Saturday, June 1, 2019

Cracker Barrel and Other Friday Fun!

This above sounds good to me!  One day!

 My assistant and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel yesterday.  It was Friday so we ventured to actually eat there instead of pick up and eat at work.  We needed to get out!  Of course it was very crowded and even for two people we had to wait 15 and had to slam it down.  But it was nice to get out for once and not eat at the desk or have a 15 min lunch.  Sometimes for the sanity of everyone you need a mid day break.  I bought a blouse while I was in there.  Didn't try it on but kept the receipt, I think.  I hope.  

This was cool too.

Speaking of cool, I'm freezing out here in the breeze in the sun room. lol  Got down into the high 50's and I have the fan going.  It feels good, but a little chilly. That won't last long.

George and I are taking the dogs for their trims today and doing some grocery shopping and there is a "thing" we may go to in town - a little orchard thing.  Can you tell I don't really know what it is.  There are some vendors onsite at a nearby orchard and one sells lamb.  So we will get some information at least.  

We are planning also to get some grocery shopping done.  I meant to look up a recipe or two but haven't had an opportunity.  So will have to wing it.  We really need to have a meal plan going.  George has a friend at work whose Mom lives in Portland, ME and the friend has ordered George some lobster for us.  Well I think we pay for it but they get it at a really good deal - like $6 a lobster, so we are going to have a lobster fest whatever night it arrives.  Supposedly they will be live when they arrive.  :-O I'm glad I'm not cooking it.  Oh dear me!  So we'll be inviting someone over on a quick whim - to help us eat it. Not sure what night it will be.  I told George that I get my nails done one night.  I also have an eye appointment one afternoon this week.  I am glad too b/c I think my vision has changed some.  I'm not sure if they have changed "enough" though.  But if so I may get transition lenses but not sure.  Anyone have experience with that?  I am tired of my sunglasses and want a different pair if I don't do that.  I've had these a very long time.  Want different! 

Today we'll be looking in our pantry and also adding a few things from the grocery to take to church.

My babies last night laying on the sofa together.   Maisy's last coughing was yesterday when I got home. She only coughed like twice since - so she is much better now.  Thank goodness.  

 The beef stew was good and I believe now I've spoiled us - with the toasted cheesy bread to go with it.

Using the DQS app, I'm encouraged to get more of the various food groups in. 
Often I'm missing whole grains.  So it's not a lot but adds an element in to the meal. 

There is more to this app - the complete list of Low Quality foods are not shown.  

It's helpful to see what you are missing and makes it a game to compare each day and to try to get a good scoring.  "The Eat Better Game".  You can also see how you feel compared to how you ate. lol 

Well, someone had asked about the journal devo I'm doing.  It's this! 

I'm ready to get started on the day here and head out for our little adventures today.  I got a lot done last night.  Started laundry, packed up my cleansing kit, packed up my baggies for each day (vitamins, e shot, snack bar, ionix stress formula, and either greens, fruits, or a hydrate, and so forth).  It's sortofa grab bag - I put them in my back pack and reach in and grab one each day.  

Ya'll have a fun weekend!  

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