Sunday, June 9, 2019

Progress with the System, Rain and Dark Mood to Match

Have had a wonderful weekend at home.  Mostly stayed in my office all day Saturday and worked on side hustle.  My old challenge of 16 weeks is over.  And the new one started.  As embarrassed as I should be about the first picture, I'm getting over it, so I can share the results of the system I'm on.  It's a slow process for me b/c I am not perfect as some are.  I've only done one shake a day.  It has to be a lifestyle and I didn't want to do two shakes a day for the rest of my life.  I just want to do one.  Sometimes two if I feel like it.  

So much of the inflammation and most likely some of the visceral fat is leaving my body.  My shape is returning.  I will continue on this journey.  And I can now comfortably wear a sports bra and shorts. lol

  This first picture is so gross.  But of course as they say, you can't fault the last year pic as that was the girl that said "I'm gonna do this".

Still no beauty queen, lol, but I'm loving that my body is coming back to a proportionate shape.  I will continue to work on it and do my system.  

I made some homemade hummus.  It was ok. But the blender didn't work so well.  I mean I figured if it could chop ice it could chop garbanzo beans, but apparently not. lol

I finally got this made.  

And I drank a lot of water Saturday.  I love the straws.  

George made a pretty salad with lobster bites. 

And he fixed a steak and Carolina rice and spinach sauteed with pine nuts and olive oil, and a vidalia onion.  

So after I posted my pic above on facebook a lot of people responded and I was connecting with folks.  A lot of folks have joined the group that I'm in to see what all we are doing and I'm so happy to have them there.  

Today we went to church and to get my oil changed in the car.  And to Aldi and then to Publix a little bit later.  And to get Hot Chicken as George is taking it to his work tomorrow, but we got hot wings for us.  We might have already dug into them while they were hot.  

I napped a bit in the recliner after watching a show,  just relaxed and fell asleep.  

Have come back here to do the blog entry and just wasn't happy with my blog look so I've redone it.  I like a wide blog.  So I made a new topper.  However, it was hard to find a background that I liked.  I found this rain puddle one, and since it's rainy I think I'll go with that.  It kindof matches my mood lately.  I'm not sure why I'm having problems finding a blog look.  I suppose I need some more graphics to work with but not sure how to get them these days.  I need to go on a photographic adventure.  I need to go on lots of adventures to tell you the truth.  I'm so ready for some fun! 
My vacation is coming soon and all will be left behind for 4 lovely days to fend on its own.  And it shall. 

I was in a better mood yesterday surprisingly but as the weekend comes to a close and "my time" begins to come to an end, my creative self also comes to an end, and so does my happiness.  I love my free time.  I guess God made me to have too many things I like to do and be excited over and then I don't get to be me but for a spell. I always have to be responsible and rigid and do this and do that.  Too much responsibility.  Yes, I'm whining.  

I'm not in a happy spot right now.  I am not really sure how to be.  I just have to ride it out. This too will pass.  I will just pray and have God figure it all out.  He knows what is best.   

Finally the rain has arrived as it's threatened all day and I'm glad it is here.  It's been hot.  

Tomorrow is a new day.  All will be well.  I'm going to have a glass of wine, and watch the rain out the window.  


  1. Do you think your mood is due to being burnt out at work and youre possibly ready for a change?

  2. I like your new blog look. You're doing great with your fitness journey and look so good. It doesn't seem like it now, but before you know it, you'll be done with the job. You'll get through the valley and over the hill and things will look up.

  3. I was like this too Sunday. Prob because I was retired for 8 months and just went back to work. So, on those days I usu find inspiration through uplifting reading/devotions, listen to some music and get my walk on...and plan an appropriate reward when I am finished...a smoothie, some online time, visiting with a friend or getting some good sleep! Hope today is better.


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