Friday, June 14, 2019

Kitty, Kramer, and the Kids in Tybee

Yes, it is Friday!  

Thursday wasn't bad.  Seems like we get "picked on" a lot these days but nothing God and I can't handle. He knows what He's doing and leads us down the correct paths if we will just follow.  

I have a lot of plans swirling around my head and glad to have this Saturday off to deal with it all.  Just trying to make some decisions so that the heart and the head are in the same place. 

Much to do now that it's been the work week.  While I've kept up with laundry somewhat - I do have a lot of things built up that I need to do.  And I am itching to do. 

I had a surprise yesterday morning.  A kitten.  It hung around all day yesterday as I could see from the Nest cam.  No sign of it this morning.  If it will stay I'll take care of it.  I would love to have another inside/outside cat.  Little Bit, our black cat, is ok but not one that is good for sitting around with you.  He gets unsettled being in for anything other than a long winter's nap.  He loves his woods behind us.  

Sadly there is no sign of the kitten this morning.  So who knows if we'll see it again.  If it was meant to be we will.  The Nest cam is nice to have b/c I can see that the kitten comes and goes (yesterday it did) but no sign of it on the porch last night or this morning.

The Cookies and Cream shake was really good with PB Powder.  I think that is the most ALIVE flavor of any of the shakes.  I like them all ALWAYS, but this one came alive and jumped out of the cup it was so good!  It amazes me how these things taste so darn good and yet are so good for you.  I look forward to mine every morning.

I went to my Dentist office and love to see Kramer.  So fun. 

Katy and Cody have had a nice but often rainy time in Tybee Island.  They enjoyed times spent with friends and want to get together with the group again for future vacations.  They split a big house.  I'm so happy that they got to do this.  They both work so hard.  Cody has not traveled much to beachy places but since he and Katy have been together, and she loves the beach, he's getting to travel more to these types of places.  

Katy's dress is so cute.  And her hair cut is cute!  

I got further in my stack at work finally, with a few hours of uninterrupted and welcome time.  Shhhh don't tell anyone or the evil spirits will get stirred up and find ways to interrupt me.  I've jinxed it now - and these are days before a full moon so I'm expecting that the lunar-tics, lol, will unleash it's havoc on all of us before the day is out.  Seems when one is productive, there is punishment somewhere for getting anything accomplished.  Why is that? You have a really good day, think you are making momentum and then BAM - hell hits and you are 10 spaces back with no hope to chew on. 

Yeah, I'm kinda tired of that life to tell ya the truth.  I like to go to bed at night knowing I have a "chance" at accomplishing something.  These days I just feel like I'm scooting a rug around a room and never able to set up furniture!  

Yeah I know my analogies are original sometimes.  So is my life. 

Met my friend/neighbor for dinner and had a good conversation and possibly a start to our study/writing project.  I love talking to her and we could talk forever.  The time goes by so quickly.

Better go.  Things to do.  People's ego to tickle and soothe.  And all that stuff. ;-)

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