Monday, June 17, 2019

Quick Pics from Father's Day Weekend and Almond Flour Mug Bread

Saturday morning I listened to "Relax Music" - I think it's a You Tube channel.  It was light Jazz.  It was nice as it was a live view (well maybe a video) of a harbor and a cup of coffee.  lol  This was nice to have going while doing things about the house. 

I made some Almond Bread in a mug.  It was perfect. 

It was great with peanut butter on it.  But I'm thinking it would make a great strawberry short cake.  

Here's the recipe: 

We thought about our Father's yesterday.  

And Saturday I packed for San Antonio which is going to be really hot.  So I reached in to the back of the closet looking for my capri's and ended up trying on some pants.  Way too big.  So another pair bites the dust.  My closet has really dwindled down.  But it's ok.  It needed to.  I take care of my clothes and only buy certain quality so about the only way to scale down is to change sizes, lol.  A good problem to have if going down! 

George made an excellent salad for Saturday night.  It was pretty.

It had a homegrown tomato in it.  Despite how good it looked, the tomato was really not that good.  I was disappointed.  Oh well.  It was bitter tasting.

I have a shake on Sunday but often our snack is in b/w Church and Sunday School.  There is a spread and it has a number of things available that various folks bring.  Yesterday Banana Pudding was on the table. 

So I had to have a bit and some fruit. 

George went all out on his.  

Richard and Kathy are in our Sunday School class and we love getting to see them! Yesterday they had on the same color of blue.  I mean there's light blue and dark blue but who has medium blue?  I love this color and they both have one and unintentionally wore it on the same day. lol  In the hallway there was yet another person.  I love blue and greens and turquoise.  But they looked so good in their blue shirts.

And they are always full of laughter and bring joy to our world when we see them.

Kathy is traveling the same time I am this week.  So we may see each other at the airport as we head out.

George and I went home after church and took dogs out and grabbed some books and went to McKay's and got a lot of credit for them and we picked out some other things we wanted.  

As you may remember, if you read this blog regularly, I cleaned out a lot of my books that were fiction.  In a way it made me really sad to watch them go.  I have collected them at yard sales or through family or even McKay's over the years.  But I've not had time to read them and I read less and less, but we are living more and more!  They were just taking up space and better for someone else to be reading them.  I still held on to some though.  My travel adventures and biographies, Danielle Steeles, and John Grishams and some of the latest beach writers.  I love a good story beach side or around water or adventure.  I don't know what it is with me, but I love it.  So it was sad to say good bye to these "friends" who longingly called out to me from the shelves.   But it was time to let them go and very freeing. 

Then we went to get tacos at a new place on Charlotte pike. Taqueria del Sol.  It was pretty good.  Not street tacos as we call the originals, but it was still very good.  

Just a shot of Nashville. 

We got home and I had a hydrate drink - lemon line flavor along with ice.  
My blender broke so I have to take the one from work home and I will see if Isagenix will replace the other.  I've had it for over a year and used it probably 400 times so even if I buy another one it's no big deal.  The seal broke.  So I broke out the Ninja.  But the cups are not wide/big enough to do what I need to do with that.  

We rested for a while.  I caught up with my shows on YouTube.  My adventure folks out there sailing and RVing.   Then about 6:45 we headed out to dinner at Koi.  

I'm not sure that is always true. lol

The full moon was pretty. 

And at home I discovered that we are being further cheated out of our money b/c they are making the toilet paper roll holes bigger.  Those little stinkers. 

Anyway gotta get going in a hurry here and get Monday started but that was just some quick pics from our weekend.  George said he "loved loved loved" his day out.  That it was just about as fine as any day he has had.  That is good. 

I think the best day I've had where I was enjoying myself (the day Katy was born was a happy one, but it was tired day and one of pain) but as far as feeling good - that would have to be the day we were on a boat in the Harbor of Maine - and we had lobster that night.  It was just the best day ever.  

Anyway, better go!  


  1. It sounds like a really nice weekend. Those capris are way too big on you now!

  2. I remember the day you went on the boat in Maine - that WAS a good day, and a great trip too. I enjoyed when you blogged about it!

  3. Congrats on the weight loss! But those Church pot luck dinners!!! Oh my. They are my weakness.
    The mug cake looks good! I need to try to make one. I love mug recipes. They keep me from over eating.


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