Saturday, June 15, 2019

Fabulous Friday, a Rare One of Late

I love this pic of my daughter Katy and her hubby Cody.  It is so real!  And a pic of what they normally look like when we are with them.  Cody has just said something to tease Katy over - making her laugh. Perhaps he has said that she snores loud enough to wake the dead or has told something embarrassing that she did and she is laughing and about to say "Cody that is not true!".  I love this about them.  He gives it she takes it.  She gives it right back.  And they laugh and laugh. 

They are in Atlanta currently with friends and will be heading out on their flight to Dallas around 1:00 today my time/2:00 Eastern.  Then back to the ranch they go. 

Yesterday was great and better than most of the Friday's in the recent months where some urgent crisis has beset my day to befallen.  Friday's are normally my catch up day and not having had my catch up time it was becoming quite the crisis on my end as well.  I can help solve crisis after crisis but when I'm in my own I'm not efficient for anyone else. And it's been heading that direction for a while.  So yesterday and some the day before I was able to get further in the stack but not near as far as I'd have liked.  Since I'd missed a few lunches this week I headed over for a solitary lunch at Logan's.  Their salmon and salads are really good.  

Once home I fixed dinner.  George mowed and I fixed spaghetti.  I cracked open a bottle of red wine that we got from Aldi.  I really like it.  It's very cheap.  It's from Washington State, and a blend.  But you can't beat it for a Friday nite fix me up.  It just has a nice taste to it and no bite.  At least if it does I'm used to it, lol.  Of course the fact that I'm a weather girl and it says Storm Chaser has nothing to do with it.  I would NOT chase a storm, in person.  I have joined them on line!

We watched Mr. Bean in Johnny English 2 movie.  We like us some Bean!  Rowan Atkinson cracks us up.  

So the spaghetti was good.  I had been craving it.  It was turkey spaghetti, and a mix of gluten free noodles mixed with corn and whole grain noodles made with beans/rice.  It helps so much to get the nutrition in and as much enriched flour out.  So I do the best I can.  And you are less - sorry the best word that relates to everyone is -"bloated" after you eat it. I dislike the word "bloated" but the word has always made me laugh. 

The kitten is still around and hiding in and under the van in our driveway.  We continue to feed it.  Maybe one day we can all be friends when he or she figures out we are not foes.  I refuse to get attached until we can pet it and name it.  And even then as an outside cat - so little - anything can happen.  I'm not having an inside cat.  But I welcome them to come in when we are here to curl up and about.

Bed time came quickly.  George was ready for bed and my e+shot at 4:30 was still in tact.  It keeps you going for about 5 hours with alertness and energy.  I was finally able to doze off.  And then slept til Maisy was ready to get up this morning.  She woke me up at 4 and I said "no way".  I think it was more like 6 when she woke us up again.  The sun was coming up and lighting up the room and she was not having it any other way but to "get up".  Even when George gets up - she still wants me to take her.  If I'm at home she wants me to go too.  lol

I fixed up a few blog toppers.  Sorry for changing the look on you so much.  But I have to be happy with the look or I can't blog in it.  lol  I tried to get a bit of a July 4 feel to this one.  I have another one coming up to use mid summer.  I love playing around with Paint Shop Pro even though I don't have time.  lol

I had to stop and fix breakfast though.  Egg on whole grain muffin and way too much hot sauce.

So I've also started laundry and have done my Isagenix order.  I will probably cycle this week too (get paid).  I've got to look and see how much is in my Isa account.  I'm saving up for a new laptop - an Apple one.  

Anyway, I have a lot I want to do today and I've goofed off making blog toppers, lol. 

___Pack for San Antonio
___Decide where to look for my new glasses now that I have the list of docs
___Price Apple Laptops
___Schedule Mom's Birthday Day
___Schedule play time with Don and Lisa
___Do some Isa Work
___Target Order
___Finish my Maine Woods book so I can give to Katy
___Figure out my purse for San Antonio
___Plan for next week
___Clean my Office a bit
___Play with my new Leather Journal (take some of the notebooks out of it)
___Bless the House (Clean)

Saturdays make me happy!  

Ya'll have a good one and let me know what you are doing this weekend!  I love to hear from you.  It makes my day!


  1. Hope you are able to get everything crossed off your list. Nothing too exciting going on around here. I have some laundry to finish and then I'm going for a walk before I start dinner. I have a new book to start later. Hope the rest of your weekend is good.

  2. Your daughter looks very happy. And those little dogs of yours are very sweet.


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