Saturday, June 22, 2019

San Antonio Day 1

You can’t see the lines but the day began with heavy and long security check lines. I’m usually traveling on a Monday or Tuesday and the lines are business folk and go very fast. This was family travel and very chaotic. But I had plenty of time to catch my plane and head to San Antonio to see Katy. 

We drove downtown to find our hotel. 

 I took pics of some of the old churches and buildings.

We went to the Pearl district and ate and shopped. 

We loved hanging out at the Emma hotel and ate lunch at Supper inside. 

I had a black kolsch. Katy’s drink was called a Lavender Affair. 

I ate healthy food for lunch. This was great!

They had a cute bar there. 

Then we shopped but didn’t buy much! 

Katy’s Instagram post...

Loved this band Katy was playing. 

We checked in to hotel as it was after 3 and got settled in the room. We rested for a bit and headed downstairs for free appetizers and drinks and headed out to ride the boats on the river walk. 

Our guide was a bit grumpy but he was in heat all day I suppose. He basically told everybody to be quiet and turn around and listen. lol 

So I ignored him and kept taking pics. I’m the one paying for my vacation. lol 

This is all I can post today. The blog app crashes when I add more photos so I’ll do a Part 2 later! 


  1. Looks like you're having a wonderful time. enjoy.

  2. It looks so pretty there. I love the river walk. It's so nice that you get to have this time with Katy. Enjoy!


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