Thursday, June 20, 2019

Pre-Trip Excitement and Should I Wear Garlic Around my Neck to Work Today?

We didn't have much red in the house - at least up stairs we didn't, so I cracked open this to go with the lasagna we had last night.  It was pretty good.  A bit different taste, and I liked it.  

Ms. Maisy was afraid of all the thunder and lightning and rain last night.  She stuck close.  She was rescued in a storm and so she is not too fond of this kind of weather.  Bless her heart. 

Roger was excited to get his bed cover back.  I washed the dog covers and this is their favorite blanket with this kind of material.  It's soft and cozy.

Miss Kitteh is around here still.  She lets herself be seen if she is hungry.  Our goal is be able to pet her one day and love on her - if she is a her, lol. 

Yesterday was a little stressful trying to get some things done with my vacay days coming up, but it is what it is.  Bottom line someone is going to have to wait - one simply cannot do it all.  I will do what is essential and the rest will continue to rot in the stack as it has been.  I'm looking forward to seeing Katy and will spend this evening doing the final packing and will fly out in the morning.   I went and got my nails done and got home before the rain/storms began firing.

I will be trying to get a few things done around the house also that I would be doing this weekend that I won't be here to do - laundry and stuff.  Emptying trash cans, refilling and restocking, and getting ready for next week.  I'll be desheveled next week anyway not having time to get ready for the week, But I'll slide through it somehow.  At least this week, next week and the week after are 4 day weeks!  Gotta love that.  Only I'll be further behind.  Less time to get things done, but oh well. I need the beloved time off.  Having gone to Phoenix in Jan really blew the holes in my ability to take a day here and there through the year and I'm not going to do that again.  I'll buy the rights to view the program and have a watch day at home, but I'm giving up that week of vacation like that again.  I needed it during the year this year to chill out when stressed and didn't have it.  

Well, I need to get on with the program this morning.  I have to get to work early enough to check in for flight or at least be able to do it from my phone in the parking lot before heading in. 
Made my salsa this morning for the luau today.  We have a receptionist that is kind enough to prompt a fun meal once a month where we all do potluck and gather and eat in the break room.  She loves to see people smile as so many have been stressed.  Every office needs someone nice that tries to bring a smile and morale to the group.  

Have you noticed sometimes in today's world that when people do nice things sometimes people complain about that?  lol I have.  I know throughout my life I've learned that no good deed goes unpunished.  I guess there are those of us who just try to be negative.  I'm trying to change my realist ways. Because I try to make things perfect and complain when it is not.   

However.... Even yesterday I was looking at a beach scene and only I would find the poop on the beach in that whole beautiful scene!  That was me - going "wait, is that poop?"   Some of us just look for the negative I suppose.  And some of us are critical.  And I'm trying not to be that way.  

God said the tongue is like a wildfire and it sends the spirit of rage.  I would say that is true.  What you say spreads.  

You all have a wonderful day.  Mine will be busy.  I'm going to try not to stress and will be making cross signs at everyone that asks me to do anything today, like they are evil.  Well maybe I'll imagine that in my mind.  And then I will smile or giggle that my mind thought that and I'll get myself in trouble.   "Get away get away" with the cross fingers held up.  Maybe I should wear garlic around my neck today.  I'm seriously considering it.  lol 


  1. Your little dogs look so happy. I hope you have a good day.

  2. I hope you sail through your day with no issues. Have a good one!

  3. GODSPEED on your journey. Have a blast.


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