Sunday, June 2, 2019

Fell of the Eat Good Wagon and Landed Hard on the Scales.

We took the dogs for their trim yesterday, hit a few "yard sails", went to the grocery store, and back home to unload and then out to Breeden's Orchard to hit a Hot Chicken food truck.  It took an hour just to get the food and we didn't even get to eat there.  We had to rush back to the car and head out to get the dogs.  I bought some peach hot sauce while we were there b/c in the past I've really liked peach hot sauce!  

Also the "Fried Green Tomato" Food Truck was there but we didn't get anything from there. 

I tried to get a good pic of the Breeden's Orchard building and kept trying to get an angle where this guy wasn't in it.  I know he was watching me and I figured he would get out of the way.  If I got closer and cut him out I couldn't see much of the building.  So I thought, well what the heck, just take it with him in it then.  

After I took it he said "You didn't just take my picture did you".  I smiled and said "yes, I did but it's not going anywhere".  I don't really count my blog as anywhere to him anyway.  lol  He's in a public place and was seeing me try to take a picture and had every opportunity to move.  But he didn't. 

Here's the chicken truck place.  It was really really really good.  Just VERY slow.  He is learning and probably needed a bigger/better set up and needed to be a bit more organized, but he's got the recipe right on.  

We rushed to get the doggies on time and made it.  Then came home and I did a few things and hit a wall.  I just wanted to sit.  Watched some shows as usual but spent a lot of time reading in the My Life in the Maine Woods book. I finally got a 2nd wind and finished a few things in the house. 

I opened a bottle of wine for last night.  It was pretty good.  Now I can't remember where we bought it.  

Sleep was pretty good last night and then church this morning.  We took sausage and biscuits (frozen x 3 big bags) and they went fast.  They love it.  

Then we came home, and George worked in the yard and I went to do my mani pedi and get it done b/c our week had some changes to it and some uncertainties.  So today was best to go ahead and get it done.  

Once home I was hungry and fixed popcorn and was going to watch something on YouTube as I do but the evil spirits that have sooooo been after me lately, does not tend to want me to watch these shows.  I get so tired of Comcast's issues with internet. 

I actually threw the remote to the floor b/c I'm just so tired of the internet not working.  So I just read my book.  

And you guessed it, when I finished, the internet was working again.  I told George the spirits just love to mess with me.  He said "I guess so". lol

Roger loves my office and I found him back here today while I was working on the house.
I spent the afternoon cleaning some. Vacuuming and the internet situation really put me in a mood.  The vacuum doesn't want to pick up anything anymore.  All it wants to do it aggravate me.  lol

I set up some essential oils in the diffuser to lighten my mood.  I had been in a great mood earlier.  But I'm afraid when I want something to work, I want it to work!  And it is frustrating when I can't make it.  Usually I just order another vacuum at this point.  But - I'm holding out for new flooring. I'm sick of the carpet. I announced last week I was not going to vacuum again til it happened.  Of course I did.  But this vacuum is hard to push and it won't do what it's supposed to anymore.  So I may have to order another vacuum.  We are so hard on our vacuums.

Here's the new bedroom comforter in the guest bedroom. 

And Maisy joining me in my office.  Their trims were much better this time.  I asked for a good trim since it was hot. I have booked the next two times with a different groomer though.   Kinda sad, but then I want to see what a different one will do.  We didn't get bandanas this time though.  Usually we get a bandana.  

Anyway, I've been trying to get things done this afternoon so they week won't be so hard.  Ironing was done and more laundry as well as some house cleaning.  I finally finished the blog topper and now getting the blog done.  

I weighed on the new scale.  I normally weigh only the day after cleanse day but today I've weighed after eating fried chicken and coconut cookies Saturday, sausage and biscuits the morning, and later in the day and I had eaten a ton of popcorn again and that habit has to stop.  I should have known better than to weigh after a weekend! lol  So these scales + my weekend binge have me with more weight.  I'm anxious to see what it is after a cleanse day.  But I weighed with jeans on too.  So now I can start just weighing with clothes on, lol.  And I'll start all over with the weight loss on the new scale.  But it was depressing as they were different than my scales and not in a good way.  But I'll get over it.  I can see that I look better in my pics.  And now I'm set up with the new scale and will watch it go down on those scales.  I'm not sure when my challenge ends - I thought it was today - but I was already a few lbs off and now the new scales and weigh in giving me a different number anyway - I'll just start the new challenge with the new scales and go from there.  I know the things I need to do next time to improve anyway.  I know my downfalls that hamper me.  I'm getting better, but have a lot of improvement to make to get over this next threshold.  I will do it.  I know I will.  Every challenge my habits are better.  This too has impacted my mood.  Because I let myself down.  But I'll get it.  I'll keep trying.  I just have to remember where I've been.

Anyway, we are always way too hard on ourselves, but sometimes that is the only way change can be done.  At least God is more forgiving than we are to ourselves.   One is stupid to Fall off the Wagon of eating healthy and then weigh oneself.  It's just asking for trouble. 

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  1. I got a new scale a while back too and I weighed more on it that the old one.


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