Friday, June 21, 2019

Off to Vacay with Kate

And so the day has arrived to fly to San Antonio.  And meet my Kate down there.  So please keep her in your prayers for her (and my) travel in the next few days.  She is driving down - I think about 3 to 4 hours.  But I'm not sure. 

We plan to have lunch somewhere, maybe a shop or two before checking in at hotel, and then on the River Walk - a boat ride at sunset or at night.  Too hot during the day.  Dinner on the River Walk somewhere and then crash.  We have our plans set for which days to do the Mexican Market and which day to do the Alamo and perhaps do a Mission Tour on an air conditioned bus, lol.

Regardless, we'll have fun. 

Yesterday was not too bad.  I had feared there would be a myriad of projects that would come my way labeled "urgent, help, urgent, help".  It wasn't too bad, but I did have to focus on getting a few things done and had to force it a bit.  The phones were blowing up mainly yesterday along with email needs, and a few folks had to wait their turn to be serviced. When they can't get you on one mode they go to all the others so you get it in 3 ways if you don't answer right now. lol  That happens with only ONE HR MGR for 4 plants, transport, sales, and a corporate office though so "we" have chosen that waiting is ok, apparently by default.  Since I'm trying to be a deity for folks but haven't quite yet been established as one as of yet.  My left wing is still being sewn together I hear.  So perhaps it'll be in, in a few weeks.  (lol) So I was nervous in that situation that my day would fall apart before I could even get started, but was lucky it was just busy and no huge projects assigned day before vacay as last time(s).

We've been operating in crisis mode it seems for a while now. Typically in the past year whenever I have been about to go on vacation there has been some crisis and pressure making me feel like I had to work on my vacation.  And that really turns me sideways when the purpose is to be away and be rejuvenated.  Some have said they just don't use all their vacation for that reason.  But I will always take all the vacations I'm allotted.  It's part of my compensation and benefit package and also makes me a better person and more efficient upon return.  I'm usually excited to return after vacay.  But I don't think everyone thinks of it in that way.  They should.  Vacay is a morale booster for sure. Unless you are working ON it and then it becomes a morale buster in one of the worst ways possible.  And that is my thoughts on that.   I'm not taking laptop and phones will be on silent and put away while I'm enjoying rare time with Katy.   There is not something so urgent that cannot wait til Tuesday.  I work with a smart crew and they can do without me for two business days.... surely. 

So, I am going to finish getting packed and so pleased I had time to blog this morning. Need to go finish getting ready and finally packing done with chargers etc. Not sure how much time I will have to blog, but will at least try to blog a pic or two with some comments. 

I am going to try to finish the Maine Woods book on the plane and while we are there, but only a few chapters to go. I need to give to Katy next.  I thought I'd be through by now but have been working on the business some instead this week. 

Alright, see ya later! Off to a very hot San Antonio!


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