Thursday, June 13, 2019

Frohlichen Donnerstag: Happy Thursday and Meanings of Dreams

Well it sure is for George, coming soon.  They are giving their salaried personnel every other Friday off for morale booster.  Only in the summer months.  George came home and here is what he said:

G:  I have some good news.
S:  Good, we need that.
G:  Our company is going to let us have every other Friday off until September
S:  Why?
G:  They said it was for morale and a retention effort.
S:   That's unheard of
G:  What you mean?
S:  I mean, what company does that?
G:  You mean what company treats their employees nicely?
S:  I'm so jealous of you!


S:  Then I'm going to check into that RV Rental

lol lol lol
Some folks get all the perks.

The rest of us just enjoy the blue jean Fridays and try to make it fun until the weekend.

But Wednesday at Noon we start sliding down the slope and Thursday is just special b/c it's married to Friday.

Thursday is:  The day of Thunder.  Named after "Thor" and/or the "Roman God of Jupiter".

Old English Thu(n)resdæg ‘day of thunder’, named after Thunor or Thor, the Germanic god of thunder; translation of late Latin Jovis dies ‘day of Jupiter’, Thor being equated with the Roman god Jupiter. Compare with Dutch donderdag and German Donnerstag .

Personally, I think I like the German name for Thursday - Donnerstag.  

Fröhlichen Donnerstag

Happy Thursday

Made it through the cleanse day yesterday.  No problems at all.  The week before, likely still getting used to the new BP meds, my heart rate was low and I had to eat.  And ate dinner at 10 p.m.  So I was happy to be back to normal.

Getting closer to San Antonio trip.  She's coming up.  I will be packing this weekend.  Because next week will be busy.

Have a meeting/dinner with my neighbor and friend Christie this evening to work on a spiritual project, possibly a book project - a spiritual journey book for woman.  If not a book or work book then it will at least be a Bible Study for ourselves.  A digging into the scriptures.

And I have an 8 a.m. dental appointment this morning.  And I'm looking forward to my shake.  Going to have cookies and cream w/PB powder added.

I have had some weird dreams lately.  But I think that is good.  I've slept longer some days b/c I'm requiring more sleep lately.  And I'm allowing it.  And so I'm remembering my dreams more.
The dreams seem to be indicating an outside force that is trying to thwart my efforts at life.  Energies that are against me and not for me, if that makes sense.  Bears, Gorillas, and people trying to shoot at me.  Looking up the info on the internet gives a range of meanings, much of which does not make sense.  But having known some things I'm going through, I understand exactly what it means.  I'm always afraid of the attack, of confrontation. And also have been reading "Life in the Maine Woods" and watching RV'ers in Gatlinburg and some TV shows.  So it's not uncommon to take these things and attach it to deeper meanings to our thoughts of the previous day's difficulty underneath the surface.  Lately I'm being confronted on a lot of things.  People always point fingers at you - not realizing they rightly so have three fingers pointing back at themselves each time they do - that makes me giggle lol.  God is on my side and he helps me deal with all that comes to me from all sides.  It's not easy being me every day.  But at least I'm not green.

Well, except green with jealously that George gets every other Friday off.

One more day til off for the weekend and on our own schedule!  Can't wait.  I'll have some major free time on Saturday and I'm totally zonked!  Yeah!

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  1. That's so nice for George to get every other Friday off! Sounds like you've got some good things coming up to look forward to as well. Have a good day!


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