Saturday, June 29, 2019

Luckenbach Texas

I'll let you scroll through the pics of Luckenbach, TX.  My comments are at the end.

The story of Luckenbach, Texas is here:  Luckenbach Texas  <--Clicky

I had no idea it was an abandoned town.  I thought it was a city.  It's just a few acres that once housed as many in the community as 400- ish.  But for a time.  The post office was once real, but retired zip code in 1971.  Willie Nelson did make a surprise visit there at one time.

Their general store and event website:  Luckenbach, Texas Website

Lyrics to the song:

"Luckenbach, Texas (Back To The Basics Of Love)"

The only two things in life
That make it worth livin'
Is guitars to tune good 
And firm feelin' women

I don't need my name in the marquis lights
I got my song and I got you with me tonight
Maybe it's time we got back to the basics of love

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas 
With Waylon and Willie and the boys
This successful life we're livin'
Got us feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys

Between Hank Williams pain songs
And Newbury's train songs
And blue eyes cryin' in the rain 
Out in Luckenbach, Texas 
Ain't nobody feelin' no pain

So baby let's sell your diamond ring
Buy some boots and faded jeans and go away
This coat and tie is choking me
In your high society you cry all day

We've been so busy 
Keepin' up with the Jones
Four car garage and we're still building on
Maybe it's time we got 
Back to the basics of love

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas 
With Waylon and Willie and the boys
This successful life we're livin'
Got us feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys

Between Hank Williams pain songs
And Newbury's train songs
And blue eyes cryin' in the rain
Out in Luckenbach, Texas 
Ain't nobody feelin' no pain

Let's go to Luckenbach, Texas 
With Willie and Waylon and the boys
This successful life we're livin' 
Got us feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys

Between Hank Williams pain songs
And Jerry Jeff's train songs
And blue eyes cryin' in the rain
Out in Luckenbach, Texas 
There ain't nobody feelin' no pain

We didn't stay long.  I'd have been ok to stay for a beer.  But Katy was driving so I didn't push it.  We went to a wine tasting instead nearby. 

I do want to go back one day, hang out in the shade trees, have a beer, listen to the band, and watch the chickens run around and buy a t-shirt. ;-)  It had a really good vibe to it for a laid back time.

I have a day or two more of vacay photos and then I'll be finished.  Kind of spreading it out right now.  Luckenbach is worthy of it's own entry, lol.

And while doing this entry, I'm listening to Willie Nelson. 

So the work week is over now and it's Saturday morning.  I got to sleep in and get 8 hours of sleep and that was wonderful.  Even Maisy let me sleep.  I woke up thinking I was a dog magnet - lol.  Roger was at my feet, his body alongside my legs.  Maisy was at my pillow with her face starting into mine.

I had been dreaming that I went back to break to my dorm room and it had been all rearranged and none of my stuff in the room and much of it sitting outside the room.  I was upset and began saying "where is my stuff?" Someone said "the year is over and they are making it ready for the next crew".  I went to open my closet and none of my stuff was in there either, but there were TWO dogs in there.  One was bigger than the other.  They were sweet dogs and they were hungry.  I fed them and took them with me.  I looked and there was no name on the collar - a tag but no information of owner or even the pets name.  I'm not sure what the tag said.  I rescued the dogs from their closet and they instantly became mine.  And we went and joined the crew I was with. 

I eventually let the dogs roam as we were eating and shopping and it was hard to hold them - and we lost one, but it came back around at the end and we left the area, but not before two women came in - a mother and daughter - headed back to the room and to the closet.  I figured they were the mean owners of the dogs by leaving them no food and water.  I left the room quickly b/c I wanted the dogs to have a good life and well taken care of. And I didn't really want to know if they were the owners. Then I woke up and saw my own two rescued dogs faces waiting for me to wake up!  ;-) 

The dogs in the dream were different looking than my dogs.  Now that I'm awake I kind of miss them.  lol  But they will be etched in my mind.  My dreams are interesting.  I have had a few of them this week.  One morning I awoke and I had been dreaming about working and I was continually given project after project and responsibility after responsibility - until I was running a department store, a restaurant, and leading an office area- I had numerous hats and would go running from one job to the other.  What is that supposed to mean?  Why would I dream that.  Is God trying to tell me something?

Anyway, I'm glad it's the weekend.  I have to refresh the house, try to swap George's t-shirt, do some laundry, and organize and plan a bit.  Some things have changed with the business so I need to figure out a few things.

I am happy to be home and able to work on my own agenda - as always. 

The coffee is good this morning.  I keep going back for more. 

"Itty Bitty Kitty" is still around and coming closer every day.  Two feet today.  She is more and more comfortable.  But I want to hold her and pet her.  I will have to be patient.

Ok on with the day! 

Friday, June 28, 2019

More Delightful Shopping in Fredericksburg, TX

Just hanging out with the bears in Fredericksburg in a store that handed out free beer that you can walk and drink while you shop the town.  Beer to go! lol

More pics of things below seen in the shops. 

One shop owner had her elderly doggie with her.  

These were some fun and great shops!  

We went into a grill and had lunch.  Oh so good.  

It's Friday and George is off.  I have to work.  But his work is allowing salaried to have every other Friday off as long as they work a 9 hour day on the other days.  I've heard of other companies doing it as well as a retention tool and also to avoid burnout as often we know there are many missed lunches, or short lunches and longer days than 9 hrs and usually long commutes.  I doubt my company would ever do it. lol  But that is a nice perk and I can see companies using that tool to persuade others to join their company with that.  Nice.  

I have to go as I overslept this morning and then had to fight with my laptop.  The cursor wouldn't work properly.  

Anyway ya'll have a wonderful day!  More tomorrow on Luchenback TX.  I'm not even sure right now if I spelled that right.  Anyway on with the day.  

Thursday, June 27, 2019

More Cool Things in the Shops at Fredericksburg, TX

Just some more photos of the shopping in Fredericksberg, TX.  

Here was a shot of part of the town.  The streets were lined with these shops. 

They had a cute coffee shop. 

I really like this shirt.  It's cool.  I kinda wish I'd bought it now.  It has Breckenridge on there and all the little towns around where Katy lives and visits.  

So today - this morning - I'm really feeling it.  I don't think it's the trip that made me so tired as we had plenty of sleep.  But the past two nights I've been to bed late and then yesterday I forgot to pack my bag with my Isagenix stuff and so no vitamins and none of my good stuff!  So I'm ready for the weekend but have two more work days to somehow get through.  There is so much to do around here as well to clean the house.  I'm almost caught up with the laundry though.  If anyone can ever say that.  It never lasts long. 

My neighbor Christie came over and we talked over a glass of wine and she got to see "Little Bitty Kitty" from a distance.  Then George and I had flounder and grits and little green peas for dinner.  It was very good.

Storms rolled in.  Maisy was scared.  We all piled in bed and snoozed while the storms played out and moved on.  It was kinda cool actually.  Sleep felt so good last night with the thunder rolling and the lightning striking out the window.  Wow that sounds like a Garth Brooks song.  lol

Anyway, the coffee tastes good this morning but I'm moving very slow.  I'm just hitting a wall really today.  And the first day this week I feel really off balance and wanting to stay home.  I can't stand it when my house starts to look messy.  I'm not effective until it's clean and organized.  lol 

Anyway, I'm going to get off of here and get ready and go on in.  Work is hilariously busy and stacked up.  So far only one person has asked if I've done something yet.  They are used to a quick response but with so many requests and things going on - waiting is the new trend.  Patience pants required.  I prioritize the best I can but someone has no choice but to wait til we get to their "thing".
Anyway, I stayed over a bit yesterday. 

Got a lot of things I want to do building up at home too.  But the lack of sleep the last three nights is really taking it's toll.

Hope ya'll have a wonderful day. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Shopping in Fredericksberg, Texas

Cross seen atop of a hill in the Texas Hill Country.  Beautiful area on the way to Fredricksburg, from San Antonio.  

It almost looks like Fredricksberg was for sale.  lol 

Here we shopped and we started out in a kitchen shop that had the most unique things.  Usually we have seen it all.  Made me want to be in the kitchen more!  lol  Check out these onion goggles.  lol lol lol

I took pics of any sayings I liked......

But I fell in love with these.  I decided to hold off and maybe ask for them for Christmas.  All different sizes. 

I liked this.....

I think George would like this....

Katy found Maisy and Roger.  lol  

I love shopping with pics!  Don't buy it - just take a pic.  That's the way to shop.  George would love this shirt on the right day!  ;-) 

I picked this one out below for George (pic only, lol).  They were like $78 and $98 bucks.  So yeah, we left them on the rack!  All we could afford was t shirts. 

This was pretty funny! 

I loved these little bowls.  George and I have a "bowl thing".  lol  We have way too many but these are so cute! 

They had samples of this.  Oh my gosh it tastes like bread that has baked homemade with yeast and so fresh.  I would have bought one if I hadn't been trying to get away from enriched flour.  But oh so good.   Surprised it said "Nashville" on it. 

These plates were cute, melamine plates (plastic like).  Little snack plates.  However, it would make a great dinner plate actually - since most of us need to watch our portions. 

I think I've lived and planned most of my life to be this way.  Even now while trying to lose weight.  It doesn't mean your life is over.  You just look for the good things that are better for you.  

Gotta love Texas when your daughter is in it! 

I didn't even try it.  Didn't buy it.  But it was tempting. 

Pie in a Jar.  Didn't buy it but fun looking at it. 

This was fun b/c I like fish and it was nautical. 

Always....more fun to get to be your creative, inquisitive, geeky self doing your own agenda!  However I do love what I do.  Most days.  So not too bad.  Even though I complain about it being too much.  It's mainly that I worry about others having to wait on stuff.  But if they don't mind waiting.  I don't mind keeping them waiting. ;-) We need help - one more person for recruiting - and that is what makes it hard.  But those first 5 days after the weekend are definitely doing things other than you'd be doing the other two days.  I love being home and taking care of my house.  I don't get to though as we are not here much.  

Just loved this.   The fish and boats.  Not all these things were in the kitchen shop of course.  There were many many shops we went through.  We couldn't do them all. 

And I need to head on in to work.  A busy busy day today.  I have way to much in my stack and need to be running ads and updating ads, but I have orientation and a meeting and by afternoon I'll have to catch up on emails and collect all the other needs.  Tomorrow I have a couple of meetings and Friday a meeting.  So looks like I don't get a lot of desk time to process much - just collecting what everyone needs me to do and then everyone will have to wait til I get time to do it.  lol  Oh well. 

Ya'll have a great day.  Oh - I gained 2 lbs from vacation.  I figure that is not too bad considering the badness I partook - enriched flour, salad dressings made with who knows what kind of oils, french fries, pasta, and a doughnut, fake eggs, nachos, hashbrowns, beer, lots of wine. I had two steaks but I don't count that as bad.  It was all good though - tasty.   I'll recover in a week's time.  Next week's weigh in will be better.  

Take care, gotta go ahead and get in to work.