Friday, June 28, 2019

More Delightful Shopping in Fredericksburg, TX

Just hanging out with the bears in Fredericksburg in a store that handed out free beer that you can walk and drink while you shop the town.  Beer to go! lol

More pics of things below seen in the shops. 

One shop owner had her elderly doggie with her.  

These were some fun and great shops!  

We went into a grill and had lunch.  Oh so good.  

It's Friday and George is off.  I have to work.  But his work is allowing salaried to have every other Friday off as long as they work a 9 hour day on the other days.  I've heard of other companies doing it as well as a retention tool and also to avoid burnout as often we know there are many missed lunches, or short lunches and longer days than 9 hrs and usually long commutes.  I doubt my company would ever do it. lol  But that is a nice perk and I can see companies using that tool to persuade others to join their company with that.  Nice.  

I have to go as I overslept this morning and then had to fight with my laptop.  The cursor wouldn't work properly.  

Anyway ya'll have a wonderful day!  More tomorrow on Luchenback TX.  I'm not even sure right now if I spelled that right.  Anyway on with the day.  

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  1. It looks like such fun shopping! Have a good Friday.


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