told him I'd try to swap it.  I think I have the receipt. Maybe if I send it back they will send me a new one.  If not I'll keep it to work out in.  That was crazy.  Maybe I'll just keep it and order a new one. 

I'm going to hop off of here so I don't have to rush this morning.  It's cleanse day for me.  And back to work today.  I get to try the new Peach Cleanse today. 

Well, better get off of here and get going!  I'll pick up the San Antonio and Fredricksburg entries tomorrow morning provided I can get up!  Some mornings I need more sleep and if I do I just go ahead and take it. 

Just glad we had a good time and all got home safely.  It sure was hot down there but we knew that ahead of time.  It was just very humid.  VERY HUMID too!

Ya'll have a good day. 

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Alamo, Brewery Hops, and Eating Galore

Then a trip to the Alamo. We had time and was already nearby. Very crowded but was like Disney as the line moved fast! 

I loved the old trees!

And the gift shop providesd good a/c.  Loved these dish towels. 

Then on to The Alamo Brewery for a late afternoon brewski and there was an event going but we got a beer and enjoyed a shady spot with a breeze and some music. 

Then we drove around to a restaurant and brewery called Blue Star and got Brisket Nachos and a flight tasting.  The sangria was good after I poured ice into it! Love sangria if it’s not too sweet. 

Then back to room to hang out and rest and refresh and we pushed forth for dinner because I wanted to go back to Boudro’s where George and I ate 20 years ago. 

I got prime rib and it was good. The steak not as good of a cut this time but was really tasty and the horseradish potatoes were really good. However we were outside and even at night it was very hot and steamy and we were squished into a very tiny spot on the sidewalk. The heat and location made it less enjoyable but I was just happy to be there. We had to wait a while to eat and they got us in 30 min earlier than we thought. 

We were worn out too. We could hardly talk during dinner as we were done for! lol A quick glance at my steps showed me why. See below. But the day was not over. We took our miserable tired selves to a doughnut restaurant and ordered dessert donuts to go and waited an hour for them. We were so tired that Katy didn’t eat hers. And I only ate half of mine and the rest the next morning with coffee. 

Katy posted on Instagram and I liked our photo so saved it! 

I’ve been distraught with my hai down here! The humidity just undoes anything. I’m now at a crossroad trying to figure out what to do with it. I kept it back in combs. But if given the chance would have gone in somewhere for a short cut! lol 

Next day I could not do the free buffet. But had my shake instead. And then we headed out to Fredericksburg. And I’ll do a separate blog post on that! 

On the way to Fredericksburg. Texas Hill Country! 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Why People Really Wear Hats in These Parts

We ate breakfast at the hotel and then set out about our day for the Mexican Market. We decided to walk. 
We found the cutest little urban grocery. 

Look at the architecture of part of that building on the left. 

Katy’s dress above kept pulling a Marilyn Monroe on her and she eventually had to go back and change. 

We thought about going through the Governor’s palace but didn’t. 

We went to Mexican Market which really didn’t have anything we wanted. And was a bit cheesy to be honest. It looks so much more impressive on the internet. 

Well ok the fruit store (no pics) and then this bakery and bar was a sight to see. 

Laughed at this t shirt. 

  This was taken minutes before I walked into Nader a tree and a giant massive bird pooooooopoooped on me. Thank goodness it missed my head. I knew something with liquid had just gone all over me. In that split second I was trying to figure out what happened but as I took a breath I knew. The horrid smell and it was huge amounts of yellow watery grainy mustardly poo all over my shirt, my right arm, my left arm, my Apple Watch, my purse, my glasses, my necklace, my bracelet, and I thought my head. I think it was about 3 to 4 oz of poop. If I’m telling this story after living through this temporary night mare... you have to read the raw graphic experience! lol 

So we realized what had happened to me and Katy went to buy me a t shirt. And I went to the bathroom to try and get this off of me. Of course no paper towels only hand dryer. 

I started by washing off my jewelry. At least it was silver and durable. And then to the bathroom stall to take off the nasty shirt and wait for Kate. I tried wiping things off with toilet paper as best as I could from my watch and purse. This was a long and nasty slow process of cleaning up. It was not your average quarter size poop. It was like having poop squirted on you from all angles. It was the smell of a babies diarrhea. And lots of it!

She finally arrived with new t shirt and I put it on and came out of stall. The smell so bad that Katy couldn’t even stay in the bathroom. The poo had been everywhere so I ended up getting some on my new shirt somehow but it was only a little and I got that off! I washed my shirt and put it in the bag the new t shirt came in. Then we headed back to hotel where we both showered and headed back out for the day. 

I love nature but this was absurd. Anyway maybe one day we will laugh- Katy already has and called her Dad to laugh and tell him what happened lol. Later before bed I said we were tired and would talk tomorrow and he texted back....”what, you have a sh**y day?” lol 

These real....and with concerned faces. They must have stood under the tree where I had. No wonder their heads a covered. Now we know also why the Mexicans wear WIDE brimmed sombreros!!!!

After changing we had lunch at a British Pub like place called Mad Dogs I believe. My view...

Fish and chips. I ate the inside of the fish and not the batter. But I inhaled most of the fries. The slaw was vinegar based. 

Then we went on to Roadmap Brewing for a flight. 

We couldn’t forget our morning experience and replayed it often. I noticed one of the Hefeweizen beers smelled almost like that smell. I wasn’t going to say it but she did! lol We had to leave those on the table and could not finish that one! lol 

Later on Instagram 

However I researched and found that it’s good luck to be pooped on by a bird.  

And there is so much more to post but I’ll have to finish the update later!