Wednesday, June 12, 2019

My Views on RocketMan Movie

Had a pretty good day yesterday.  Just trying to keep positive amidst all of the "oh my goshes".  And finished with a project that has been a big time suck.  Glad to get that out of the way as the masses were calling, but had to wait til I finished.

As a reward for working so hard and diligently, my hubby and I went to dinner and to see Elton John movie, Rocketman.  I loved the movie and the music.  I still get cracked up at musicals - how you are into the scene and everyone bursts out into song, but they handled it really well.  The transitions from scene to scene were very unique and I loved that. So that no one misunderstands my liking of the film I will say without hesitancy that I do not like all the homosexuality shown in the film as I do not think that is God's plan for man.  I think that is man's way of rebelling against the world and himself, or an effort to find love where it is accepted and given b/c often this world gives much hate and insecurity.  But it doesn't mean we can't love a person dealing with this struggle.  I'm just as big of a sinner as the next person and need to be loved too.  Nor do I think it is ok to be mean to someone or shun them b/c they are having issues with this problem or lifestyle.  You can get mad it me for my beliefs if you want.  I won't get mad at you for it.  I have a right in my Christian beliefs just as any other person has a right to believe their non-Christian beliefs - at least in this society we are in right now.  It may not be that way as far as God's opinion and judgment is concerned.  He gets to choose that. He is the judge.   I didn't get on here today to talk about homosexuality or Christianity. And I'm not going to get in a heated debate with anyone.  You have to choose your life just as I choose mine. And at the end of the age, we'll each see how we do! I wish only the best life of love for everyone that reads this.

On that note and in going down a rabbit hole... I have friends that post their beliefs and thoughts and spend their day trying to find pics to mock people's beliefs and prove them wrong on FB all day.  But get mad when you post YOUR beliefs to the point of unfriending you b/c they can't handle it when they discover you have an opinion too and you just might have some truth to it.  Truth scares evil away sometimes, and rightly so. But in the end what really matters is did you love God, did you love your neighbor, and do the best you can do?  And it's sad when people don't even believe in THAT.  You have no basis for even living at that point? Why on earth would one think they existed if they didn't believe God created them? Was one just combusted all of a sudden to be a human blurb to sit around and bother the heck out of everyone all day?  I guess so.  Oops I got derailed. 

  But back to my point.   I did wanted to make sure that just b/c I said I loved the film that it was clearly NOT b/c of the homosexual undertones or overtones in this case as it was not a mild subject matter.  I thought the film was excellent.  The actors were great and perfect for the roles.  And we loved it.  George liked the Queen movie better.  In some ways they were very much alike.  But the quality and style of the Elton John movie was much more colorful, creative, and captivating.  Queen seem to have an overall darkness while the Elton John movie only had moments of darkness. 

Anyway there you have my very raw view of the film and my Christianity came out which many will not like but I can't and won't apologize for it.  I think sometimes things are so obvious and people just don't get it.  I mean when an interlocking block has pieces that fit together and you try to put a square peg in a round hole - it's just not meant to be.  It should be obvious.  But people will believe what they want and that is the thing.  You do get to choose, and we will all be accountable for our choices.  At least that is my belief.  Some don't really even understand why we exist to begin with but that is another blog story for another day and probably won't ever be done here on this blog. 

And that's about all she wrote for today.  And I guess that was probably enough.  And I'll probably lose some readers, but that's ok.  Not very many read anyway.  I bet I get some comments now! lol


  1. Hi Sonya, I’m gonna make my first but not last comment on your blog. I read and look forward to reading your blog! The only reason I have never commented before is I don’t know how to comment other than the anonymous which I thought you might think is rude lol. My name is Patreese, by the way, I think your blog today was lovely. You worded it wonderfully and I sure hope no one bothers you for your thoughts! I love your blog and thought today was a good day to let you know!

  2. Hi love, back again, glad you enjoyed the film and I certainly agree with all your comments my policy always is to love the lord with all our heart and to love our neighbours, we can’t go far wrong if we do that, and also to judge not that we be judged....
    I’m glad your doing so well with the new way of living...if you look back on your old old blogs you can see the change in your attitude to life etc...much love winging its way over the pond. Xxx


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