Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Home Again

Good Morning!  I'm home!  I will have to interrupt my pics.  I'm already a day behind sharing our vacay and now it'll be two days, but will get it done over the next few days and share. 

I also have to go back to the previous entries and make the pics "big". 

It was SOME day of travel yesterday.  One of those thunderstorm kind of flying days where you are not sure how it is going to turn out.  Was I going to be staying another night in San Antonio?  Or what I going to be in Houston? Or was I going to be arriving in Nashville at 1:00 a.m. and none of us getting any sleep?  And in reality it was delayed, delayed, delayed.  Booked on another flight to Nashville arriving at midnight and then booked back to the original flight as it also got delayed plus they waited on our flight. Crazy day of flying.  Plus the planes were old and creaky but at least it wasn't the malfunctioning Max.  So...I'm finally home.  The first flight a bit bumpy getting out of San Antonio.  Second flight only a little but mostly smooth.  I was so thankful to be on that first flight but of course missed my early boarding and was one of three people who were the last ones on, so was back toward the back. 

Anyway, back to work today.  I have a lot to do here at home with all my laundry and unpacking.  I got enough unpacked last night to get me ready quickly this morning.  We were late getting to bed of course as we went thru Zaxby's drive thru around 9:15 ish and got dinner and then headed home to eat and I gave George his birthday presents from Katy and souvenirs from me.  One of the things that was surprising is that I had bought him a t shirt from one of the breweries.  The lady brought it out rolled up in it's container.  When he opened it - it was a tank top. lol  Good grief.  Neither of us wear tank tops so I wasted that money.  I told him I'd try to swap it.  I think I have the receipt. Maybe if I send it back they will send me a new one.  If not I'll keep it to work out in.  That was crazy.  Maybe I'll just keep it and order a new one. 

I'm going to hop off of here so I don't have to rush this morning.  It's cleanse day for me.  And back to work today.  I get to try the new Peach Cleanse today. 

Well, better get off of here and get going!  I'll pick up the San Antonio and Fredricksburg entries tomorrow morning provided I can get up!  Some mornings I need more sleep and if I do I just go ahead and take it. 

Just glad we had a good time and all got home safely.  It sure was hot down there but we knew that ahead of time.  It was just very humid.  VERY HUMID too!

Ya'll have a good day. 

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  1. Glad you made it home safely through the storms. Have a good rest of the week.


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