Monday, June 10, 2019

Just needing a little Monday Motivation. How 'Bout You?

And if they don't, get a new world.  lol  Learn to unhook. 

Much to do today in my side gig.  I relaxed some yesterday as I needed to.  But before work, during lunch, and after work, I'll get a few things done with the side gig. It's so wonderful and refreshing to be around such positivity.  And to feel like what you do is more than a hampster wheel.  Which is something I need right now to feel like something I'm doing is actually making progress.  I love making people feel good and be more healthy.  Other parts of my life, I make two steps forward and five back b/c there is just not enough of me to go around.  It's kinda sad really.  But enough of that.  It is what it is.  Somethings I don't have the power to change.  So I've accepted that.  

  I also need to get our tickets to the Elton John movie.  I get a BOGO through AT&T benefits.  We are going Tuesday night in the Two for Tuesday deal. So that means I have to decide if I'm going to cleanse or not tomorrow.  Usually we eat out before going.  If we do I will do the cleanse Wednesday.  

Decisions decisions.  

I'm having to try and pick myself up to be in a decent mood today.  I am having to do therapy with myself in unhooking, not caring, and just going around those in my life who don't meet my own definitions which shall remain undefined here.  One day God will bring it all together and redefine what that is on His own.  I'm praying the Big Prayers now and sometimes that means big changes, and sometimes it's not me that goes through it (the big change) but others.  God sees and He will work it all out as He always does. 

But God says we can just give it to him and go on, b/c that it THE ONLY WAY I can do it.  Hopefully the week ahead will be a good week.  And vacay days coming soon.  

And I'm going to go so I can get a few things done here.  Hope your Monday is good.   I also will be working with my neighbor on topics for a Bible Study.  I think it is time to focus on that some.  And dive into some other things (I need more to dive into you know.)  But these others things are always good things to focus on and distract me from the bad things.  

People need me, multiple ones, so I must go. lol

Take care. 


  1. Sounds like burnout. love your little tags.

  2. It's nice you have neighbors you can have a Bible study with. Hope your week sails by smoothly.


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